XCOM 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

XCOM 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

XCOM 2 Heroes

Enter a soldier’s customization menu, go to the character info menu, and enter one of the following names to unlock the corresponding character. Note: This only works in the single player campaign and disables achievements from being earned and removes all your previous soldiers’ attributes.

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Hero Name
Beaglerush (Grenadier) Beaglerush (nickname)
Peter Van Hoorn (Assault Build Ranger Colonel) Peter Van Hoorn
Sid Meier (Psi Operative Magnus) Sid Meier

Easy “Brutal Collection” achievement

Use Skulljack on the four different ADVENT soldier types listed below to get the “Brutal Collection” achievement. The hacking outcome does not matter.

    Officer (the red unit). This is story related.
    Stun Lancer (unit with the sword)
    Shieldbearer (unit with white armor)

Easy “Heavy Metal” achievement

Research the EXO and War Suits from the Proving Grounds to be able to research Experimental Heavy Weapons and Experimental Powered weapons, respectively. Do this enough times to obtain one of each type of the following weapons:

Heavy Weapons (requires EXO Suit)

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    Rocket Launcher (unlocked EXO Suit is researched)
    Shredder Gun

Powered Weapons (requires EXO or WAR Suit)

    Blaster Launcher
    Hellfire Projector
    Plasma Blaster
    Shredstorm Cannon

After obtaining the required weapons, equip your soldiers with W.A.R armor. Give each of them a different heavy or powered weapon. Start a mission with Advent soldier enemies. Get into position, then save the game. Kill an Advent soldier with one of the weapons, reload the saved game, then kill the same enemy with another type of weapon. Repeat this process until all the weapons were used to kill an enemy to get the “Heavy Metal” achievement.

Easy “Heroes Of The Resistance” achievement

To do this without losing your entire squad, focus on killing enemies as quickly as possible instead of rescuing the civilians one-by-one. Also, try drawing the enemies attention to have them attack you instead of the civilians.

Easy “Now Am I Become Death” achievement

Use the “Faceoff” Sharpshooter ability to fire at every visible target in range using the pistol. If there are at least three wounded or weak enemies in range, use that ability.

