Resident Evil 6 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Resident Evil 6 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Resident Evil 6



Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    Ada Wong’s campaign: Successfully complete all three default campaigns.
    Agent Hunt mode: Successfully complete one campaign. This mode allows you to play as the monsters, with the objective to kill the main characters before they finish the chapter.
    Curious Fan dog tag title: Successfully complete the campaign in Resident Evil 5 .
    Eight skill arrangements (three skills per arrangement) for use any time in Campaign mode: Successfully complete one campaign.
    Infinite Ammo skill for each weapon: Successfully complete all four campaigns.
    Mining The Depths map in Mercenaries mode: Successfully complete all three default campaigns.
    Steel Beast map in Mercenaries mode: Successfully complete two campaigns.

Bonus characters in Mercenaries mode

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character in Mercenaries mode:

    Ada Wong: Successfully complete Ada’s campaign.
    Carla Radames: Unlock all other characters’ costumes in Mercenaries mode.
    Helena Harper: Successfully complete the Urban Chaos map with a “B” or higher rank in Mercenaries mode.
    Piers Nivans: Successfully complete the Steel Beast map with a “B” or higher rank in Mercenaries mode.
    Secret BSAA Soldier: Unlock all other characters and their costumes in Mercenaries mode.
    Sherry Birkin: Successfully complete the Mining The Depths map with a “B” or higher rank in Mercenaries mode.

Alternate costumes in Mercenaries mode

Get an “A” rank or better in Mercenaries mode with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding costume:

    Ada (White Dress): Get an “A” rank or better with Ada.
    Chris (Samurai): Get an “A” rank or better with Chris.
    Helena (R.P.D.): Get an “A” rank or better with Helena.
    Jake (Puffy Jacket): Get an “A” rank or better with Jake.
    Leon (Pirate): Get an “A” rank or better with Leon.
    Piers (Racer): Get an “A” rank or better with Piers.
    Sherry (School Girl): Get an “A” rank or better with Sherry.

Hidden Bosses in Mercenaries mode

Successfully complete the indicated task in the listed Mercenaries mode map to unlock the corresponding hidden Boss:

    Gnezdo (Steel Beast): Get 25 Coup de Grace attacks before reaching 80 kills.
    Gnezdo (High Sea Fortress): Get 40 melee kills before reaching 80 kills.
    Napad (Urban Chaos): Get 15 Counter kills before reaching 80 kills.
    Strelat (Mining The Depths): Kill 70 enemies before reaching 600 seconds.
    Strelat (Catacombs): Get 20 Quick Shot kills.
    Ubistvo (Rail Yard): Get 25 Quick Shot kills before reaching 80 kills.

Alternate ending

Successfully complete Ada Wong’s campaign to view a secret video after the credits.

Quicker reloading

You can make a weapon’s reloading animation shorter by quickly selecting an item (grenade, remote mine, first aid spray), and then switching back to your weapon. Alternately, press [Fire] (without aiming) to perform a gun-butt with the weapon and complete the magazine reload; however, this make your character do the gun-butt animation. This, and other actions (taking cover, diving, etc.), may be faster or slower than weapon switching, but will depend on the situation you are in. These methods allow you to cut down the animation delay periods for certain weapons (notably the grenade launcher), letting you shoot the weapon a few moments earlier. However, these tricks do not apply to weapons with manual actions, such as the six-shot sniper rifle, regular shotgun, Piers’ Anti-Material Rifle, etc.

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Alternate sniper rifles uses

The sniper rifle is obviously effective at inflicting substantial damage on distant enemies, but by using the quick-shot move, it can double as a close-quarter weapon. This is helpful when ammo is scarce for close range weapons like the shotgun, Desert Eagle, and Elephant Killer. Piers’ anti-material rifle is a one hit-kill on most enemies near or far.

Hidden Serpent emblem locations

Search the indicated locations in the listed character’s campaign to find all 80 hidden Serpent emblems:


Chapter 1

    Emblem 1: During your objective, you will reach a small set of steps leading up to a room with bunks on the right. Look at the top bunk to find an emblem.

    Emblem 2: After entering a room with a large turbine, you must circle around it to progress. Instead of circling around it, look behind the pillar in the back left corner to find an emblem.

    Emblem 3: After climbing up a ladder to reach a new tubular hallway, look to the left to find a small crawlspace. Crawl through it, and turn left ahead to see another ladder leading up. Instead of going up it, shoot the emblem just to the right of the ladder.

    Emblem 4: In the sinking sub that turned sideways, run forward and jump the sideways door, then turn around to find an emblem.

