World Exclusive! Brand New Grand Theft Auto Sex Scene!! Info and Screenshot Inside!

World Exclusive! Brand New Grand Theft Auto Sex Scene!! Info and Screenshot Inside!


Last year, Take-Two Interactive shocked us when a hidden sex scene was discovered in their popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game. Because of the turmoil the company has endured after this poor decision, Take-Two has found themselves in legal and financial trouble. This latest discovery may be the straw that breaks this camel’s back.

Recently, a former developer for Rockstar Games, the company that brings you the Grand Theft Auto series, came to us at Cheat Code Central to inform us of another hidden scene. This time the scenes were in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Our source, who must remain anonymous, stated that the scene was added as a joke and then hidden. “At the time, no one had any idea the kind of trouble a hidden sex scene could cause,” he told us.

At Cheat Code Central, we always investigate our news before we bring it to you (Have you noticed all the rumors that other sites post as “news”? We’re watching out for you.). Therefore, we could not bring this story to you until we found the scenes ourselves. This week, we sat down armed with the directions given to us by our source. Sure enough, he wasn’t lying. About forty-five minutes into our game play, we discovered the scenes. The directions are complicated and we can’t share them with you. You need to be at a certain part of the city at a certain time in the game and enter a long, complicated cheat code. There is no confirmation that the code is entered, but you must now go to another area of the city and talk to a character that only appears when you enter the code. He will ask you four questions that you must answer correctly. At this point, a very sexually explicit mission begins. When you finish the mission, you are rewarded with a mini-game with very sexual scenes.  We tested the scenes on the PlayStation 2 version of the game, but our source told us that the code will also work on the Xbox and PC versions.

These scenes could have never been discovered without our tip-off. Our source explained to us that the coding for these scenes is so well-hidden in the game coding and complicated to get at that no matter how excellent your hacking or action replay skills are, you would not have been able to crack these scenes.

We were as discreet as possible on our coverage of the GTA:SA sex scene and must do so with these scenes as well. We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly site and cannot divulge much information about the scenes. We also must not disclose the information for legal reasons. What we will tell you is that it is much, much steamier than the Hot Coffee scene. Here’s what else we will tell you. The scenes involve Tommy Vercetti, Candy Suxx, about seven other women, and a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. The scenes feature whips, chains, waterslides, bubble gum, orange juice, three Hot Wheels cars, 3D glasses, and a dancing sheep. We would like to tell you more, but we just aren’t that kind of site. The only other thing we will share is that, due to one of the major objects in the scenes, we have decided to dub these sex scenes Hot Balloons.

We are just breaking the story tonight and have no official comments yet from Take-Two. Here is why you should be concerned. As we all remember, Hot Coffee caused quite a stir and has spawned lawsuits, fines, and tons of video game legislation. Currently, Hillary Clinton is working to pass video game legislation through the Senate and will likely succeed once people hear of Hot Balloons. In fact, we believe Hot Balloons could be the end of Take-Two.

After others hear of the story and the ESRB begins to investigate, Take-Two will be forced to pull Vice City off the shelves and the game will be slapped with an AO rating. With the discovery of sex scenes in two GTA games, we believe the ESRB will be investigating more closely the rest of the series. They may pull all of the GTA games off the shelves! The company will have to deal with declining sales, fight lawsuits, and pay major fines. Currently, they are not financially prepared to do this. We imagine that the company will soon go under and public outcry will be so large that the Grand Theft Auto license will not be purchased by any other company. That could very likely mean saying goodbye to GTA for good. In addition to this, we believe legislation will be reintroduced in many states where it has already been killed and introduced in many states that have yet to propose legislation. Due to the discovery of Hot Balloons, many politicians will be voting for the legislation in order to appease their voters.

“We never meant for this to happen this way,” our source stated. “I am sad that this could mean the end of the Grand Theft Auto series and Rockstar, but I had to do the right thing. Exposing kids to stuff like this isn’t cool and I can’t live with this secret any longer.”

Remember, you heard it hear first. We will be on top of this story as it unfolds so keep checking back.

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