Zombie Tycoon 2 Comes to Steam

Zombie Tycoon 2 Comes to Steam

If having hordes of zombie armies at your control while you try to wipe out the poor souls of Finkleville, while simultaneously beating back waves of opposing undead, sounds like a good time, then head over to Steam and pick up Zombie Tycoon 2 .

In a recent press release, Frima Studio announced that it would be bringing the game to PC fans via Steam. While the single player campaign spans eight chapters, the multiplayer is where players will likely have the most undead fun. It reads, “ Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge offers true cerebral satisfaction in its online multiplayer mode where players can choose between two zombie races: Orville’s heavy-duty zombies or Brainhov’s horde of frantic, agile undead. Players will unleash brain-hungry squads to dominate human friends and zombies alike to become the “brag-worthy” emperor of the now scorched earth.”

Zombie Tycoon 2 was released on December 9 th (according to the Steam site) and is made by Frima, which is Canada’s largest independently owned game developer.

Just some of the fun features Zombie Tycoon 2 includes are:

  • High definition visuals: 3D art and design built using the Unreal Engine.
  • Become a Keyboard Warrior: Play the game with a keyboard and mouse, with new controls and interface designed for the PC, or plug in a gamepad controller for a classic Zombie Tycoon 2 experience.
  • Play as two different Zombie factions, and squads: Choose from classic, slow-moving zombies or frantic, highly infected zombies with a variety of six unique zombie units such as the Scavenger Zombies from the Municipal Dump or the Engineer Zombies from the Hardware Store.
  • Unique Monster Units : Command four special monster units like Badgerker (he really doesn’t care) and Skidmark, the biomechanical monstrosity who will steamroll its way through any crowd.
  • Complete the tale of Orville Tycoon: Zombie Tycoon 2 features a compelling, challenging campaign with eight fun chapters.
  • Frenetic multiplayer action: The objective is to crush your opponent’s mad scientist’s mobile HQ by capturing buildings, transforming zombies, level up monster units and gain control over the map.

Pick up the flesh eating fun for $9.99 right here on Steam .

Source: Press Release

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