GoldenEye 007

Corey Feldman Interview

Cheat mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Cheats" menu. Get the indicated amount of XP by completing Time Trails to unlock the corresponding cheat option:

    Full Armor: Start with full body armor. Does not replenish (1 XP).
    Tactical Knife: Start with a Tactical Knife (2 XP).
    Infinite Ammo: All weapons have unlimited ammo reserves (3 XP).
    SB-Y90: Starts with a SB-Y90 gun equipped (4 XP).
    Universal Silencer: Gunshots and ricochets do not alert guards (4 XP).
    Proximity Charges: Start with Proximity Charges (4 XP).
    Silent Steps: Footsteps do not alert guards (4 XP).
    .50 DLX: Start with a .50 DLX gun (4 XP).
    Invisible to Cameras: Invisible to all cameras (4 XP).
    JM7 Rocket: Start with a JM7 Rocket (4 XP).
    Golden Gun: Start with the Golden Gun. Kills enemies with a single bullet. (5 XP).
    Vanisher: When you defeat an enemy, they will disintegrate (6 XP).
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