Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom

Gold Coins

While playing a mission, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A (the “Konami code”) on an empty piece of land. If you entered the code correctly, the game will laugh at you and say “Yu, Yu”. You will get more Gold Coins every time this is done.

Play as Joey Weeler

Successfully complete the game with Kaiba and Yugi to unlock Joey as a selectable character when you load your game.

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On the first level, wait until it gets dark then walk around in tall grass. It will say that you have found a wild monster. If you defeat Beformet he will join your team.


On the level when you fight Bandit Keith and his bandits, Bonz will atack you. If you have enough experience he will not give you much trouble. As soon as you defeat Keith, he leaves Bonz behind and Kaiba will ask if he would fight for him. He will accept. Bonz’s best monster is the Snake Hair.


When you play with Yugi and you get to the Face Off stage, go to the city to the north, but travel across the river and stop in the middle of it. Then, proceed to the north. Before you get to the city, Gaia will challenge you. Defeat him and he is yours.

Rex Raptor

You can get Rex Raptor is after the battle with Weevil. He sends out about four warriors. After you defeat them, take him head on with two of your Marshals. He carries a Two Headed King Rex, Megazowler, and Uraby with him.


Play with Kaiba. After you complete the first level, if you liberate every village, you will have unlocked him.


On the level when Kaiba is recruiting new soldiers he encounters Weevil. He asks Weevil to surrender and fight for him. Weevil says no! So you start fighting his soldiers send out your best marshal and take him head on. He has with him a Hercules Beetle, a Giant insect, and Basic Insect.

Black Luster Ritual

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Defeat the Shadi who has Black Luster Ritual.

Black Luster Soldier

Use Black Luster Ritual on Gaia the Fierce Knight.

Magician Of Black Chaos

Use Black Luster Ritual on Dark Magician.

Slifer’s Orb

Successfully complete the game with Kaiba.

Silver Fang

In the first level on the Yugi story mode, wander around in the trees. You will be ambushed by a Silver Fang. It has about 750 health and should not give you trouble. When you defeat it, it joins your army.

Soul Of Obelisk

Successfully complete the game with Yugi.

Winged Dragon Of Ra

Successfully complete the game with Joey.

Level up

Get your monsters to level up as much as you can, then die. You will still have the same stats. Do it again.

Completing challenge mode

Have Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and Dark Magician #2. Level them up so that the Dark Magicians can use Dark Burning Magic. Equip Rageki and Mirror Force and Red Medicine or a Dien Keto Cure Master. You should not have a problem with challenge mode.

Egyptian God monster use

You may only use the Egyptian God monsters once. Think carefully about when you want to use them. When you get an Egyptian item (Slifer’s Orb, Soul of Obelisk, and the Eye of Ra), be careful when you want to use it, because you cannot buy it again from the trader.

Defeating Egyptian God monsters

Send all Marshals against DarkNite (Nitemare). Have the first two monsters attack and have the third monster use escape (L). Repeat until the monster faints.

Defeating the Boss

Choose your best team/marshal, unless you want to use him to guard your base. If that is the case, choose your second best. Have your marshal move out of the way of your enemies until you get to the Boss.

Recommended Challenge mode characters

Go to challenge mode and select the Yugi side. Select Mia as your character. Then, select all three Harpie Ladies. Give them all Electro Whip. Use your special every time and your opponent will die in two turns. Additionally, first get the Swamp Battleguard, then the Lava Battleguard and choose one other monster. The Swamp Battleguard and the Lava Battleguard work together. Use their special twice and you will not lose unless you did not bring along a Monster Reborn or Red Medicine.

Available monsters

The following lists most of the monsters in the game:

    Alpha The Magnet Warrior
    Aqua Dragon
    Aqua Madoor
    Armored Lizard
    Axe Raider
    Baby Dragon
    Barrel Dragon
    Basic Insect
    Battle Ox
    Beast Tamer
    Beaver Warrior
    Beta The Magnet Warrior
    Bickuri Box
    Black Land Fire Dragon
    Black Luster Soldier
    Blue Eyes White Dragon
    Buster Blader
    Castle of Dark Illusions
    Celtic Guardian
    Crawling Dragon
    Curse of Dragon
    Cyber Commander
    Cyber Saurus
    Dancing Elf
    Dark Chimera
    Dark Elf
    Dark Magician
    Dark Magician Girl
    Dark Plant
    Dark Rabbit
    Dark Witch
    Dragon Piper
    Dragon Seeker
    Dunames Dark Witch
    Dungeon Worm
    Enchanting Mermaid
    Evil Dark Magician
    Fairies Gift
    Faith Bird
    Feral Imp
    Fiend Kraken
    Flame Cerebrus
    Flame Swordsman
    Fortress Whale
    Gaia The Fierce Knight
    Gama The Magnet Warrior
    Gazelle King of Mythical Beasts
    Gemini Elf (Blonde)
    Gemini Elf (Brunette)
    Giant Insect
    Giant Red Sea Snake
    Giant Soldier of Stone
    Giltia The D. Knight
    Great Moth
    Gyuketenno Megami
    Harpie Lady (Blonde)
    Harpie Lady (Blue)
    Harpie Lady (Red)
    Harpie’s Pet Dragon
    Hercules Beetle
    Hitotsume Giant
    Horn Imp
    Hunter Spider
    Illusionary Gentlemen
    Ilusionist Faceless Mage
    Insect Queen
    Invitation to a Dark Sleep
    Jelly Fish
    Judge Man
    Kaiser Dragon
    Kanan The Swordmistress
    King of Yamimakai
    Labyrinth Tank
    Larvae Moth
    Launcher Spider
    Lava Battleguard
    Lord of D.
    Magician of Black Chaos
    Magician of Faith
    Man Eater Bug
    Meteor Dragon
    Millennium Golem
    Moisture Creature
    Mountain Warrior
    Mystic Horseman
    Mystical Elf
    Neck Hunter
    Obelisk the Tormentor
    Panther Warrior
    Parrot Dragon
    Penguin Knight
    Pumpking the King of Ghosts
    Queen of Autumn Leaves
    Reaper of the Cards
    Red Eyes Black Dragon
    Red Eyes Black Dragon
    Rocket Warrior
    Rogue Doll
    RyuKishen Powered
    Saggi The Dark Clown
    Sanga of Thunder
    Serpent Night Dragon
    Shadow Ghoul
    Silver Fang
    Slifer the Sky Dragon
    Slot Machine
    Spike Seadra
    Stuffed Animal
    Summoned Skull
    Swamp Battleguard
    Sword Stalker
    Tao the Chanter
    The Ghoul with a big appetite
    The Snake Hair
    The Winged Dragon of Ra
    Three Headed Geedo
    Thunder Dragon
    Tiger Axe
    Time Wizard
    Twin Headed King Rex
    Water Girl
    Winged Dragon Guardian #1
    Zombie Warrior


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    B. Skull Dragon = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Summoned Skull
    Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon = Blue Eyes White Dragon X3
    Crimson Sunbird = Mavelus + Faith Bird
    Gaia The Dragon Champion = Gaia The Fierce Knight + Curse of Dragon
    Illusionary Beast = Gazelle + Berrformet
    Magnet Valkyrion = 3 Magnet Warriors
    Meteor B. Dragon = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon
    Rabid Horsemen = Mystic Horsemen + Battle Ox
    Thousand Dragon = Time Wizard = Baby Dragon
    Twin Headed Thunder Dragon = Thunder Dragon + Two headed King Rex
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