House Party Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC and Mac

House Party

House Party Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC and Mac

House Party is a comedy adventure game developed by Eek! Games LLC. It was first released in 2015 but left early access in 2022 when it was officially released. The game sold over 30,000 copies within the first couple of weeks of release and has sold over 800,000 copies worldwide. Although its release was a success and reviews were positive, the game was the center of controversy. Due to the sexual content in the game, Steam removed it following complaints. There are now two versions of the game, with a DLC pack available that features uncensored actions. Twitch also banned the game from streaming, regardless of the game version.

Popular YouTubers such as Game Grumps, PewDiePie, and NerdCubed significantly contributed to the game’s success by playing and creating controversy around it. The Game Grumps are also featured in House Party as NPCs. Fans love and play the game despite the mostly negative critic scores. 

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House Party Premise

Players in House Party begin by receiving a text message from their friend based on the gender they picked. Once you arrive at the house, you are free to roam around and converse with people. The party-goers all have storylines to follow and options for the player to choose from. Different outcomes occur depending on the player’s choices throughout the game. Each of the guests is connected to at least one other guest, some by family ties and others through their school acquaintances.

NPCs will give you quests that require certain objects retrieved or people talked to. Following these questlines not only progresses the story but also grows your relationship with that person. Not each storyline can be completed in one playthrough, making the game more replayable. The end goal is to grow your relationship with a person and engage in activities with them at the party.

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House Party

House Party Main Characters

House Party features a wide variety of interactable characters that offer the player questlines. Each character has a backstory and personality traits that affect how the player can interact with them. 

  • Amy: Amy is new in town and trying to join a sorority. Players can help her complete her scavenger hunt quest for the sorority. She is knowledgeable about art and takes ADHD medication. 
  • Ashley: Ashley is the sister of Madison. The two don’t get along. Ashley is planning a big prank to get back at her sister. The PC can choose which side they want to take.
  • Brittney: Brittney is self-conscious and doesn’t join other people at the party. She is a lesbian and has a crush on Amy.
  • Derek: Derek is an old friend of the PC from high school. He is the only person the player knows at the party. Derek has several storylines the player can follow through several playthroughs. 
  • Frank: Frank is an antagonist who confiscates people’s drinks. No one is sure who invited him or why he’s there. 

Other Characters In House Party

  • Katherine: Katherine is a smug, intelligent woman. She spends the party trying to make her boyfriend jealous. 
  • Leah: Leah joins Frank in attending the party. She gives the PC combat training. This improves your defense skills when attacked. 
  • Madison: Madison is the owner of the house and host of the party. She has a complicated history with Ashley and Derek and spends her time trying to be the perfect host.       
  • Patrick: Patrick is the millionaire cousin of Ashley and Madison. Although no one likes him at the party, players can see the computer he uses to run his company. 
  • Rachel: Rachel is an old classmate of Madison and friends with Vickie. She is devoted to helping the environment and taking down Patrick’s website. 
  • Stephanie: Stephanie is classmates with some other characters in the game. She was once an exotic dancer and is on the edge of being a drug addict. 
  • Vickie: Vickie is an adult film star who most guests have heard of. She is very rich and successful and has her own storyline for the player to follow.

House Party Titles in the Series

There are no other games or sequels to House Party. However, the game does receive continuous updates and DLC packs for players to purchase. Expansion packs are perfect for players looking to engage in extra content. With how long House Party was in early access, it’s unlikely to see a sequel anytime soon.

House Party

House Party Cheat Codes

Cheat codes in House Party are in the form of console commands. You can open the command console by pressing your keyboard’s tilde key (~). If you are confused about any commands, enter “help” plus the command you wish to know more about. All of the names in the game that can be used in the console commands are above in Main Characters.

Doors’lock or unlock’ door ‘door name’unlock door bathroomThis code unlocks and locks any door in the home.
Roaming‘character’ name’ roaming ‘true or false’ allowAmy roaming false allowPrevent characters from moving locations. Ex. Amy won’t move from her location.  
WalkTo‘character’s name’ walkto ‘location name’Brittney walkto bedMake characters walk to a location. Ex. Brittney walks to the bed
WarpTo‘person’s name’ warpto playerDerek warpto playerCharacters will be teleported right in front of you. Ex. Derek will appear in front of you
Combatcombat ‘character name(s)’ ‘passout or wakeup or fight’combat Patrick Derek fightMake characters fight each other. Ex. Derek and Patrick will fight each other
Intimacyintimacy player ‘other person’s name’ ‘sex position’ sexualactintimacy player Brittney 9000 sexualactMake characters intimate with one another. Ex. Brittney will kiss the player
Inventoryplayer inventory add ‘item name’player inventory add merlotAdd items to your inventory. Ex. Receive a merlot in your inventory
Questquest ‘start or complete’ ‘ “quest name” ‘quest complete “scavenger hunt”Complete any quest automatically. Ex. Complete the Scavenger Hunt quest 
Socialsocial ‘target person’ player ‘number’ friendship addsocial Amy player 30 romance addBoost friendship, romance and drunk-level of characters. Ex. Romance increases with Amy by 30
Bodypartsbodypart ‘respective body part’ ‘target person’ ‘value’bodypart feet Frank 0.75Change the size of certain body parts. Ex. Frank’s feet shrink by 25%
Drunksocial player drunk add ‘number’social player drunk add 7Gets the player drunk. Ex. Increases drunkenness to 7
Clothingclothing ‘character name’ ‘item’ change ‘on or off’clothing madison shoes change offRemoves the clothing of charcters. Ex. Removes Madisons shoes
Clear“clear”clearEmpties your command history 
Firestate 51 add ‘person’s name’state 51 DerekSet any character on fire. Ex. Set Derek on fire
Pose‘person’s name’ pose ‘respective pose’ trueStephanie pose 27 trueMake any character pose for you. Ex. Stephanie will pose for a selfie 
ChangeSizeChange the size of people or objects
CrosshairChange the design of your cursor
DanceMake characters dance or stop dancing
DialogueTrigger certain dialogues
GameMsgDisplay any kind of text in the game
EmoteMake the mimics of characters change
EventsTrigger certain events
FadeFade in or fade out
House Party

House Party Cheat Code FAQ

Are there cheat codes in House Party?

Yes, players can enter cheat codes in the command console. Press the tilde key (~) to open the console and enter the cheat you wish to use. Note that some commands may disable achievements for the current save file. If you are an achievement hunter, the best option is to stay away from them.

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