Prototype 2 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PC

Prototype 2 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PC

Prototype 2 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Controls

Xbox 360 Controls
A: Jump
B: Grab
X: Melee/Claw Attack
Y: Tendril Attack/Consume (held enemy)
LB: Power Wheel
RB: Shield
LT: Target
RT: Sprint/Glide
Start: Pause Menu
Back: Options Menu
D-Pad: Transform
Left Stick: Move (Click for Hunting Pulse)
Right Stick: Look/Change Target

PS3 Controls
X: Jump
O: Grab
Square: Melee/Claw Attack
Triangle: Tendril Attack/Consume (held enemy)
L1: Power Wheel
R1: Shield
L2: Target
R2: Sprint/Glide
Start: Pause Menu
Select: Options Menu
D-Pad: Transform
Left Stick: Move (L3 for Hunting Pulse)
Right Stick: Look/Change Target

2) Story Walkthrough

2.1) Meet Your Maker

When you gain control of your character, move toward Mercer. After the bird creatures fly above you, drop down and continue following Mercer down the street. After a creature cross your path, continue forward and around to your right, where a scene will occur. Hold forward on the left stick and press A/X (as indicated on-screen) to dodge the falling helicopter.

When the giant monster tries to crush you, hold down on the stick and hold RT/R2 to start sprinting away. You will automatically leap over obstacles in your path. Once you escape, another creature will leap on you and try to kill you. Tap X/Square rapidly to fight the beast off. This will lead to a lengthy cutscene. You will unlock the Achievement/Trophy, “It’s an Epidemic.”

2.2) Resurrection

Tap X/Square to punch the enemy ahead, then hold it down for a powerful kick. Start fighting the enemies pouring into the room using these moves. After a certain amount of time, the room will fill with jets of fire, and you’ll be hit by an explosion. Afterward, soldiers will enter the room and shoot you to make sure you’re dead, which puts you at low health. To heal, press B/O to grab one of them, then press Y/Triangle to consume them.

You can now grab and consume infected enemies too. Keep fighting enemies, and the fires in the room will grow. Consume enemies to keep your health up. After another explosion, head to the center of the room and grab the table in the middle of the room. Hold the left trigger to aim and press B/O to throw the car. Hold A to jump up into the window. You’ll unlock the Achievement/Trophy, “I Want Some More.”

2.3) Operation Flytrap

Tap X/Square to attack the Blackwatch Commander, then grab and consume him. When the helicopter arrives, hold RT to sprint away. When you’re out of sight, press left to shapeshift into the commander you consumed. Now run up to the top of the marked building and stand at the marker. From here, glide down to the church ahead and speak to Father Guerra. You’ll get the Achievement/Trophy, “Religious Experience.”

Head to the roof of the marked building and approach the marker. Click the left stick to send out a Hunting Pulse, identifying your target. Glide down to the target’s location and consume him, using Hunting Pulse to find him again if you lose track of him. Consume him and kill the other soldiers. Drop down to the ground level and approach the marker.

Use Hunting Pulse to search for your target, then head to the marker and ascend the building. At the corner, use Hunting Pulse and follow the marker to the bridge. Glide across the bridge and locate the target, then consume him. After the helicopters show up, jump back across the bridge and run. To stop the helicopters pursuing you, grab vehicles with B/O, target the helicopters with LT/L2, and throw the vehicles with B/O. When the helicopters are gone, transform to escape detection.

Head to the marker on the top of the building to begin the next mission. Glide down to the marker, and you will be attacked by a Brawler. Lower the enemies’ health, then when the bar above his head is empty, grab him and consume him. You’ll get the knife power and the Achievement/Trophy “This is a Knife.”

Another Brawler will arrive and attack. Using your new claws, fight the Brawler and lower his health, then press B to sever one of his arms, then attack again to remove his other arm, allowing you to easily earn the Achievement/Trophy “Just a Flesh Wound.” Now press B/O to finish the creature. Hold LT/L2 to target the enemy ahead, then press X to perform a pounce attack.

Now, your objective is to wipe out the Blackwatch forces. When enemies start targeting you with rocket launchers with blue laser sights, press A/X to dodge, then take out the remaining enemies. Pick up one of the dropped rocket launchers with B/O. Target the incoming tank with LT/L2 and fire at it with the rocket launcher with X/Square. Once you’re out of sight, transform to escape the alert. Head back to the church for a scene.

