Real Radio DJ – The Next Big Hit?

Real Radio DJ – The Next Big Hit?


Be a real radio DJ, not some fake wannabe disc scratcher or beat mixer. A Real Radio DJ has to master a number of skills to be successful. Find out if you have what it takes.

Don’t confuse Real Radio DJ with any kind of rhythm game. In fact, Real Radio DJ is not a game at all; it’s a simulation that feels like the real deal. It’s so real that it offers a certificate of graduation upon completing the test mode. You don’t have to take the test, which is conducted online, until you feel ready. There are months of tutorial and practice modes in which to hone your craft, all while having a blast doing it.

So, if you want to enter into the wide world of professional radio, grab a copy of RRDJ and start broadcasting.

Many students taking broadcasting courses are surprised to learn how demanding it is to become a Real Radio DJ. In this profession, you’ll be required to talk on-air, play songs, cue commercials, take requests, catalogue entire shows, write scripts, update features, relate relevant anecdotes, conduct interviews, record and edit segments, and much, much more.

Not only do you have to develop a well-modulated voice as a professional DJ, but you have to be able to impart the perfect inflections for commercials, news, public announcements, and special events. You’ll have to learn how to read on-air without sounding like you’re reading, and you’ll have to learn how to write your own copy. Improvising with people over the phone is another skill you’ll have to acquire. You can’t be stumped, and you can’t have any dead air. You always have to have something going on. It’s like being an air-wave traffic controller. Real Radio DJ will give you the tools to direct your way to your ultimate destination.

“Club DJs are really lame compared to Real Radio DJs,” says recent broadcast graduate Nikky Stiffler. “These club guys only play one style of music, and shout a few repetitive phrases over the mic. Most of them have awful mic control, and they don’t know the difference between compression and limiting. They’re geeks in DC clothing. I go for the more intellectual types, guys that can melt my heart with their voice, whether they’re introducing a song or reading the news. I only date Real Radio DJs.”

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