This can also be done with the Ranger’s “Reaper” ability. Kill an enemy with the sword to get another action so you can kill another enemy. Repeat the process in a chain.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Earth Avenged (20 points): Overthrow the aliens at any difficulty level.
    Defender of Humanity (30 points): Overthrow the aliens on Commander difficulty.
    Immortal Commander (50 points): Overthrow the aliens on Legend difficulty.
    Tinker (10 points): Build an experimental item in the Proving Grounds.
    Rise of the Resistance (10 points): Make contact with a region.
    First Blood (10 points): Complete the tactical tutorial.
    Rebel Radio (10 points): Build Resistance Comms.
    Codebreaker (10 points): Build the Shadow Chamber.
    Room to Grow (10 points): Upgrade a facility.
    Shadow Broker (20 points): Sell goods worth 1000 supplies to the Black Market (Can span multiple games).
    Rumor Hunter (10 points): Complete a Rumor.
    A Horrible Truth (10 points): Recover the Blacksite Data.
    A Grim Key (10 points): Recover a Codex Brain.
    A Dark Doorway (10 points): Recover the Psi Gate.
    A Line Crossed (10 points): Complete the Avatar Autopsy.
    A God Falls (10 points): Kill an Avatar.
    Meat Over Metal (20 points): Kill a Sectopod on the same turn you encounter it (in Single Player).
    Like Clockwork (15 points): Complete a successful ambush.
    Mechlord (20 points): Hack a Sectopod.
    Nick of Time (20 points): Evacuate a soldier whose bleed-out timer is still running.
    Locked and Loaded (10 points): Upgrade a weapon.
    Excalibur (20 points): Completely upgrade a beam weapon with superior grade weapon upgrades.
    David and Goliath (20 points): Kill a Berserker in melee combat.
    Breathing Room (20 points): Kill a Viper who is strangling a squadmate.
    Come Back To Me (20 points): Kill a Sectoid who is currently mind controlling a squadmate.
    Stop Hitting Yourself (20 points): Kill an enemy with a hacked turret.
    Shen’s Legacy (20 points): Build a facility in every Avenger slot.
    Bring It Down (10 points): Sabotage an alien facility.
    Have a Nice Trip (20 points): Cause an enemy to fall to its death.
    Car Wrecked (20 points): Cause an enemy to die in a vehicle explosion.
    Exquisite Timing (40 points): Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty by July 1st.
    Who Needs Tygan? (30 points): Beat the final mission using only conventional gear.
    The Few and the Proud (40 points): Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty without buying a Squad Size upgrade.
    The Untouchables (40 points): Beat the game on Commander+ without losing a soldier.
    Pile ‘Em Up (20 points): Kill 500 aliens (does not have to be in same game).
    The Most Dangerous Game (20 points): Play in a multiplayer match.
    Overpowered (35 points): Beat a mission on Commander+ with a squad of soldiers only of the same class (but not Rookie).
    Heroes of the Resistance (15 points): Beat a Retaliation mission with 3 or less civilian deaths.
    Cyberlord (10 points): Earn a second tier hack reward.
    Heavy Metal (30 points): Kill an enemy with every heavy weapon in the game (doesn’t have to be in the same game).
    The Sun Never Sets (30 points): Build a radio relay on every continent.
    Global Resistance (30 points): Get all of the continent bonuses available in a single campaign.
    Beginner’s Luck (30 points): Beat a mission in June or later using only Rookies.
    Brutal Collection (30 points): Skulljack each different type of ADVENT soldier (does not have to be in same game).
    With Extreme Prejudice (10 points): Skulljack an ADVENT Officer.
    A Better Human Being (10 points): Recover the Forge Item.
    A Final Stand (10 points): Create the Commander’s Avatar.
    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (10 points): Apply a PCS upgrade to a soldier.
    Now Am I Become Death (15 points): Kill 3 enemies in a single turn, with a single soldier, without explosives.
    Valhalla (50 points): Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty in Ironman mode.

The following achievements require the “Alien Hunters” bonus downloadable content:

    Enemy Adopted (Unknown): Use a ruler armor ability against an alien ruler.
    Not Throwing Away My Shot (Unknown): Kill an alien ruler while it attempts to escape.
    Regicide (Unknown): Kill an alien ruler the first time you encounter it.
    A Forbidden Experiment (Unknown): Investigate the Abandoned Research Facility.
    Archon Annihilator (Unknown): Kill the Archon Ruler.
    Berserker Breaker (Unknown): Kill the Berserker Ruler.
    Deadly Arsenal (Unknown): Purchase all of the final tier hunter weapons.
    Kingslayer (Unknown): Kill all three alien rulers in a single game.
    Now I Am The Master (Unknown): Use all ruler armor abilities in a single mission.
    Viper Vanquisher (Unknown): Kill the Viper Ruler.

The following achievements require the “Shen’s Last Gift” bonus downloadable content:

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    A Torch Passed (Unknown): Beat the Lost Towers mission.
    Matter Over Mind (Unknown): Defeat an Avatar with a SPARK unit.
    Always be Shooting (Unknown): Hit three shots on a single turn with a SPARK unit after using its Overdrive ability.
    Axles to Axles, Bolts to Bolts (Unknown): Defeat a robotic enemy with a SPARK unit.
    Bells and Whistles (Unknown): Outfit a SPARK unit with the highest tier weaponry and armor.
    Just Like Dad Used To Make (Unknown): Build a SPARK unit.
    Make ‘em go Boom (Unknown): Kill an enemy primed Derelict MEC before it can self-destruct.
    Our New Overlords (Unknown): Promote a SPARK unit to Champion rank.
    Rise of the Robots (Unknown): Complete a mission with three or more SPARK units in the squad.
    Running on Fumes (Unknown): A SPARK unit survives a mission it started with less than half health.
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