2.4) Orion’s Belt

After the scene, you will probably level up. Select a power to improve before you begin the next mission. Head to the star on your map, where you’ll find a Blacknet terminal. Consume a soldier or scientist to be able to use Blacknet, then activate the terminal. You’ll now be able to use Hunting Pulse to find your target. Head in the direction of the return wave until you find your target, then consume him for a memory scene.

The Gentek facility will now be marked on your map. Head to the location, and as you approach, you’ll see a scene. To enter, consume a nearby soldier, then use the hand scanner to get through the gate. Find the leader, marked on your HUD, then grab and consume him to perform a stealth consume. In disguise as him, you should be able to use the hand scanner to enter the building. Inside, head into the next room, where the commander is.

Click the left stick to check the target’s visibility. Stealth consume the guard watching him when he’s facing away, then stealth consume the commander himself. Now head out of this room and ascend the stairs to the second floor catwalk. Use the hand scanner to enter, then hold LT/L2 and click the left stick to check the target’s visibility. Consume the two targets watching him, then consume the doctor.

As the doctor, approach the terminal and use it. Head back outside using the hand scanner. There will be rotating devices outside that can detect you and give you away if you approach them, so avoid them. You should be able to get out of the facility without drawing attention, provided that you don’t get too close to the devices. When you’re out, you’ll get the Achievement/Trophy “Project Closed” for doing a Blacknet mission.

2.5) Brain Drain

Following the previous mission, you will earn a new offensive mutation power. You can choose one of three such powers. To continue the main story, head to the blue “R” on your map. When you reach the roof where the marker is, the next mission begins. When you drop down, move back to end the target’s suspicion, then when he turns away, come up behind him and stealth consume him.

With your new military disguise, enter the base ahead. Wait for the target to step out of the viral detector’s range, then stealth consume him. Circumnavigate the detector and head into the base using the scanner. After the scene, your new goal will be to hunt down and consume all of the scientists involved in the current experiment. Your character will automatically change into his normal form, causing the enemies to become hostile.

Jump toward the target and press B/O to perform a leaping grab, then consume him. Proceed to the marked locations of all the other scientists and consume them as well to gain a memory. Your final target is Dr. Shaffeld. Run all the way to his location, found using Hunting Pulse. When you get there, an armored vehicle will pick him up.

To stop the armored vehicle, kill one of the many enemies surrounding you will rocket launchers. Pick up the enemy’s dropped weapon and use it to destroy the tank. When your target exits the destroyed vehicle, run over to him and consume him. Now run out of the enemies’ line of sight and transform to end the alert, and the mission.

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2.6) Long Shadow

Proceed to the marker to intercept a message from Blackwatch. This mission has you sneaking in to Research Post Long Shadow. Head to the outpost, and if you don’t already have a military disguise, consume an unsuspecting soldier to take on his form. Use the hand scanner on the gate, then head into the compound and use the one on the door to gain access to the building.

A boss fight against a Hydra will commence. Don’t worry too much about the soldiers, as they will probably be attacking the Hydra instead of you. You can take a military form to make them forget that you’re even an enemy. Use the rocket launchers in the case behind your starting location to target and damage the Hydra. Press A and a direction when the prompt appears on-screen to dodge its grab attack. Keep your distance from the Hydra to avoid its tentacles.

It will take a significant number of rockets to bring down the Hydra, but you can also use guns you pick up, though they will deal fairly minor damage. If you take severe damage yourself, grab and consume soldiers to refill your health. After killing the Hydra, you will consume it and gain a new power: the tendril attack. Conveniently, a group of enemies will enter the room, giving you a chance to try it out.

Press Y to perform tendril attacks on the soldiers surrounding you. This will coat the room in a sticky substance, paralyzing the enemies hit with the attack. After the fight, head up the stairs to the next floor. As you go to leave, more enemy soldiers attack. Hold Y to perform the Black Hole move, sucking all of the enemies in and killing all of them at once. Now exit the building. Outside, flee the area and transform.

