Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

Bonus dungeon

Successfully complete the game to unlock the ten level Cave Of Trials bonus dungeon with a Boss in each level.

Battle mode

Have Maria in your party, then successfully complete the dungeon Aquatic Gardens Of Surferio. At the end of the dungeon you will fight a Boss. After you defeat him, you will find a chest containing the item Paracelsus’s Table. Take this item to Welch in the Craftsmen’s Guild in Pterny to unlock Battle mode.

Additional difficulty settings

As the Battle Trophy Collection is completed, additional difficulty settings for a new game will be unlocked. For example, the “Universe” setting is unlocked at 25% completion, and “Fourth Dimension” at 65%.

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Music test

Get 55% of the Battle Trophy Collection completed. Press Square at Battle Trophy screen to access this option.

Full-active mode

Get 95% of the Battle Trophy Collection completed.

2P costume color option

Get 15% of the Battle Trophy Collection completed. Press Triangle at the status screen to access this option.

3P costume color option

Get 40% of the Battle Trophy Collection completed. Press Triangle at the status screen to access this option.

4P costume color option

Get 80% of the Battle Trophy Collection completed. Press Triangle at the status screen to access this option.

Alternate intermission sequence

In the beginning before you use the simulator, go to Sophia’s room. Check the trash can to have her smack you. Then at the private beach, talk to the flirt and respond with either “I don’t know her” or “She’s my sister” and you will get another intermission sequence about a book Sophia wanted. If you call her your girlfriend, it is different.

Alternate music

When selecting a battle stage in versus mode, hold L1, L2, R1, or R2 to change the music.

Easy experience

Find an enemy with about 100% to 140% increase on your battle gauge. These enemies should pose a challenge, and you will probably lose a character or two. However, when you win you will receive large amounts of experience. Also, at the tournaments in Gemity, you can fight in the area for a few hours for an easy level 255. Additionally, after you get to Kirlsa and get Nel back into your party, go towards Airyglyph. Battle the Black Knights with your bonus battle gauge full. If done correctly, you should get 100 to over 200 experience points.

Easy money

Get into a battle with a Nobleman (higher level, the better). Kill all enemies except the Nobleman. Set every character to manual and do not do anything. The Nobleman cannot do any damage, and every time he falls you get more Fol when you finish the battle. Also, if you let him escape using Spare Me, you can get an Idol to sell for even more Fol. Additionally, if you are fighting a Nobleman (fat enemies that do not attack you at all), attack him until he does the move “Spare Me”. He will get on the ground groveling for your mercy. Once you see a treasure chest pop out of him, hit him. He will not escape. Basically you can get the experience plus the idol. If he lives from that hit, you can let him go on for awhile, constantly tripping and losing his money, which in turn gives you more money in the end. The Noblemans do not give too much experience. You can sell the idols at a store. This is more useful at the beginning of the game when you need money.

As soon as you reach Gemity (Disc 2), go toward the Runic Chess game. Before you select the difficulty, choose the “Advanced” (Level S) game. Upon winning you are awarded a Lezard Flask. Go to the nearest shop and sell it for 100,000 Fol.

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Better item creation

When creating an item, choose original creation. Set the price of the original creation very high (over 4,000. After the meter completes the first finish, check the characters’ expression.. If they are smiling (better if three of the characters are smiling), then press X to see what you have created. If it is unsuccessful, load the game. This is risky where money is concerned. Note: Setting the item original creation price very high increases the chance of creating good items. This requires some patience.

Unbreakable battle gauge

Make sure one of your characters is dead and remove the Restore spell from anyone who can cast it. Build your battle gauge up, then put the dead character in your party, and choose that person as your leader. Stay on the character and let the CPU kill the enemies. As long as you remain on the dead character, your battle gauge cannot be broken.

