Soulja Boy Selling Chinese Emulation Devices as Consoles

There were rumblings leading up to today that Soulja Boy, a rapper known for being into nerdy stuff like video games and anime, had plans to somehow enter the video game market. Now, we know that’s true, and well, it isn’t pretty. Soulja Boy’s merch website , which seems to be populated by low-end devices such as headphones, a tablet, an Android phone and a smart watch all branded with the “Soulja” name, has been updated with a couple of gaming devices.

These devices are probably familiar to anyone who has browsed the internet for cheap emulation solutions before, because that’s literally what these things are. The SouljaGame Console is a Linux-based box that comes pre-loaded with 800 games, advertised as literally ROMs from Nintendo/Sega/Sony/Arcade consoles. It’s being sold for $149.99. Then there’s the SouljaGame Handheld, which comes preloaded with 3000 games, is being sold for $99.99, and is also an emulation device.

Meanwhile, of course, you can find both of these devices on websites like Alibaba for a fraction of the price. This is weird!

Source: Reddit

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