2.7) Feeding Time

Head to the “G” marker for this mission. You’ll get another message from Father Guerra. Head to the marker on a building near Test Site Jefferson. Descend into the site and kill all of the enemies there, using rockets to destroy the tanks. Consume the doctor and use the hand scanner to enter the test site, where a new enemy, the Juggernaut, is waiting for you.

Attacking the Juggernaut directly is foolish; he will block your attacks and counter with heavy punches. However, if you dodge toward him to avoid these blows, you can jump over him and hit him from behind to circumvent his blocking. An alternate strategy is to pick up the objects lying around and throw them at him for massive damage. If you need healing, consume the innocent civilians cowering nearby.

Press B/O to consume the Juggernaut after his health runs out. This will give you a new mutation: dual shields. When enemies arrive and shoot rockets at you, press RB at the moment the rocket hits you to deflect it back at the shooter. You can also simply hold RB to block them. Continue deflecting rockets back at their shooters, then head up the stairs in the next room. Use the hand scanner in the elevator upstairs to escape the site.

When you exit the building, be ready to deflect another volley of rockets. Once you’ve deflected five rockets in all, you get the Achievement/Trophy “Back Atcha!” After eliminating these soldiers, escape the facility as usual. Once you’ve eliminated any pursuers, change forms to escape detection and complete the mission.

2.8) The Lab Rat

Head to the “R” objective marker, and you will intercept a Blackwatch communication. Head to the Convoy Staging Area to find Dr. Bellamy. As you approach the site, you will see a brief scene and be tasked with taking down an enemy helicopter. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but to complete your bonus objective, you must use the Black Hole move on the helicopter.

Jump toward the helicopter from a nearby building, then glide, boost, and glide again, and you should be able to get within range of the helicopter. Hold Y/Triangle to unleash the Black Hole move and complete the objective. You can then kill an enemy and use his rocket launcher to bring down the helicopter. Escape the enemies and change forms to start the second half of the mission.

Now attack the three APCs ahead with your tendrils, using these moves to destroy at least one of the armored vehicles. The final vehicle will contain Bellamy. Run after him, then jump and grab him to consume him. This will unlock a memory scene and complete the mission.

2.9) Salvation

After completing “Feeding Time,” head to the “G” marker. Run to the church and kill the enemies, enticing a pair of tajnks to attack your position. Run toward one of the tanks and press B to tear off its missile launcher, then use it to open fire on both tanks. Finish the tanks with tendril attacks if necessary, and the third wave will arrive: a helicopter and numerous soldiers.

Your goal is to protect the church from taking damage by quickly eliminating the rocket launchers and helicopters. The enemies will be reinforced by helicopters, which drop in additional troops. Use your rocket launchers or thrown objects to bring the helicopters down, hopefully with undeployed soldiers still inside. When both helicopters are down along with their men, you’ll see a brief scene.

Head down the street to the incoming convoy, consisting of tanks, helicopters, and soldiers. Rip a missile launcher off a tank and use it to destroy at least one vehicle for the bonus objective. If you run out of missile launchers, you can start using soldiers’ dropped rocket launchers. Finish the helicopters and any remaining soldiers before they can destroy the church.

After the fight, enter the church to check on Father Guerra for a cutscene. This will complete the mission, and possibly grant you another level up to further improve your powers. After the mission, you’ll receive a communication from Guerra, and the mission “Mad Scientist” will become available.

2.10) Mad Scientist

Head to the “G” marker on your map to start this mission. From here, head to the marker near Koenig’s facility. This mission scenario should be quite familiar by now. Take a military form and enter the base with a hand scanner. Approach the commander when he leaves the radius of the scanners, then consume him and use the hand scanner while in his form to enter the facility.

Using the hand scanners on the lower level will unleash Brawlers to attack the soldiers, hopefully distracting them from you. In the midst of this distraction, find the commander and consume him. You’ll have to wait for the Brawlers to be killed before you can enter the doctor’s office. Inside, you’ll speak with the doctor and see a cutscene.

He sends you after another doctor named Burk. Head out of the facility using your military disguise, then depart for Project Orion Depot. When you reach the rooftop marker, your new mission will be to take out the comm systems surrounding the building to prevent the enemies from calling for reinforcements. The easiest way to do this is to consume an enemy with a rocket launcher, then use his weapon to target the comm systems.