Chapter 2

    Emblem 5: Early in the chapter, you will need to interact with an open grave leading down. Instead of going down, go behind the gravestone to find an emblem.

    Emblem 6: After jumping down into the underground area through a narrow hole, instead of continuing through the lit double doors, turn around to find an emblem in the upper right corner.

    Emblem 7: After leaving an elevator, turn left, and slide under the low gate. Continue left until you find a lowered area full of water. Turn right, and look at the metal bars to see an emblem.

    Emblem 8: After dropping down into a tunnel full of water, turn around to find an emblem.

Chapter 3

    Emblem 9: Enter the market, and look in the shops on the left. At the last one, you will see a display with hanging belts. An emblem is sitting on top of it.

    Emblem 10: On the other side of the barricade at the end of the market, you will see a burning van. Move forward, and look right to see a burning shop. Go towards it, then go around to the back end of the burning van to find an emblem.

    Emblem 12: While you are on top of the bus, you will be attacked by enemies. Eventually, the bus will stop at a large metal fence. Look down and left ahead through the fence to see an emblem.

    Emblem 12: Once you reach an open door into a building from the alley, you will enter a stairwell, with stairs leading up on your left. Instead of going up, look right and down to find an emblem behind a crate.

Chapter 4

    Emblem 13: On the ship, after dodging spotlights and going up to a higher platform, immediately turn left to find an emblem.

    Emblem 14: Once you must take an elevator in a hallway with lockers, check the lockers to your left before going on the elevator to find an emblem.

    Emblem 15: After a cutscene, you will appear in front of a hatch leading below. Look left of the hatch to find an emblem.

    Emblem 16: Further inside the ship, a fleshy face will block your path forward. Look for a blocked doorway to find an emblem inside the inaccessible room, in the back right corner.

Chapter 5

    Emblem 17: As the chapter begins, look down and left to find an empty crashed truck on the road with an emblem inside.

    Emblem 18: Continue to progress, and you will be attacked by another helicopter. In this area, you can find an emblem above a sign hanging off the side of the central blue building.

    Emblem 19: After saving some innocent civilians, you will be required to help a second group of civilians. Look at the glass roof left and below where the civilians are to find an emblem.

    Emblem 20: On the crane overlooking the helipad, look right instead of left at the dark building across. Zoom in with a sniper rifle to see an emblem ahead, laying flat on the rooftop.


Chapter 1

    Emblem 1: Once you are off the streets, you will enter a building with hanging pigs. An emblem is on one of the shelves against the back wall.

    Emblem 2: After fighting enemies coming from a garage, go into the storage room. Break the crates inside to find an emblem in the back corner.

    Emblem 3: After climbing up the roof, look into the distance to see an unfinished building with green plastic tarps and rebar sticking out of it. Sticking from a single bar above the structure is an emblem.

    Emblem 4: Inside the building on the sixth floor is a lit area in the center of the room. Before leaving this area, look behind the meat to find an emblem.

Chapter 2

    Emblem 5: Start the chapter as Piers, then run to the back of the area after Finn joins you. Run past your allies to the far back, where there is an opening in the container. Position yourself so you can see inside to find an emblem on the right corner.

    Emblem 6: When you split up, turn right, and look near the front of the bridge. Underneath and around the supports is an emblem.

    Emblem 7: After entering the mansion, go around to reach the hallway behind the stairs to find an emblem.

    Emblem 8: Once you find Ada, she will try to lead you further into the chapter. Check behind the wall to find an alcove at the back of the room with the bloody hospital beds, and an emblem in the top right corner.

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Chapter 3

    Emblem 9: After leaving the playground, turn left, and cross the street. An emblem is on some boxes in the back corner, across the street and left of the playground exit.

    Emblem 10: Inside the home with the gambling table, turn and enter the bedroom with the lit television. Turn right to find an emblem on the lower bunk.

    Emblem 11: On the boat, look up to find a haphazard construction site with an emblem. Make sure to take cover, and use a sniper rifle to see it.

    Emblem 12: During the driving sequence, you will be cornered by enemy vehicles in a dark parking garage. Beyond the enemies is an emblem inside the bus.

Chapter 4

    Emblem 13: At the Hangars, circle around to the back of one of the large helicopters to find an emblem inside the cockpit, on the left side.

    Emblem 14: After leaving the control room and climbing up the ladder, you will enter a stairwell. Run to the base of the stairs, and look through the steps to find an emblem.

    Emblem 15: When you reach the deck of the ship, look slightly right to see a boat in the distance shining a light toward you. Look above the boat with a sniper rifle zoomed-in to see an emblem.

