Square-Enix Announces New Sleeping Dogs Content

Square-Enix Announces New Sleeping Dogs Content

Square-Enix has announced five new DLC packs for Sleeping Dogs. This is great news for any UK-based PlayStation Plus members that recently got to download the game for free. Two of these packs will be released tomorrow, while three others are still undated. Here are the details:

The Monkey King Pack (Available Tomorrow, 160 MSP, $2.00)

This pack let’s players take on the role of the mythical Monkey King , Sun Wukong. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the myth, think of Goku before Dragon Ball Z. The pack comes with a signature weapon (The Monkey King’s staff), signature vehicle, and of course a Monkey King outfit.

The Movie Masters Pack (Available Tomorrow, 160MSP, $2.00)

The Movie Masters pack is a costume pack that includes three different outfits. Players will be able to dress up as The Lone Vigilante, The Unknown Warrior , or The Bronze Warrior. That last outfit coats the player entirely with Bronze and makes them look like a Chinese silver surfer knockoff.

The Law Enforcer Pack (Undated, Unpriced)

This pack gives players access to a cache of new law enforcement costumes, a brand new weapon and five different police-themed vehicles.

The Wheels of Fury Pack (Undated, Unpriced)

This pack will introduce a variety of missions involving the construction of a high-tech, spy-style supercar with hidden weapons all over it. You’ll be able to upgrade your supercar as you complete missions and then utilize the car in any other missions the game has to offer.

The Year of the Snake (Undated, Unpriced)

This campaign pack continues the tale of Wei Shen as he re-joins the Hong Kong Police Department. The events of this story take place immediately after the end of game’s original campaign. It introduces a doomsday cult that looks to “cleanse Honk Kong of its evils.” The pack will also come with a host of new weapons, outfits, and abilities.

Source: Square-Enix

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