WWE 2K16 Creation Studio App now Available

WWE 2K16 Creation Studio App now Available

WWE 2K16’s Creations Suite was already robust, and many of you have been enjoying creating your own wrestlers. Now, superstar creation is about to get a lot easier and a lot more personal with the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio app, now available for free on your iOS or Android device. With the app you’ll be able to take a picture of your face, or use a picture already in your phone, and export it to the WWE 2K16 Community Creations menu on your PS4 or Xbox One to use in the game. You can also use the app for “Logo Capture,” allowing you to create your own custom tattoos, arena decals, billboards and more.

The process is fairly straightforward, but you’ll need to activate a token to enable connectivity for importing and exporting. Here’s a quick rundown from the official game page:

1) Before you can upload a custom face photo or logo, you will need to have a valid token. Each token is active for 20 minutes after being generated, after which time you will need to generate a new token code. To generate a token, from the WWE 2K16 console version’s main menu, select “WWE Creations” then “WWE Community Creations” and go to the Logo Manager to get one. The Creation Studio app also includes a QR scanner to instantly get a code from the TV screen.

2) Take a photo inside the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio App or import a photo already saved on your phone.

3) Make any adjustments to the image with a variety of in-app tools.

4) Tap “Upload” to send the image to the WWE 2K16 servers. Enter in your previously obtained token to complete the process.

5) The image will appear in the “My Logos” section in your console copy of WWE 2K16 with the “Community Creations” menu. Download it to your console.

6) Start up a new custom Superstar or Diva and line up the face photo with the in-game markers.

7) Admire the results with your new custom Superstar or Diva!

That’s all there is to it! Now get out there throw some chairs.

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