    Emblem 16: While playing as Piers, at the end of the chapter you will be on a time limit. After getting past the first obstruction, you will slide over cover. Turn right, and look down for a propped-up wheel. Inside the wheel is an emblem.

Chapter 5

    Emblem 17: Down in the dark maintenance tunnel, you must crawl underneath a stopped fan to proceed through the chapter. There is an easy to spot emblem ahead.

    Emblem 18: After leaving the room with the gatling turret and taking the elevator, you must open the next door cooperatively, where enemies will then attack. After killing them, look up and right from the entrance door to find an emblem.

    Emblem 19: Inside the tube system, progress through it while looking down to find an emblem beneath the walkway.

    Emblem 20: Just after finding the previous emblem, you will open a door cooperatively and be ambushed. You must break through several obstructions while escaping. After two obstructions, you can find an emblem on the pathway.


Chapter 1

    Emblem 1: An emblem can be found above a wrecked doorway on the streets.

    Emblem 2: After rounding the concrete building corner with the chicken wire fence to your right, you will reach an area overlooking mountains in the distance. You will then reach a special obstacle only Jake can use; beyond that and slightly left ahead is an emblem.

    Emblem 3: While play as Sherry, you can find an emblem after escaping the monster and exploring the empty bathroom on the left of the hallway. In this area you can see a broken ladder. Only Sherry can be boosted up to reach the higher level and find the emblem.

    Emblem 4: After the underground section, you will return to the surface using a ladder. An emblem can be found immediately as you go outside. Look above the doorway straight ahead to see it.

Chapter 2

    Emblem 5: As you follow the marker toward the memory device, you will need to jump a fence. Inside the digger, you can find an emblem.

    Emblem 6: Return to the tower seen early in the chapter to find an emblem at its peak.

    Emblem 7: During the snowmobile driving section, you can find an emblem on the right side of the path before entering the cave.

    Emblem 8: While being hunted by the giant monster, you will have to sneak to the exit of a chamber with multiple hiding spots. As you leave, turn around to look at the back end of the exit door. There is an emblem above the doorway.

Chapter 3

    Emblem 9: While playing as Jake, you will enter a sequence where you take control of several automatic turrets. Switch to the turret overlooking a small office. There is an emblem against the left wall in the back corner above some shelves.

    Emblem 10: Inside the large room with steps, go past it to find a storage room with documents stuffed against the wall. Carefully look up on the second shelf to find an emblem behind some boxes.

    Emblem 11: While fighting against the tank, circle around behind it, and look underneath the central body between the treads to find an emblem.

    Emblem 12: While fighting another tank in the water garden, you will see steps leading up a pathway ahead of the tank. Look behind these steps to find an emblem.

Chapter 4

    Emblem 13: During the motorcycle sequence, Jake will order Sherry to shoot at the leaking gas from a tanker ahead. Instead, look up and left to find an emblem floating above a building left of the chopper.

    Emblem 14: While running through the alleys, turn left, and look into the window shields of the crashed cars on the streets, where there is a narrow path through the pile-up, to find an emblem.

    Emblem 15: After dropping from the building back down to the ground level, you will land in another dark alley. Look left into the dark corner to find an emblem.

    Emblem 16: Jake and Sherry will continue toward a ladder right after the previous landing. Just right of the red ladder, look for cracks between the boxes to find an emblem.

Chapter 5

    Emblem 17: You will need your weapons before you can shoot the emblem. Once you have them, return to the lab at the start of the chapter, and look in the upper left corner, behind the large device, to find an emblem.

    Emblem 18: After recharging the battery, you will need to return to the elevator. On your way back down the hallway, look left for a small lit lab. Behind one of the glass storage shelves is an emblem.

    Emblem 19: In a giant incinerator, you will have to fight the monster that has been hunting you. On the arena, look out at the many columns. Just to the right of the upper platform you jumped down from is an emblem on a column in the distance.

    Emblem 20: After the battle, you will return to a hallway. Continue until you see a large metal vat, then turn right, and look in the corner instead of continuing left to find an emblem.


Chapter 1

    Emblem 1: After finding the old man in the suit, look inside the closet to find an emblem in the top left corner.

    Emblem 2: When looking for a keycard in the faculty offices, search the drawers in the third office desk to find an emblem inside.

    Emblem 3: When you reach the tracks again after escaping the darkness, look right and under the subway train wheels to find an emblem.

    Emblem 4: Inside the bar, look on the left wall for an emblem tucked beneath a bulletin board, sitting in the alcove’s corner.

