Skate 3 Speed Glitches: Achieve Unprecedented Speeds with These Hidden Tricks

Skate 3 Speed Glitches: Achieve Unprecedented Speeds with These Hidden Tricks

Skate 3 is a continuation of the Skate series, where players master skateboarding and tricks. The game takes place in the vibrant city of Port Carverton. As the third installment, it offers various added features and a new environment to exhibit virtual skateboarding skills. The game was released in May 2010 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, like its predecessors.

Skate 3 Overview

In Skate 3, players explore the fictional city of Port Carverton. The city is divided into three distinct districts, each offering unique design elements and skateboarding challenges. Unlike its predecessor’s darker theme, Skate 3 has a cleaner, more colorful setting. Skateboarders get to experience everything from the slick rails in the Downtown area to the open spaces of the University campus. In addition, there’s a rougher Industrial district with its own, unique allure.

At the heart of Skate 3 is the player’s journey as The Legend, who is aiming to rebound from a failed stunt by building a successful skateboarding team. The objective is to sell one million skateboards by tackling a variety of challenges. The game also comes with new gameplay modes, including the Easy Mode for beginners and the more realistic Hardcore Mode, where players can push their skateboarding skills to the limits. To help players achieve higher highs, in addition to cheat codes, there are specific speed glitches, which we’ll take a closer look at here.

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Skate 3 is all about style and tricks.

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Cannonball Speed Glitch

The Cannonball is one of the more popular, easy, and consistent speed glitches in the game. It’s not fast but it’s fairly simple to perform. First, drop the board and press the left stick up to run forward. Then sprint, jump, and cannonball (right stick up) in quick succession. 

As you are about to hit the ground, simply press Y or Triangle to pick up and get on your board. If the glitch is performed well, it gives a nice speed boost. You might need a few tries to practice, but it is not the hardest to perform.

RB/R1 Cannonball Speed Glitch

There’s a better, and harder, version of the Cannonball speed glitch, which involves using the RB (X360) or R1 (PS3) button in addition to the other controls in the regular glitch. In this move, you’ll hold the RB/R1 as you run and jump, but let it go after you perform the jump. After that continue in the same manner as with the regular glitch, doing the cannonball pose with the right stick up and grabbing the board just before landing.

High Pump Speed Glitch

If you’d like to improve the Cannonball glitch even further, there’s one more step. This is the High Pump glitch, which is similar to the previous RB/R1 glitch, but adds this specific pose to the equation. While it is more difficult to perform than the previously mentioned glitches, it is also one of the faster speed glitches available to Skate 3 players.

To perform the glitch, you’ll need to first assign the High Pump gesture to one of your directional buttons. Once you’ve done this, you can return to the game and start practicing. As you start to run forward, instead of pressing and holding R1/RB, you’ll first press the button for the High Pump gesture. Then almost immediately, when the hands start raising up, you need to let go of the High Pump button and instantly press R1/RB. 

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There are various speed glitches for players of all calibers.

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Continue with the rest of the glitch by pressing sprint, jump, cannonball, and get back on the board as soon as you are about to hit the ground.

Low-Rail Speed Glitch

To execute this special speed glitch, start by locating a rail that ends at a low level close to the ground level. Alternatively, you can spawn this setup if one isn’t available. As you skate onto the rail, perform a nose grind. For the best results, initiate a grab before you exit the grind. This can be whichever grab you like.

This technique is not only reliable but also super straightforward to perform. While it may not yield the highest velocity compared to other glitches in the game, it does provide a significant and consistent boost in speed. 

It’s worth noting that incorporating the grab isn’t necessary for the glitch to work. However, adding this element significantly increases the potential speed range and the likelihood of successfully performing the glitch.

Forward Man Speed Glitch

To perform the Forward Man Speed Glitch in Skate 3, which allows your character to move at exceptionally high speeds, begin by launching the game. Once in the game, go to the Settings menu and select Edit Skater followed by Edit Style. Within this section, change your character’s skating style to Standard. Also assign the Dunno gesture to some of the controller’s buttons, whichever you feel most comfortable with. This gesture is a key component of the glitch.

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The more speed, the better the tricks.

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Now, direct your character to run toward the area where you wish to travel. As you run, leap into the air and, at the highest point of your jump, perform the SpreadEagle trick. After that quickly tap the button the Dunno gesture is assigned to twice. Then, right before the moment you’re about to land, you’ll need to press Y on your Xbox controller or Triangle on your PlayStation controller to reboard your skateboard.

The timing is critical here and might take several attempts to nail down. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work at first, nobody gets it consistently immediately. With some practice, you’ll have one of the fastest speed glitches available in the game at your disposal.

Backward Man Speed Glitch

To execute the Backward Man Speed Glitch in Skate 3, all you need to worry about is to get the timing down. Other than that it is a fairly simple glitch and when performed correctly can deliver immense speed.

Discard your skateboard and position your character so that they are facing away from the direction in which you wish to accelerate. As you jump and reach the apex of the jump, press RB/R1 and Y/Triangle immediately after. It is important that you press the RB/R1 at the highest point for this to work. 

This is likely the easiest speed glitch that also provides the fastest speed. However, you are facing the wrong direction, which makes it harder to control. Especially when you consider the fact that you are traveling at tremendous speeds immediately after the glitch.

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