When all three comms are destroyed, you’ll be attacked by Orion, a Supersoldier nearly capable of matching you in battle. When he charges at you, hold RB to deflect his melee attack and bash him with your shield. He will become vulnerable to a grab attack, allowing you to deal some severe damage to him. Repeat the process of deflecting his blows and performing suplexes to whittle him down, while alternatively using enemy rocket launchers on him. Consume him when his health runs out to gain an upgrade for your claws.

Normal soldiers will attack you while you go around destroying the substations, which you can tear apart with your new claws or blow up with rocket launchers. After clearing that goal, two more Orion Supersoldiers will attack you. Deflect their blows and counterattack, following slashes with suplexes, to finish them off as quickly as possible. If a Supersoldier grabs you, shake the left stick left and right to escape.

When both Supersoldiers are weakened, consume them. This will result in the complete destruction of the Orion base. Now run out of the base and escape detection. Father Guerra will contact you about following up on the “proving grounds” you intercepted a communication about. Once you escape and transform, the mission will be complete.

2.11) Orion Phase Two

Head to the “K” marker for a mission from Doctor Koenig. Head to the Proving Grounds to kill the final Orion supersoldier and put a stop to Project Orion. As you approach the target, an instructional scene will remind you to focus on fighting the Phase-Two Supersoldier. Your bonus objective will be to counter his attacks with the shield, as you’ve already learned to do in the previous mission.

Drop down into the combat arena and attack the Phase-Two. This soldier is noticably stronger and faster, but still essentially the same in behavior as previous Supersoldiers. Again, you should focus on blocking his blows just as he hits you to make him vulnerable to suplexes, if only for the bonus objective reward. Wipe out any enemies that are causing you trouble so you can focus on the Phase-Two.

After deflecting at least one blow for that objective, grab the missile launcher off a tank and, after deflecting a blow from the Phase-Two, launch the rockets at him for significant damage before suplexing. When you’ve whittled down the Phase-Two to low health, you’ll be able to consume him. This will cause you to collapse, and when you awaken, you’ll be surrounded.

Consuming the Phase-Two Supersoldier has given you new mass-based powers, starting with Devastator. Press B+Y/O+Triangle as indicated on-screen to perform this explosive attack, devastating the enemy forces surrounding you. Now start running around the battlefield consuming enemies to refill your mass bar, now found under your health bar. When the bar is full, a scene will ensue as Brawlers and Supersoldiers enter the arena.

Fight off the numerous enemies converging on your location, consuming any Brawlers or Phase-One Supersoldiers if the option becomes available. If you are badly surrounded, you can use your Devastator again as long as your mass bar is full. Once all of the major enemies are consumed or killed, Dr. Burk will attempt to escape, and your objective will be to consume him.

Sprint after Burk, then perform a leaping grab on him and consume him. You will see a very interesting memory from Burk’s mind, one revealing Koenig’s intentions. Now you merely have to escape detection and transform to complete the mission. After the mission, you’ll contact Koenig again and reveal what you’ve learned, much to his surprise.

2.12) Natural Selection

Head to the blue “K” marker to confront Koenig. A cutscene will occur, and you’ll be under attack from a Blackwater ambush. To end this attack, simply kill a nearby rocketeer and use his rocket launcher to shoot down both helicopters, which will end the first fight quickly and easily. You’ll see a scene in which you discover the identity of the man who knows Koenig’s location.

In the next fight, you’ll face tanks and Supersoldiers. Rip the TOWs off the tanks and use them to destroy the vehicles, leaving you only the Supersoldiers to worry about. Kill the Supersoldiers using the usual methodology, then consume the commander, revealing that the doctor is at Base Seven. Eliminate any Supersoldiers, then evade the rest of the enemies and shapeshift.

Head to the base and descend into the base perimeter. Kill an enemy with a rocket launcher, then take his weapon and use it to destroy the fuel tanks. When the tanks roll in, you can rip the missile launchers from the tanks, then use them on the fuel tanks. After all of the tanks are destroyed, a scene will ensue and you’ll be chasing Dr. Koenig.

