Content Add-on Announced for Nier

Content Add-on Announced for Nier


Square Enix announced the first DLC pack for their action RPG Nier, set to release starting on May 11, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Called “World of Recycled Vessel,” this DLC will bring with it new unlockable outfits, 15 new areas and towns, extra room challenges, and more weapons, as well as give access to the young Nier skin from the Japan-only Nier RepliCant.

Press Release:

LOS ANGELES (MAY 10, 2010) – Square Enix has revealed exciting details behind the upcoming downloadable content pack for NIER, the recently released action-RPG developed by cavia inc. NIER is currently available for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The DLC pack, entitled World of Recycled Vessel, is expected to release May 11.

The World of Recycled Vessel downloadable content pack will introduce 15 new special stages, new Shades, and other exclusive content. In the DLC, the player will find a diary belonging to Nier’s wife on a bookshelf in the first floor of Nier’s home. By opening the diary’s pages, Nier will travel to a dreamscape and begin the battle to obtain new powerful weapons and bold new costumes for Nier and his companions.

Also, by the popular demand of NIER’s worldwide fans, the World of Recycled Vessel DLC pack will finally allow users in North America and elsewhere to play as “Young Nier,” a version of the title character previously only available in NIER RepliCant, the Japan-only version of the game found exclusively on PlayStation 3. [NIER RepliCant is only on PlayStation 3 and only available in Japan. The game offers the same core gameplay, story line, content and experience as NIER, with the only difference lying in the main character: in NIER RepliCant, the protagonist is a young man fighting to save his sister Yonah, while in NIER, the hero is a grown man fighting to save his daughter, Yonah.]

Features of the World of Recycled Vessel DLC pack include:

· 15 new areas and stages for players to explore throughout NIER’s main storyline, including new on-rails shooter stages, room challenges and additional surprises

· New configurations for existing areas and towns with original monsters to defeat along the way

· New costumes for Nier, Kaine and Emil to unlock, including Kabuki and Samurai

· New weapons to be unlocked through completion of the new stages

Since the game’s release, gamers and reviewers across the world have been entranced by NIER’s powerful storytelling, twisting secrets and unique characters. The sophisticated tale and pulse-pounding action have attracted action and RPG gamers alike. The New York Times proclaimed that NIER is “…provocative and at times profound in its storytelling, empathetic and nuanced in its characters, exhilaratingly diverse in its game-play design and almost perfectly paced,” while the Associated Press agreed in their review, saying “[NIER’s] story and characters keep taking unpredictable turns, making ‘NIER’ one of the year’s more pleasant surprises.”

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