This Is Why Arkham Knight Will Be Worth Playing

This Is Why Arkham Knight Will Be Worth Playing

Even though his name is over the marquee, there are others in Gotham who’ll captivate audiences just as much as the Caped Crusader!

I’ve made no secret around these parts that my unhealthy Batman obsession is starting to grow slightly out of hand. While I’ve contained it best I could thus far, the upcoming release of Batman: Arkham Knight is severely testing my resolve! I, like many of you, can’t wait to see how Rocksteady wraps up the final chapter in the Arkham tale. I’m sure they’ll deliver, and send it out in a blaze of next-gen glory!

But there is no “I” in “TEAM,” as Batman himself will not be carrying this epic story on his shoulders alone. A huge ensemble of characters found in his gallery of rogues will be making an appearance from previous games, which have proven to be just as interesting (if not more so) than old Batsy himself. So here are my top five returning (and original) characters I simply can’t wait to spend some time with in Gotham City, as we close out this final chapter in our arc.

Two-Face :

Harvey Dent could be one of the most dynamic characters in DC, outside of Bruce Wayne himself. The former District Attorney turned mob boss has not had much of an opportunity to really shine in the Arkham series just yet, so I’m looking forward to what’s in-store once he teams up with his fellow psychotic outlaws. Based on the trailer (where he faces off against the Batmobile head-on), he’s certainly no less insane this go ‘round.

The Arkham Knight:

Ok, this one is kind of a no brainer right? The entire premise of the upcoming title is centered on this mysterious new figure. Just who lurks behind the mask and how is he capable of besting The Dark Knight in both fighting prowess and gadgetry? His suit looks as if it stepped right off the show room floor at Wayne Enterprises. Wait…could that be a clue?

Scarecrow :

Dr. Jonathan Crane certainly has come a long way since we first encountered him within the walls of Arkham Asylum in 2009. He’s gone from nothing more than a side mission in the first game, to an Easter Egg in City and finally star of the third. I can think of no better villain to take the reins, seeing that the Joker has bit the big one. The question now becomes, how does Batman overcome an entire city gripped in fear?

Hush :

Many people may not realize that Hush played a role in the events transpiring just below the surface of Arkham City . If you followed several of the mini-quests, you know a string of gruesome murders (where individual’s skin had been removed) eventually led Batman to discover that Dr. Thomas Elliot (A.K.A. Hush) was in fact behind it all. With a surgically grafted face now altered to look just like Bruce Wayne, how will this plot carry over into the world of Arkham Knight ?

This Is Why Arkham Knight Will Be Worth Playing

Red Hood:

Any Bat-fan worth their salt knows exactly who Red Hood is and the history behind the gimmick. However, I’ll humor those out there who may not have a clue and bring you up to speed. After Joker kills the second Robin (Jason Todd not Dick Grayson), he returns from the dead to take up the mantle of the ruthless vigilante Red Hood. He’s already been announced as DLC, but we have to assume his presence won’t end there (and will hopefully carry over into the main storyline). By the way…does anyone else find key similarities between his design and Arkham Knight more than coincidental? Maybe it’s just me…

Naturally, the five characters I listed above merely scratch the surface off all that will make Arkham Knight so great. Aside from the fully realized next-gen version of Gotham (and let’s not forget the insanely sweet looking new Batmobile), staples like Penguin, Harley Quinn, Riddler and more will likely keep us on our toes during the time spent in Rocksteady’s little world.

I only hope I can resist marathoning through everything this game has to offer during its first week out (but I’m not sure I can stop myself)!

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