Worms 4: Mayhem Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

Worms 4: Mayhem Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

Worms 4: Mayhem


Easter Egg in Carpet Capers

In Carpet Capers in Story mode, there is a tower with an enemy called Egg on it. Parachute down to the bottom of that tower where there is a hole. Collect the jewels to get an Easter Egg. Once you complete the level you will be awarded with 1,000 coins.

Easter Egg in Destruct And Serve

In Destruct And Serve in Story mode, destroy the silver-colored sports car completely to get an Easter Egg. Once you complete the level you will be awarded with 1,000 coins. Additionally, walk up to the car that looks like the DeLorean from the Back To The Future movies. It should fly off, leaving a flame trail behind. If this does not work, shoot it and it will do the jump to 88 mph. You will receive 1,000 coins at the end of the level.

Easter Egg in Escape From Tree Rex

In Escape From Tree Rex in Story mission, jet pack to the crate with bazooka x2 in it. Shoot into Rex’s mouth to get an Easter Egg. Collect the jewels to get an Easter Egg. Once you complete the level you will be awarded with 1,000 coins.

Easter Egg in Nice To Siege You

In Nice To Siege You in Story mode, jump up on the cliff where the professor is located. Jump off the back, then walk around to find a cave. In the cave will be a worm Easter Egg. Once you complete the level you will be awarded with 1,000 coins.

Easter Egg in Tin Can Alley

In Tin Can Alley in Story mode, shoot the toilet behind you to the left. Once you complete the level you will be awarded with 1,000 coins.

Easy tutorial win in Mike’s Secret Laboratory

When the mission begins you should be to the right of the big protective screen. If you move slightly forward you should see a platform to your right. Use a Jet Pack to get up there. There should be a weapon crate up there. If you collect this crate you will get 25 Sentry Guns. Use these on a flat piece of ground. Then during your next turn, go close to the Sentry Gun and fire it at an enemy worm. The Sentry Gun should detect this and will fire a lot of bullets at the worm you shot. Note: You can only use one Sentry Gun at a time until it is destroyed — place it carefully. Also, this is not the only other time in the game you can use a Sentry Gun. The other is on the last level, where you only have two of them.

Make an alien without trophies

Go to “Create A Team” under the “Change” menu. If you have an animal skull and night vision goggles, set the animal skull on your worm, then press Right or Left until you cannot see the display worm’s eyes. Then, get the night vision goggles. It will look a bit like an alien.

Easy trophies

For the “Barrel Buster”, “Big Blast”, “Animal Lover” and “Body Count” trophies and the damage trophies, create a scheme with just a Sheep and set land object to oil drums. Then, start a multi-player game and put four human teams in and fill up the sixteen Worms. Use the weapon scheme you just made and choose landscape. Select Camelot and type the number code 3651335800 to get a tiny arena. Then on Wormpot choose double damage, super animal weapons, and super random weapon. As the sheep is the only weapon in the scheme, the random weapon will always be the sheep. Then, start the game. Fire the sheep and detonate it. The explosion will destroy the entire arena and the barrels, kill all the worms, and do about 5,000 damage (which will give you the big blast). The round will draw and you can repeat. Repeat this until you have killed enough worms, caused enough damage, and destroyed enough barrels to get the other trophies. This will also give you the 3 and 4 Baggers and the Beast Within if you do not already have them.


Getting trophies for the trophy cabinet will give you 100 to 500 coins to spend in the item shop. To get the trophies, you must accomplish a certain task or get a certain number of damage points, etc.

    3 Bagger trophy: Kill three worms with one shot (one turn).

    4 Bagger trophy: Kill four worms with one shot (Holy Hand Grenade is probably best).

    Animal Lover trophy: Get at least 200 total kills with animal weapons (for example, sheep).

    Barrel Buster trophy: Blow up at least 500 green explosive barrels (overall throughout the game).

    Big Blast trophy: Get 500 damage in one shot (getting two worms with 250 HP each in the water with a shotgun is probably easiest).

    Body Count trophy: Get at least 500 kills (total throughout whole game; includes multi-player matches).

    Bronze Damage trophy: Get at least 25 000 total damage (overall throughout the game).

    Gold Damage trophy: Get at least 100 000 total damage (overall throughout the game).

    Greedy Worm trophy: Collect at least 500 total crates (overall throughout the game).

    Hot Foot trophy: Hot foot trophy: Successfully dodge at least 500 mines (overall throughout the game).

    Magic Bullet trophy: Kill three worms with one shot (shotgun recommended).

    Rocketeer trophy: Use at least 2 000 total jet pack fuel (overall throughout the game).

    Silver Damage trophy: Get at least 50 000 total damage (overall throughout the game).

    The Beast Within trophy: Get three kills with one animal weapon (sheep recommended).

    Weapon Specialist trophy: Get at least 8 000 total damage with the bazooka (overall throughout the game).

Maps (20 coins)

    Mission and Tutorial maps: Successfully complete the mission/level that uses them.

    Hold Until Reworked and Re-Submission maps: Defeat Team17 times in the deathmatches they are used on.

Weapons (150 coins)

In the list of schemes in the shop, most cost 50 coins but four of them cost 150. If you buy one that costs 150 coins, you will unlock the weapon that corresponds to that scheme in the shop:

    Buying the “Holy Grail” scheme will unlock The Holy Hand Grenade.

    Buying the “Darksider” scheme will unlock The Bubble Trouble.

    Buying the “It’s a Mystery” scheme will unlock The Inflatable Scouser.

    Buying the “Mega Powers” scheme will unlock The Icarus Potion.

“The Kitchen Sink” weapon scheme

Unlock all character sets to get “The Kitchen Sink” weapon scheme. This scheme includes every weapon, including the five secret weapons, with infinite ammunition and no delay (2,500 coins).

Special Head Gear (150 coins)

Note: Time bonuses are not required.

    Hard Hat: Successfully complete the Construction part of the story (missions 1 to 5).

    Royal Knight: Successfully complete the Camelot part of the story (missions 6 to 10).

    Boggy The Kid: Successfully complete Wild West part of the story (missions 11 to 15).

    Queen Of Sheeba: Successfully complete the Arabia part of the story (missions 16 to 20).

    Caveworm: Successfully complete the Prehistoric part of the story (missions 21 to 25).

Other equipment

    Punk Equipment (Hands and Hair, sold separately): Successfully complete all tutorials.

Character sets (500 coins)

    Dino: Successfully complete all the non-Deathmatch challenges faster than Team17.

    Wormenstein: Successfully complete all ten Deathmatch challenges faster than Team17.

    Alien: Successfully complete all twenty five missions.

    Professor: Successfully complete all twenty five missions in time bonuses.

    Cyborg: Get all fifteen trophies.

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