Chapter 2

    Emblem 5: You will eventually reach a small cemetery after going down the dirt path. Look around the sides of the taller gravestone right off the main path, behind a fewer shorter graves, to find an emblem.

    Emblem 6: Inside the cathedral, look at the large circular window above the entrance to find an emblem. You can see it easily on the second level or by using the sniper rifle.

    Emblem 7: After finding a torture chamber, continue into the hallway. Then, enter the bathroom on the left, and examine one of the sinks inside. Interacting with the sink will lower the water to reveal an emblem.

    Emblem 8: After sliding down the water slide, you will land in high water and have to pass underneath wooden obstructions. After the second set of these, turn left, and look beyond the wooden fence to see an emblem.

Chapter 3

    Emblem 9: After entering the tomb, immediately turn around, and look up to find an emblem.

    Emblem 10: After dealing with the giant monster, you will drop back into water. Follow the path forward, and look right for a raised alcove of dry land. Interact with the nearby coffins to find an emblem inside one of them.

    Emblem 11: Playing as Leon, you will have to cover Helena at a certain point in the chapter, or go alone while Leon covers you as Helena. When you reach a bridge that must be lowered, turn around to find an emblem.

    Emblem 12: You will have an easier time finding this emblem while playing as Helena. While travelling to meet up with Leon, look down and left for broken barrels. An emblem is on the ground, inside a partially broken barrel.

Chapter 4

    Emblem 13: Before going up the stairs, look down the left hallway full of debris. In a tiny crack against the right wall, you can see an emblem.

    Emblem 14: Further into the plane, you will enter a cargo area with alcohol behind glass on the right wall. An emblem is inside of it.

    Emblem 15: After escaping the monster in the market area, turn right down a short alley, and look inside one of the open gated shops. An emblem is inside.

    Emblem 16: Immediately turn around and look up, above the low roof and between the two taller buildings to see wires and a bright red neon sign. Near the sign, you can find an emblem.

Chapter 5

    Emblem 17: Inside the clothing store, look against the right wall. Inside one of the cupboards, you can find an emblem before going upstairs.

    Emblem 18: After finding another military vehicle with a zombie, look left for an open truck. Inside the truck is an emblem.

    Emblem 19: Inside the lobby, run down the main path, and look right for a reception desk. Inside one of the shelves against the back wall is an emblem.

    Emblem 20: On the roof, you will be blocked inside a stairwell. Do not go up yet; instead, look behind the stairs and beyond the metal cage to see an emblem in the back right corner.

Interacting with the playground

Near the beginning of Chapter 3 in Chris’ campaign, there will be a children’s playground on your left, after passing through the alleys. Both Chris and Piers can interact with the panda ride, jungle gym, and two slides at the playground.

Easy “B.O.W.s Are Ugly” achievement

Play the final chapter of Chris’ storyline and progress to checkpoint 5-1. Continue until you enter a circular room surrounded by levers. You will be ambushed, and each lever will spawn two Chrysalid B.O.W.s, which you can pull yourself. After killing all ten of them, reload from the last checkpoint and repeat the process as many times as needed. Do not enter the next area or you will get a new checkpoint and have to repeat the entire first section of the level. Your kill progress will be saved even if you do not reach a new checkpoint.

Easy “Hard Choice” achievement

In Jake’s campaign, when fighting the helicopter in Chapter 4 at the part where you see Chris, get on the top of the roof. You will find some ladders and boxes to destroy. The helicopter will sometimes drop enemies on ropes. Get near one of those ropes and press [Action]. Then, climb up and shoot the pilot to get the “Hard Choice” achievement.

Easy “I Prefer Them Alive” achievement

In Chapter 2 of Leon’s campaign, after entering the cathedral, you must solve some puzzles to open the main chamber door in the center of the altar. Afterwards, you will encounter the Lepotitsa. It infects many humans in a short time by releasing C-Virus gas. You must save at least two females in the cathedral. To do this, shoot it as quickly as possible while remaining at a safe distance. However, do not position yourself too far away or you will lose sight of it and it will infect too many people. If you do enough damage, it will expose its weak areas and get on its knees. Once this happens, get close and perform a melee attack for increased damage. Note: This will require a large amount of ammunition on the higher difficulties. Consider doing this after completing the campaign, in order to have better weapons and perhaps infinite ammunition.

