Why you Shouldn’t – Buy A Wii

Why you Shouldn’t – Buy A Wii

Why You Shouldn’t – Buy the Nintendo Wii!

The Nintendo Wii was certainly a breakout success when it first appeared on the scene in 2006. Thousands of loyal fans camped out for midnight releases around the country, and for nearly two years there were major shortages of the console around the country. However, now that the Wii has plentiful stock, a newly-reduced price point, and a pretty sweet cache of games, you may be wondering if now is the time to pick one up for you or your family. While you may find some enjoyment out of owning a Wii console, here are five good reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Wii.

5. You like pretty graphics.

Let’s not mince words here: the Wii can’t handle graphics the way the other two home consoles can. Sure, the Wii has produced some decent-looking games, but nearly every one of these has graphics that come with the caveat that they “are good for the Wii.” Super Mario Galaxy 2, which has been hailed as one of the best-looking Wii games ever produced, certainly looks great when you play it, but if you put it next to Uncharted 2 or Red Dead Redemption, it doesn’t stand a chance. Sure, you can point a finger at developers who don’t take the time optimizing multiplatform games for the system, but really, the fault lies with the console itself. It doesn’t even have an HD output for crying out loud! Even standard cable boxes have HDMI output, and the Wii’s lack of HD content definitely hurts it in terms of the quality of the visuals it can produce. If you like games that look great, the Wii will leave you cold.

Why You Shouldn't - Buy the Nintendo Wii!

4. You like to play online.

The Wii’s online offering is, quite simply, a joke. Though games like Goldeneye and Monster Hunter Tri have decent online modes, the Wii’s interface uses a friend code system that assigns a unique 16-digit number to each game you want to play online, and even though you can scroll through menus, write down each number, and then finally share it with friends, the system is extremely difficult to work with. And heaven forbid you meet someone online you want to play with again, as few games allow you to “add” people you meet in random online matches. Of course, you could just tell people you meet online your 16-digit friend code…but there are only two games that support in-game chat, so no luck there either. If you like playing with other people, the Wii definitely isn’t the console for you.

3. You Enjoy Mature-Rated Games.

Looking for a realistic, gritty crime inspired game like Mafia II or Grand Theft Auto? How about one that features over-the-top action like God of War or Bayonetta? Well you won’t find either of those types of games on the Wii. In fact, games that have received the “M” rating on the Wii console barely even exist. I think I can count the number on two hands! Games like No More Heroes, Madworld, Dead Space: Extraction, and House of the Dead: Overkill do provide a fleeting M-rated experience on the console, but once you finish those, what are you left with? A pile of mini-game compilations and sports games. The Wii definitely comes up short when it comes to deep, mature-themed content, and if those kinds of games are what you enjoy playing, you won’t get much playtime out of your Wii.

2. First-Person Shooter Is Your Favorite Genre.

Though the amount of Mature-rated content on the Wii is small, the amount of first-person shooters on the Wii is even smaller. You can count those titles on just one hand. In addition to the already-mentioned Goldeneye and House of the Dead: Overkill, there’s also…the Conduit (which didn’t exactly receive glowing reviews) and.. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex. And that’s it. Looking for a first-person shooter on the Wii is a fool’s errand, and if you decide to sink your hard-earned $200 into a Wii system, you better not be expecting to spend any time with a gun in your hands.

Why You Shouldn't - Buy the Nintendo Wii!

1. You like Precise Motion Controls.

When the Wii first came out, we were all very impressed with its motion controls, and we marveled at how accurate WiiSports was. And then, over time, we learned something. Though you could wave your arms around as much as you wanted, you could achieve the same effect by simply moving your wrists. Thus the “waggle” was born. As more games were developed for the platform, the idea of “shaking=success” became more of a staple of Wii control rather than an occasional occurrence. Of course, WiiMotion Plus came along and promised that we would get a better motion control experience. And for the most part, we did. On games that incorporate the WiiMotion Plus peripheral, which, again, I can count on one hand.

The Wii has proven to be quite the popular console, and as Nintendo’s bar charts famously show, it sells like hotcakes. However, the Wii appeals to a certain demographic of gamer, and if you haven’t yet taken the plunge with the Wii yet, you definitely should think twice before plunking down your hard-earned cash. If one or more of the above statements apply to you, the Wii is probably not your console.

Of course, the Wii isn’t the only console that potential buyers should be wary of. Stay tuned for next week when I give you five reasons why you shouldn’t buy an Xbox 360!

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

*The views expressed within this article are solely the opinion of the author and do not express the views held by Cheat Code Central.*

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