Professor Layton And The Last Specter

Corey Feldman Interview


Note: This game is also titled Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call and Layton Kyouju To Majin No Fue.

Top Secret options

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the following option at the "Top Secret" menu under "Bonuses":

    Additional Character Profiles: Solve all 170 puzzles.
    Art: Collect 4,600 Picarats, and complete the game.
    Character Profiles: Collect 4,300 Picarats, and complete the game.
    Character Voices: Collect 5,200 Picarats, and complete the game.
    Movies: Collect 5,500 Picarats.
    Music: Collect 4,900 Picarats, and complete the game.
    The Hidden Door Concept Art: Enter the unique password obtained from the "Top Secret" menu in Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask.

Mouse Alley mini-game

Collect ten mouse badges by tapping the mice that randomly run across the screen, solve the Luke Foretells mystery, then talk to Fische at the Crossroads to unlock the Mouse Alley mini-game.

The Biologist's House

Successfully complete the Laytonmobile Cove Fish Tank mini-game to unlock The Biologist's House.

The Boatman's House

Successfully complete all ten Toy Train mini-games to unlock The Boatman's House.

The Flute Player's House

Successfully complete the game to unlock The Flute Player's House.

The Puppeteer's House

Successfully complete all three puppet shows to unlock The Puppeteer's House.

The Puzzle Master's House Solve 167 puzzles to unlock The Puzzle Master's House.

Layton Life (Japanese version)

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Layton Life.

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