The Incredible Hulk

Corey Feldman Interview


Bonus costumes

Search the indicated level to find the corresponding skin. Note: Some costumes cannot be used until the game is completed.

    Banner Hulk: Alaska 3
    Bi-Beast: United States 7
    Classic Abomination: Brazil 8
    Gray Hulk: Alaska 1
    Green Scar: Alaska 9
    Hiroim The Shamed: United States 4
    Hulk 2099: Alaska 7
    Hulkbuster Iron Man: Brazil 7
    Hulkbuster Iron Man Mark III: United States 2
    Ironclad: Brazil 9
    Korg: United States 3
    Madman: United States 8
    Maestro: Brazil 3
    Mr. Fixit: Alaska 4
    Rick Jones Hulk: Brazil 4
    Savage Hulk: Alaska 2
    The Professor: Alaska 6
    Ultimate Hulk: Alaska 8
    World War Hulk: Brazil 2
    ZZZax: United States 9
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