TGS 2011: Ridge Racer Heads To Vita

TGS 2011: Ridge Racer Heads To Vita


These days, a console isn’t really official until NAMCO announces a Ridge Racer title for it. Well, Sony’s Vita is finally official thanks to an announcement at TGS today.

NAMCO has handed off the development responsibilities for the upcoming title to Cellius, a joint venture between NAMCO and Sony. Hideo Teramoto, Cellius’ vice president and owner of one of the cooler names on planet earth, had this to say:

“The first thing on all of our minds is what makes an RR game an RR game,” he said. “The second concern was what Ridge needed to be on the PS Vita. We concluded that that involved really pretty visuals that took advantage of the organic EL display, high-quality sound that took advantage of the Sony hardware, and the feeling of exhilaration that results from all that. That, and online play.”

Usually, when a developer tosses around phrases like “online play,” they have an idea about how they’ll implement the feature. However, Cellius seems to have a fairly dubious (and possibly secretive) hold on what online play will actually look like.

“I suppose the typical ideas would involve online races and time-ranking challenges and so forth,” Teramoto continued. “That’s not out of the question here, of course, but our intention is to implement features that use some of the more interesting aspects of the PS Vita’s hardware. While I can’t give details yet, I think one of the keywords I can give here is ‘pride.’”

Ridge Racer has been confirmed as a launch title for the Vita in Japan, which is scheduled for December 17 of this year. A full list of PS Vita launch titles can be found here .

By Josh Engen

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