Steam achievements

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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    A Revolting Development: Complete Chapter 2 in Jake’s campaign.
    Ada’s Demise: Complete Chapter 4 in Ada’s campaign.
    After Her!: Complete Chapter 3 in Chris’ campaign.
    B.O.W.s Are Ugly: Defeat 100 enemies that have come out of a chrysalid.
    Back in My Day: Complete the entire game on Veteran.
    Big Trouble in China: Complete Chapter 4 in Leon’s campaign.
    Bob and Weave: Counter an enemy’s attack three times in row.
    Bring the Heat: Take down an enemy from 50 meters away with a headshot using the thermal scope.
    Buried Secrets: Complete Chapter 2 in Leon’s campaign.
    Check Out My Dogs: Customize your dog tags.
    Civilian Casualties: Defeat the BSAA 100 times.
    Counterintelligence: Complete Chapter 2 in Ada’s campaign.
    Covered in Brass: Earn 150 different medals.
    Down, Not Out: Defeat an enemy while dying, then recover without any help.
    Duty Calls: Complete Chapter 5 in Chris’ campaign.
    Easy Pickings: Eliminate all players as Ustanak in less than a minute.
    Everybody Dies: Defeat 100 player-controlled agents and 100 player-controlled creatures.
    Finish What You Start: Perform a coup de grâce on ten enemies.
    Flying Ace: Pilot the VTOL without getting a scratch on it.
    Get on the Plane: Complete Chapter 3 in Leon’s campaign.
    Give a Little Push: Knock ten enemies off a high place.
    Gone to Hell: Complete Chapter 1 in Leon’s campaign.
    Green around the Ears: Complete the entire game on Amateur.
    Hard Choice: Shoot the helicopter pilot with a Magnum at point-blank range.
    Heirlooms: Collect all the serpent emblems.
    Held Captive: Defeat Ustanak with only one Agent remaining.
    High Voltage: Defeat ten enemies with a stun rod charge attack.
    I Prefer Them Alive: Rescue two female survivors at the cathedral.
    I Spy: Complete Chapter 1 in Ada’s campaign.
    Invincible: Defeat Ustanak without anyone on your team being captured.
    J’avo Genocide: Defeat 500 J’avo.
    Kill or Be Killed: Win while in the dying state.
    Killer Combo: Achieve a 30-combo chain.
    Kung Fu Fighting: Survive to the end only using physical attacks.
    Last Man Standing–Again: Win five times in a row.
    Leave It to the Pro: Complete the entire game on Professional.
    Let’s Blow This Joint: Complete Chapter 3 in Jake’s campaign.
    Lifesaver: Help or rescue your partner ten times.
    Mad Skillz: Max out all the skills that allow you to level up.
    Money Talks: Complete Chapter 1 in Jake’s campaign.
    Murder Spree: Defeat the BSAA as a creature without dying once.
    Normal Is Good: Complete the entire game on Normal.
    Not without a Fight: Defeat Ustanak 20 times.
    One Is Better Than None: Purchase one skill.
    One Is Never Enough: As Ustanak, capture a total of 50 humans.
    Protect and Serve: Protect the BSAA without any of them getting hurt.
    Rescue the Hostages: Complete Chapter 1 in Chris’ campaign.
    Rising Up: Earn a level-four title.
    See You Around: Complete Chapter 5 in Jake’s campaign.
    Silent Killer: Use a stealth attack to take down five enemies.
    Sneaking Around: Get through the aircraft carrier’s bridge area without being noticed.
    Staying Alive: Return to the game as a human character.
    Still on the Run: Complete Chapter 4 in Jake’s campaign.
    Stuntman: Defeat 20 enemies with the Hydra using a quick shot.
    Surrounded on All Sides: Send 2,000 enemies to your opponent’s map.
    Take ‘Em All Down: Defeat 100 agents.
    Take the Stage: Defeat your opponent and achieve victory in 3 stages.
    Team Effort: Win without any members of your team being killed.
    The Longest Night: Complete the tutorial.
    The Trouble with Women: Complete Chapter 5 in Leon’s campaign.
    There’s Always Hope: Complete Chapter 4 in Chris’ campaign.
    They’re ACTION Figures!: Collect 3 figures.
    This Takes Me Back: Complete Chapter 3 in Ada’s campaign.
    Titular Achievement: Earn 10 different titles.
    Tragedy in Europe: Complete Chapter 2 in Chris’ campaign.
    Two Sides of the Same Coin: Win 10 times.
    Weapons Master: Use all the weapons in the game and kill ten enemies with each of them.
    What’s Next?: Complete Chapter 5 in Ada’s campaign.
    You Are S.O.L.: Defeat your opponent 10 times with enemies you sent.
    Zombie Massacre: Defeat 500 zombies.
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