Shattered Planet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Shattered Planet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Shattered Planet Hints

Use the following hints to help complete the game more easily.

Blighted tiles

    Blighted tiles will only do damage if they are completely covered. If a tile is speckled or partially covered, you can pass over it safely.


    Glowing red eyes in the fog indicate an unknown enemy, native, or object. Eyes that move are usually enemies or Natives. Stationary eyes are crystal rocks or random event objects.

    If you become overwhelmed, just run away. There is no requirement to kill all enemies that are encountered.


    Test unidentified fluids on yourself when you are at least two-thirds health. By doing this, restorative fluids will help you while harmful fluids will not kill you outright.

    Test fluids away from ledges and in larger spaces to avoid getting moved into danger.

Managing inventory

    If you find a useful consumable item but are short on inventory space, drop the same type of item from your inventory on the ground. Pick up the newly found consumable and use it, then collect the item that was dropped earlier.


    Move one tile at a time to minimize surprises in unknown areas.

    You can jump off ledges to reach the next area without having to find a teleporter. However, this will cost health. Tap off the tiles into open air or use “catapult” fluids.


    Most Natives are peaceful and will fight your enemies. You can then collect the rewards after the battle ends.


    Concentrate on increasing your health early in the game to give yourself greater survivability. After getting enough health, start upgrading your strength in order to defeat enemies more quickly.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    Agent Orange: You killed 1000 Plants
    Apocalyptic: You found a bleak wasteland.
    As Above So Below: You saw your inner darkness.
    Beast Tamer: You befriended a wild nest guardian.
    Bombs Title: Bombs Description
    Bone Desert: You reached the Bone Desert.
    Cassius Chrome: You killed 1000 Robots & Turrets
    Champion of Light: You killed 1000 Blight Monsters.
    Chlorophilia: You befriended a carnivorous plant.
    Cleanser: You killed 10 Blight Monsters.
    Conqueror: You defeated the Blight.
    Contaminaria: You reached Contaminaria.
    Cosmic Horror: You saw what lies beneath the mask.
    Crab Menace: You killed 1000 Crablets.
    Crab Stomper: You killed 100 Crablets.
    Cult Leader: You inspired a true believer.
    Cunning: You reached a Wits of 80.
    Dark Core: You reached the Dark Core.
    Datalog Challenge: Completed the Datalog Challenge!
    Dissolved: You melted into a pile of goo.
    Enemy of Crabkind: You killed 10000 Crablets.
    Evolutionary Aid: You killed 1000 Hatchlings & Nest Guardians
    Exothermic Reaction: You collapsed into a pile of ash.
    Explorer: You survived until Distance 10!
    Farewell Clone001: You died!
    For Science: You found a research facility.
    Forgotten Labs: You reached the Forgotten Labs
    Fragger: You killed 100 Robots & Turrets
    From Orbit: You shattered the planet.
    Frozen: You were crystallized. Let it go.
    Gotta Catch Em All: You raised a creature from an egg.
    Graveyard: You found a tribal mutant graveyard.
    Great Purifier: You killed 10000 Blight Monsters.
    Hacker: You killed 10 Robots & Turrets
    Heart of Darkness: You were devoured by the Blight.
    Jumpmaster: You reached 100 teleporters.
    Laws of Gravity: You fell off the world.
    Lost in Space: You found a maze of locked doors.
    Man o’ Peace: You befriended a cosmic jellyfish.
    Mighty: You reached a Strength of 80.
    Nest Marauder: You killed 100 Hatchlings & Nest Guardians.
    Nest Raider: You killed 10 Hatchlings & Nest Guardians.
    No Need for Walking: You reached 1000 teleporters.
    Now Dasher, Now Dancer: You leaped with the greatest of ease.
    Old Blood Challenge: Completed the Old Blood Challenge!
    Pack Leader: You befriended a wild hatchling.
    Pathfinder: You survived until Distance 20!
    Pest Control: You killed 10 Crablets.
    Post-Mortem Romance: You got a smooch after death.
    Power Lifter: You reached a Strength of 40.
    Prescient: You reached a Wits of 40.
    Purifier: You killed 100 Blight Monsters.
    Reconstituted: You reached 20 teleporters.
    Re-programmer: You befriended a murderous robot.
    Research Level 10: You reached Research Level 10!
    Research Level 15: You reached Research Level 15!
    Research Level 2: You reached Research Level 2!
    Research Level 20: You reached Research Level 20!
    Research Level 25: You reached Research Level 25!
    Research Level 5: You reached Research Level 5!
    Sherpa: You survived until Distance 25!
    Signal Challenge: Completed the Signal Challenge!
    Spawning Ground: You found a massive nest in the desert.
    Strong: You reached a Strength of 20.
    Survivalist: You survived until Distance 15!
    Tourist: You survived until Distance 5!
    Tropics: You reached the Tropics.
    Viva La Revolucion: You rebelled against your worm overlords.
    Weed Smacker: You killed 100 Plants
    Weed Whacker: You killed 10 Plants
    Witty: You reached a Wits of 20.
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