Xbox LIVE Players Prefer CoD To BF3

Xbox LIVE Players Prefer CoD To BF3


Gamers and critics have spent a fair amount of time comparing the Battlefield franchise to the Call of Duty franchise. However, it’s starting to become pretty clear which franchise is going to come out on top, at least on the Xbox 360.

Unfortunately for EA, Activation is still clearly in the lead. Black Ops is still the most played title on Xbox LIVE, but surprisingly, Modern Warfare 2 is also currently beating out Battlefield 3. Of course, Battlefield 3 is currently number three. Placing third is something that most developers would be ecstatic about, but I’m betting that EA feels differently right now.

Obviously, the Xbox 360 isn’t the only system that the two titles are competing on. In fact EA has repeatedly hedged their bets when discussing the competition on the Microsoft console. Over the summer, John Riccitiello was quoted as saying “In terms of where this goes, we think our PS3 game is better than their Xbox game and our PC game is better than their PC game.”

Notice how he didn’t say, “We think our Xbox game is better than their Xbox game.”

Either way. The debate will continue to rage throughout the holiday season until Modern Warfare 3 has officially dropped and both camps have a firmly established player base.

By Josh Engen

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