Rumor: Art Leaked for the Next Game from Killzone Dev

Rumor: Art Leaked for the Next Game from Killzone Dev

Leaked artwork of the rumored new IP from Killzone developer Guerrilla Games has cropped up recently, with two images depicting scenes that look to be inspired by prehistoric times and Sci-Fi.

Posted up via NeoGAF on Wednesday, September 16, the rumor originated from the Chinese forum A9VG , and it was first spotted by NeoGAF user madrista7 . The new IP in question has been referred to by the codename “ Horizon ”.

As you can see by the featured image above, one of the two images features a rider on top of what one can assume is a dinosaur-like mech, with two other individuals fending it off with a bow and a pistol between them.

It was previously rumored by NeoGAF leaker shinobi602 that the next title from Guerrilla Games would have some lush environments, robot dinos, other weird exotic creatures. Red headed female protagonist. ” As is seen in the featured image above, there is indeed a red headed female, and there’s a robotic dinosaur.

According to a post on NeoGAF , Shinobi602 also added that the new IP will “ still be an RPG ,” and that “ it’s planned as something’s ready, but things change last minute. Should expect a full reveal E3 2015 with a Fall ‘target’ release.

This new IP could be what the Guerrilla Games studio in Cambridge might be working on , which has been described as an unannounced PlayStation 4-exclusive title that’s said to belong to a “ high profile, multi-million selling franchise. ” A related job ad regarding the title hints that it’ll also feature high-quality animations.

We’ll bring you more news on this new IP should further information reach our ears.

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