Stronger weapons

In order to have a weapon that could possibly be stronger than everybody’s final weapon, you will need Mackwell and Misty Lear. Wait until a Alchemic Inventor invents a stone that can enhance your attack, preferably Damask. Put Mackwell and Misty Lear on the first line. Specify the plan and select a Alchemy Stone, preferably the Damask. Start the invention process. When the line is finished the stone should be stronger. For example, if the stone was originally ATK +100 it should have two ATK +100. You can keep doing the same thing to the stone and it will keep enhancing. After you have the stat of the stone to whatever you desire, get some people who have good synthesizing skills. Have them synthesize the stone to the weapon of choice. The weapon should then be stronger. For example, if the weapon your character had was at an ATK of 500 and you did this trick five times, the weapon should be at 1,000 ATK. Note: Sometimes the stone will be enhanced more than once, which will make it better for you.

Hidden scene

When you have Albel, go to Peterny and stay at the Inn. If the scene does not happen, try again next time. You will see Albel try to stab Fayt, but misses. He will then talk with Fayt outside, then you can choose whatever you want to say.

Extra scene

After getting Roger back and winning the “Real-Man Contest” at Duggus Forest, go to a house in front of the shop in the Lost City Of Surferio. You will see Roger’s Enemy Lucien and his friends. Roger and Lucien will argue, Fayt will convince Lucien and Roger will win.

Norton’s hideout code

The code for Norton’s hideout is “256”. It is easy because the bandits are dumb.

Finding exits

If you cannot leave an area, talk to everyone there.

Rabbit Ears Chalice

If you do Roger’s Ancient Book side quest, you will eventually uncover an item called the Rabbit Ears Chalice in the Ursa Lava Caves. With the item equipped, enter the following combo during a battle to have that character explode and do damage to the enemy: press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, (Circle, X or X, Circle, depending on refinement).

Peppeti Rosseti’s autograph

At the hotel in the begging of the game, get to the floor with the battle system just outside of the lounge to the right, near the man standing in front of the door being blocked. Go past that and the next door will hold a brief intermission sequence. You will get Peppeti Rosseti’s autograph on the back of your shirt. It will remain there as long as you wear the shirt.

Get Holy Sword early

Explore Pesotto Forest until you have 99% completion. You will be rewarded with a 1/144 scale Bunny. Later, you will reach the Royal City of Aityglyph. Continue until you reach the Mining Town of Kirlsa. Then, go back to the Traum Mountians. Once again, get 99% completion and a 1/144 scale Bunny. Take the bunnies back to the Royal City of Airglyph and sell them for 9,000 Fol each. You should now be able to afford the Holy Sword, which has an ATK of 200.

Get “Defeat In 1 Minute” and “Defeat w/o Taking Damage” battle trophies

Save the game before fighting the Boss. There is usually a save point just before a big battle. Fight hard and remember that you are trying to defeat the Boss in one minute. If unsuccessful, reload your saved game. If successful, save your new battle trophy to your Battle Collection on your memory card. Then reset the game by loading it from the menu. Load from where you just saved before fighting the Boss. Then fight again, but this time, stay out of the battle and get far away from the action. Heal party members and cure any status aliments only. Let your party members do all the fighting. You may use long range spell attacks. Try not to take any damage. If you are damaged, reset the game by loading it from the last save point. Repeat the last step until you get the “Defeat w/o Taking Damage Battle” trophy. Then, save your new trophy to your Battle Collection and continue the game. Because the Battle Collection is a separate file on the memory card, once it is saved it is unaffected by resetting the game.


The Orichalcum is made through Alchemy in the Item Creation menu, which you can only do after registering in the Craftsmen’s Guild. To create the Orichalcum, which gives 500 ATK to any weapon and survive on Fury when incap (50%), you need to do five things. First, get a lot of money (5100-5700 Fol). If you miss, you must keep paying that amount until it is made or you cancel. This can easily be prevented if you save and load if you fail frequently. Also, synthesizing requires a lot of money (about 18,000 Fol) for the first Orichalcum, and the price keeps rising. You also need to recruit the inventor Mackwell, the inventor Misty Lear, and Maria (or Sophia if you have her by that time). Finally, you need the Alchemy Stone, which raises the Alchemy’s success rate. Then, just keep hitting “Original Invention” until you get the cost about 5,100 to 5,700 Fol, then create it. If you miss more than four times, it is better to cancel and retry.

