Ridge Racer Revolution Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Ridge Racer Revolution Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Ridge Racer Revolution Homing laser in Galaga ’88

As the PlayStation is being powered on, hold L1 + R1 + Select + Triangle + Down. By keeping these buttons pressed, a perfect score can be obtained in Galaga ’88.

Small cars

Use the “Homing laser” code to clear the Galaga ’88 game with a perfect forty shot game. Now small versions of the cars may be raced, with a child as commentator.

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Bonus cars

Destory all the ships during the Galaga ’88 loading game (a perfect score is not required), to have eight additional cars available.

Bonus tracks and Scene menu

Complete all the tracks in first place to race a reverse version of the tracks. Complete the reversed tracks in first place to unlocks a hidden “Scene” menu.

Secret cars

Finish first place in each track (novice, advanced, and expert), then return and race each track in Time Trial mode. After completing each track, the special car (Devil #13, Kid Car #13 or White Angel #0) for that track will be available.

Reverse tracks

Start the race, then immediately turn around and drive towards the wall at the starting line at full speed. Now a reverse version of the track will appear after your car passes through the wall.

Toggle rear-view mirror

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Pause the game while racing with an internal view. Then, hold Triangle + L1 or R1 to make the mirror disappear and reappear.

Zoom in or out

Pause the game while racing with an external view. Then, hold Triangle + L1 or R1 to zoom in or out. Press L1 + R1 to reset to the default view.

Spinning zone

At the title screen, highlight the “Select” option. Then, hold Square + X and press Start to choose the game options. Highlight the “Start” option on the menu while continuing to hold Square + X. Now press Select, and hold all three buttons to start the race. Keep all buttons held until the race is about to begin. If you entered the code correctly, the phrase “Spinning-Zone” will appear. Complete some stylish 360 degree or greater spins on some of the harder corners. Each spin will be rated from 0 to 100, and your final score will be shown in the Replay.

Control spotlight

At the title screen, hold L1 + R1 and press the controller buttons to resize and move the spotlight.

Alternate track and car appearance

At the car select menu and the course select menu, press Up, Down, L1 or R1 to change the appearance of the cars and tracks. Press L2 or R2 in the car select menu to change the direction the tires are facing.


The game has twelve endings depending on which combination the tracks were raced. Racing in Novice, Expert, Advanced order has a different ending than racing in Advanced, Expert, Novice order.

Two player-link with one game disc

Load the game on PlayStation 1. Open the lid and remove the game disc. If desired, an audio CD can be placed in PlayStation 1. Then, load the game on the PlayStation 2. The “2P-Link” option should be displayed. Now the game by default loads the first track into memory, and has it available for racing. To play any other track, select and load the track by starting a race, waiting until the track is loaded, and aborting the race on PlayStation 1. Then, start the game on PlayStation 2.

Game Shark Codes

Race as Black Lamborghini 8007C43A 000C
Race as Black Lamborghini Kid 8007C43A 000D
Race as White Angel 8007C43A 000E
Bonus Cars 1 801DE318 0028
Bonus Cars 2 801DD208 0001
Course Select 801DC9C8 0707

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