Way of the Hunter, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Way of the Hunter, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Way of the Hunter Summary

More of a spiritual journey than a mere hunting game, Nine Rocks Games pushed the envelope with Way of the Hunter. The core mechanics, graphics, and environmental sounds are reminiscent of the great hunting simulations of the past, yet the narrative depth in Way of the Hunter is unparalleled. That said, the sprawling landscapes and intricate storyline are worth more than a few bragging rights. In a time where hunting games were dime-a-dozen with randomized scenarios, Way of the Hunter stands out as an artfully designed tribute to the culture and soul of hunting.

Way of the Hunter Premise

In Way of the Hunter, while the landscapes of the USA and Europe are breathtakingly detailed, the familiarity can sometimes be its double-edged sword. The settings and the narratives might make seasoned players raise an eyebrow and think, “Haven’t I been here before?” However, just when you think you’ve seen it all, Way of the Hunter throws a curveball, challenging the players in ways they wouldn’t expect. The somewhat familiar feel might have been a point of contention for those expecting a complete revolution in hunting simulations, especially with the rise of more immersive open-world games around its release.

And yes, there are criticisms. Some ardent fans missed certain features or felt the game could have pushed even more boundaries. But one can’t help but feel that these voices missed the forest for the trees. Way of the Hunter isn’t just a hunting game – it’s a more subtle journey, and sometimes it’s easy to forget to appreciate the nuance.

Way of the Hunter Main Characters

  • River Knox: The main protagonist of Way of the Hunter. River is a returnee to the Nez Perce Valley, looking to inherit and grow his grandpa’s hunting legacy. He bears the weight of his family’s internal disputes, particularly between his father and grandfather regarding the lifestyle of hunting.

Games in the Way of the Hunter Series

  • Way of the Hunter (2022)

Way of the Hunter Cheat Codes

While there is cheat software / mods that available for Way of the Hunter, there are no traditional cheat codes. However, there are achievements to unlock.

AchievementHow to Unlock
Like a Palm of my HandDiscover all Points of Interest in Nez Perce Valley
Ahoooooooooy!Discover all Echo spots in Nez Perce Valley
Arctic EdgeFinish the race in Aurora shores in 2m50s or less.
Worth the ViewFinish the story in Aurora shores.
Aurora GazerDiscover all areas in Aurora shores.
Been there, rode thereDrive a car for 30km
Bow Down MisterHarvest every species in Tikamoon plains after shooting the animal with a bow.
Don CupiHarvest one animal of each species in Tikamoon plains shot to its heart.
Flower GirlPick up all flowers in Aurora shores.
Go Big or Go HomeHarvest 5 different species of big game animals
Hours of WorkExhibit 50 taxidermied animals in Aurora shores at the
In Need of New ShoesTravel 10km on foot
Like Father, Like SonHarvest Hollywood
Like the Back of My HandDiscover all Points of Interest in Nez Perce Valley
Nice to Meet YouMet all landowners in Nez Perce Valley
Welcome to the Land of Vamp…ChamoisMet all landowners in Transylvania
Not Great, Not TerribleGet first three Star trophy
Number One DadFinish the story in Tikamoon plains.
Plain AssessmentDiscover all Points of Interest in Tikamoon plains.
Springbok NamibiaFinish the race in Tikamoon plains in 2m50s or less.
Sportsman stageUnlock 40 perks
Swinging DuckBuild all swings in Tikamoon plains.
Task Force AuroraComplete all Task challenges in Aurora shores.
Task Force TikamoonComplete all Task challenges in Tikamoon plains.
To filter or not, that’s the questionCollect all Photographs in Transylvania
Top of the PyramidHarvest 4 different species of predators

Way of the Hunter FAQs

Is Way of the Hunter better than Call of the Wild?

If you’re seeking a nuanced challenge, the ever-evolving landscapes of Way of the Hunter and its dynamic animal behaviors will truly put your hunting prowess to the test. Call of the Wild, on the other hand, dazzles with variety, offering a vast array of maps and creatures. Yet, in the long run, it may feel a touch more like a predictable shooting gallery. So, while Call of the Wild might give you the breadth, Way of the Hunter offers a depth that’s hard to beat.

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