Unique Christmas Gifts For Gamers

Unique Christmas Gifts For Gamers

Shopping for a gamer is typically a pretty easy chore. You just go to the store, ask an employee which games are popular, and buy one of those. But if you’re trying to shake off convention and gift something with a little more pizzazz, here are a couple of ideas:

Virtual Boy

The Virtual Boy is Nintendo’s only real failure in the console market. Sure, the 3Ds had a rocky launch, but now it’s one of Nintendo’s cornerstones. But the Virtual Boy only shipped about 350,000 units, which is significantly less than the three million they were projecting.

But if you’ve got an account on Ebay, finding a Virtual Boy is easy, and it might be just the thing for the avid gamer who has everything. Or someone who’s looking to own a piece of gaming history.

GameFly Subscription

While the other members of your family are gifting discount games and sweaters, you could play the hero and gift every single game on the market. GameFly will let the gamer in your family order whichever game he’s into and send it back after the final boss has been defeated. Plus, and this is the best part about GameFly, it will allow him to try games that he wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

GameFly subscriptions aren’t cheap, so this might not be the right gift if your family has one of those lame $20 limits. But for $15 per month, you would definitely become the coolest relative in the family.

Avatar Items

This one really only applies to Xbox LIVE members, but an avatar item is something that no gamer will ever expect to find in their stocking. They’re only a few bucks each, but make sure that you purchase an item that’s related to their favorite game. Otherwise they’ll think you’re not listening.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Gamers

CRT TV and a Light Gun.

Perhaps the saddest part about HDTV technology is its incompatibility with old school light guns. Now, I understand that motion controls have stepped in to fill the light gun void, but there’s something incredibly charming about the sound that the NES’s light gun made when I had a duck in my sights.

But if you head into your neighborhood thrift store, you should have no problem picking out a gigantic CRT television and a light gun. Then all you need is a copy of Hogan’s Alley and I can personally guarantee a merry Christmas.

A Preorder

Titles like The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V are just around the corner, and many gamers don’t have the forward thinking that it takes to place a preorder. Plus, when the game actually comes out, it’s like you’re giving them a second gift. You’re so thoughtful.

And if you still need a few more gift ideas, poke around in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide .

Josh Engen
News Director
Date: December 13, 2012
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