Damocles: Sleeping Giant

After attending the briefing up top, hit the marker out front of Demona co to activate the beginning of the end.

Return to the Planetarium lair one last time.

Despite the fact that you just raided this place, you'll find heavy resistance inside- mostly helltroopers and tanktroopers commanded by a blitztrooper.

Clear for a second wave that's the same but different- helltroopers and bltiztroopers led by a tank commander. Nothing you haven't seen before, but do remember the health dispensers if you get rocked. When everyone but you is dead, activate the marked console to open the rear wall, then investigate the hatch.

Exit the lair and head to the Ancestral Temple. Destroy and kill everything there.

This will take a while, because there's a ton of stuff here, and you'll need to destroy almost all of it. Ignore the progress meter in the top left of your HUD- it gets confused by the various zones and objectives here. Instead just try to methodically waste everything in your path, making sure your current zone is completely target-free before moving on to the next. After tediously heaping destruction upon destruction, you will finally be allowed to face the Pride Captain.

He's a sapper/blaster, so try to take him out from a reasonable distance if you can, and stay close to cover to avoid his attacks. When he's dead, and you've gathered up his deathloot, check out the objective'd pagoda.

This final scan completes this mission.

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