WarioWare Touched! Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

WarioWare Touched! Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

WarioWare Touched!


Bonus micro-games

Play each micro-game to unlock Pyoro T. Win Warios’ micro-games to unlock Mona and Jimmy. Win Mona’s and Jimmy’s micro-games to unlock Jamie T. Win Jamie T.’s micro-games to unlock Ashley, Dr. Crygor, Kat & Ana, Mike, and 9 Volt. Win Ashley’s, Dr. Crygor’s, Kat & Ana’s, Mike’s, and 9 Volt’s micro-games to unlock Wario Man. Transform Wario into Wario Man by using the stylus to drag the giant garlic clove on the character selection screen over Wario. Drag the bomb on the character selection screen over Wario Man to transform him back into Wario.

Character mini-games

Get 30 points or more for a character to unlock his or her mini-game. Touch Orbulan’s UFO to make the mini-game appear.

Bonus mini-games

Beat the high score on all mini-games that have high scores (Air Dude: 100 yards, Big Hurl: 80 meters, Juggle Boy: 40 points, and Orbit Ball: 1000 miles) to unlock bonus mini-games.


Win Wario Man’s micro-games to view the credits.

Monster Megamix

Win Wario Man’s micro-games and wait for the credits. Touch the pink “teddy bear” that leaves the taxi to unlock the Monster Megamix.

Hardcore Mix

Get 25 or more points in Monster Megamix. Touch the white “teddy bear” that leaves the taxi to unlock the Hardcore Mix.

Gnarly Mix

Get 15 or more points in Hardcore Mix.

Silver character crown

Unlock all micro-games for a character to make a silver crown appear over his or her head.

Gold character crown

Pass all micro-games for a character (mark it with a red rose) to make a gold crown appear over his or her head.

Whistle A Tune toy

Get Gold crowns for every character to unlock the Whistle A Tune toy.

Air Dude souvenir

Score 20 or more points in Gnarly Mix to get the Air Dude souvenir.

Party Tooter souvenir

Glide more than 100 yards in the Air Dude souvenir to get the Party Tooter souvenir.

Mona Pizza video

In the Game Boy Advance game WarioWare Twisted , get the souvenir by completing the spindex. Then, insert the game into the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot on the DS. After you are at the main screen of WarioWare Touched , you will get the souvenir called “Mona’s Pizza”; it is the video from the theme song.

Mona Pizza video

Have the Game Boy Advance game Wario Ware Twisted in the cartridge slot.

Easy Gold Crowns

The fastest way to complete the mini-games in the album is to finish them with the exact points needed; you do not need to complete all the levels to do that. For example, when you need to get 20 points do the following. Save your four lives and complete level 16. Then, intentionally die. Since you still have four lives, they will be spent completing levels 17, 18, 19, and 20. This happens because even if you die the level will be considered as completed. Obviously if you accidentally die once before reaching level 16 (in this example), you must complete level 17; if you die twice you must complete level 18, etc. This can also be performed at any time you need points. Just complete the level that stays four levels before the level you want to reach.

Extra coins in Collect Coins mini-game

In Nine-Volt’s stage during the mini-game “collect _ coins”, when you collect all coins Mario will appear. Keep touching him and you will continue getting more coins.

Take off more clothes in Hot Flash

On Wario Man’s micro-game Hot Flash, after you take off all of his clothes, remove his boxers and he will have only a fig leaf.

Light bulb in Pet Brine Buddies

In the mini-game Pet Brine Buddies, the light bulb gathers all of the “pets” in he container.

Shhhhhhh! micro-game

While playing any of Mike’s games in Album mode, you will come up against the Shhhhhhh! micro-game. It does not appear randomly, but is every sixth game; however, it does appear randomly in Games mode.

Clear screen in They Hunger

Blow into the microphone to clear the screen.

Transform in They Hunger

If you wait awhile in the They Hunger souvenir, they will automatically transform into shapes such as a star. If you tap the touchscreen, they will be scattered (like when you first enter the game).

Move ship

Blow in the microphone and the ship will move.

Blow out candles

When starting Ashley’s Games, the first game you play is lighting the cake candles. Once they are lit, blow into the microphone to blow them out.

Blow harder in microphone

If you talk or scream into the microphon, you will be very loud in the game. This also works if you whistle into the microphone.

Control credits

During the Wario Man credits, select the text that appears on the touch screen to make various things happen.

Control title screen

If you wait at the title screen, you can do the following things:

    Bouncing Noses: They bounce around. Hit them with any item to send them flying. Poking them makes them bounce.

    Giant Nose: Created by garlic. If you stuff green balls or stars in its nostrils, it will shoot them out and fly away.

    Mini-Noses: Noses half the size of normal noses. They can be squished, leaving puddles on ground.

    Eraser: Erases any marks and the title. Note: The title comes back.

    Garlic: Feed it to nose and it becomes a giant nose.

    Green Ball: Leaves green marks anywhere they touch.

    Star: Leaves rainbow marks anywhere they touch.

    Water Drop: Bounces once then splashes.

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