Scalebound Will ”Shock” You, Claims Microsoft

Scalebound Will ”Shock” You, Claims Microsoft

A Microsoft employee has recently made the claim that Platinum Games’ Scalebound will “shock” gamers with what it promises to offer. Appearing as a guest on the latest Inner Circle podcast, development manager Ken Lobb teased information about what gamers can expect from the title, although he didn’t go into specific details.

Scalebound is very real and very awesome. And I think when people really understand what it is we are building, they’re gonna be shocked,” Lobb said. “It is definitely big, AAA.”

Lobb puts down the idea that Scalebound will be similar to the popular Monster Hunter franchise. Monster Hunter is “kind of weird and grindy,” he says, adding that gamers have to think, “What does Platinum do well?” Lobb also expressed that the game’s dragon companions are “awesome.”

In addition to having dragon companions, Scalebound may also be an open-world RPG. When confronted with the speculative question of the genre being a possibility, Lobb answered with “really good guess.” He reportedly didn’t go into specifics thereafter.

He further added that Platinum Games will be insistent in utilizing Microsoft’s user research labs to ensure that Scalebound will have global appeal. He even boasted that the studio even have “an opportunity to make a ‘Game of the All-Time’.”

More recently, Platinum Games has been known for action games and spectacle fighters, such as the Bayonetta games, The Wonderful 101 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance –all of which have received critical acclaim. This may invite speculating gamers to think that Scalebound will feature over-the-top combat. We also know that the game is currently under “ intensive development, ” according to the game’s director Hideki Kamiya.

Scalebound will release exclusively on the Xbox One, and an official launch date has yet to be revealed. You can watch Inner Circle’s hour-long podcast with Ken Lobb via the source link below.

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