Defeating Freya

In order to defeat Freya easily in Galaxy mode, have two melee characters and someone who can cast Protection. Make sure the two melee characters have a defense of about 3700. Put the person that cast Protection on do nothing. When the battle starts with Freya, cast Protection on the two melee characters. Put the character that cast Protection as far away possible from Freya. Then, switch to one of the melee characters and do some damage to Freya without her doing any real damage to you. Cast Protection at about every four Ethereal Blasts.

This method is best done at maximum level with Fayt on Galaxxy, but can be very useful on the higher difficulty settings. Buy or invent the sword Veinslay, then invent ten Boots of Prowess. Synthesize eight fully refined Boots Of Prowess to the Veinslay. Then, fully refine the two remaining Boots Of Prowess and equip them to Fayt’s accessory slots. The last thing you should do is take your Valiant Mail and refine it until you have eight Def +20 factors, and equip that to Fayt, as well as the Veinslay. Your defense should go over 5,000. The only thing to look out for is her two Symbology spells, but otherwise, you should be able to defeat her. It is also recommend that you turn off the Berserk tactical skill.

Defeating Luther

When fighting Luther, the final Boss, bring a full inventory of Analeptics, a few Magic Berries, full inventory of Revival Potions, Physical Enhancers, Mental Enhancers, and the things that bring their defense down by 30%. It is recommended that your party contain Fayt, Nel, and Cliff, and have them all to at least level 55. On Fayt, have the skills Standby Healing equipped once, and for the rest make them Critical Hit HP. On Cliff, have Fists Of Fury and Acrobat Locus equipped. On Nel, have Mirror Slice, Common Support Symbols and Critical Hit HP equipped. In the first battle with Luther, he has 200,000 HP. During the second battle with Luther, he has 400,000 HP. He is immune to all elemental attacks. When you fight him the second time, he will use a move that covers the field in a red-black cloud. Also, big tentacle things will pop up and surround Luther, protecting him from attack. After he is surrounded, a group of blue-white glowing balls will shoot out and semi-home in on your characters. They will do well over 1000 points of damage, even when at level 60. Heal immediately after the spell is cast to have even the slightest hope to survive.

Character’s secondary and best ultimate weapons


    Heaven’s Blade: Treasure Chest, Urssa Cave Temple
    Heavenly Spirit: Dropped Item, Shadow Dragon


    Dark Faerie Claw: Treasure Chest, Maze of Tribulations B2F
    Fangs Of the Wicked: Dropped Item, Frenzied Biwig


    Divine Avenger: Treasure Chest, Maze of Tribulations 7F
    Levantine: Dropped Item, Super Blair

Cliff, Mirage

    Raven Gauntlets: Treasure Chest, Maze of Tribulations B3F
    Valorous Gauntlets: Dropped Item, Enraged Crosell


    Shadow Phase gun: Treasure Chest, Maze of Tribulations B1F
    Dragon Laser: Dropped Item, Arch Demon


    Elemental Ticklers: Treasure Chest, Maze of Tribulations B2F
    Death Bringers: Dropped Item,Vengeful Syelby


    Efreet Cape: Treasure Chest, Maze of Tribulations B4F
    Angelic Cape: Dropped Item, Furious Berial


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    Helm of Dark Eye: Treasure Chest, Maze of Tribulations B1F
    Hybrid Helm: Dropped Item, Green Mojara


    Pumpkin Wraith Rod: Treasure Chest, Maze of Tribulations B1F
    Sacred Ether: Dropped Item, Freya
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