Once Koenig is in the combat helicopter, you’ll have to bring him down. Guard to deflect his missile volleys, then head up to the rooftops and use the enemy’s rocket launcher to shoot the helicopter down. Continue avoiding any further attacks from the helicopter, and if you need to, locate additional soldiers with rocket launchers for ammo until you successful bring the gunship down.

Next up is a boss fight with Koenig himself. Koenig is light and fast; when he attacks, dodge by jumping over his head, then counterattack. If you get hit and lose too much health, harvest the nearby civilians to heal yourself. When he runs up to a rooftop, pursue him. If a Y indicator appears over his head when you jump over him, press it to throw him for severe damage. When his health runs out, consume him. Completing this mission finishes up the Yellow Zone missions and earns you the Achievement/Trophy, “The Mad Scientist.”

2.13) The Airbridge

Head to the “G” marker to begin the missions in the Green Zone. Your first task is just getting to the Green Zone, which will require you to consume and impersonate a vehicle commander, marked on your map. As you head to his location, be discreet and avoid alerting the soldiers at the airbase. Stealth consume him, then enter the airbase in his form. Head up to the helipad.

Apporach the marker on the helipad and press B/O while standing on it to use the airbridge. This will take you to a map screen. Select the only other available landing zone, located on the southeast “Green Zone” island, and the airbridge will take you there. Once you land, avoid the scanner and exit the base. Walk to the nearby marker, where you will meet Father Guerra.

After the meeting, head to the marker at Green Zone High Command and enter while still in disguise as the vehicle commander. Approach the marker for a brief scene, in which you are given your own APC. Press B/O to get in and take control. Drive the APC to the rally point marked on your map, where you’ll have to fight infected enemies. To get your bonus, you should focus on running over sixty of them over the course of this mission.

After killing the few infected at that location, head to the next rally point, which is overrun with infected. This is a good time to splatter some of them. After a short time, Brawlers will leap down from the building nearby. Your new objective is to kill these brawlers, but keep running over the smaller targets to help reach your bonus objective. You should try not to hit soldiers, but the game will be fairly forgiving of friendly fire.

The Brawlers themselves cannot be killed by running them over, and they can tear up your tank if you let them come too close. Instead, use your LT/L2 weapon, a chaingun, and your RT/R2 weapon, the TOW missile launcher, to make short work of them. Next you must fight three Juggernauts, which you can fight with basically the same strategy. After these targets are down, you can run over any crowds of infected you see to help complete your bonus objective, then head to the bridge.

More Brawlers are jumping down from the bridge. There are also crowds of infected near where they’re landing, making for one last chance to complete your bonus. Fight these brawlers the same way you did before, then head into the narrow streets to reach your squad, which is promptly attacked by Hydras. Stay on the move to avoid incoming boulders tossed by the tentacles, while simultaneously firing back with your gun and missile launcher to bring them down.

Once the Hydras are dead, your tour of duty is done. Head back to the military base and stop at the marker. Hold B/O to get out of the vehicle, then step into the compound. You’ll receive a transmission related to your mission, which unlocked two new objectives. Afterward, this mission is complete.

2.14) The White Light

Approach the “G” on your map, and you will call Father Guerra, who reveals that Blackwatch intends to unleash a cure for the Mercer virus called Whitelight. Use Hunting Pulse to locate Gallagher. Try to consume him, and he will prove to be one of the Evolved, like you and Mercer. Chase him through the streets, dodging the cars he throws at you by jumping over them.

Continue chasing Gallagher through the streets and across rooftops. Don’t let him get too far away, or you’ll fail the mission. Continue chasing him until he stops on the roof of a building. When you approach, there will be a scene in which he takes control of a helicopter. When you regain control, jump toward the helicopter, grab it, and tap X/Square to rip off the missile launcher.

Use the missile launcher to open fire on the helicopter while blocking the missiles it fires with its other launcher. When the helicopter takes sufficient damage, Gallagher will leap out of it before it explodes, starting a second fight. The basic strategy is to dodge his attacks by jumping over him, then attack him from behind until he attacks again. If you get hit and take too much damage, you can consume civilians to regain your health.

After you whittle down Gallagher’s health and consume him, you gain a new ability: a blade arm. This power is automatically mapped to X/Square. In addition to a powerful melee attack, you can hold X/Square for a tornado attack that can hit a large group of enemies. Use this tornado attack on the group of enemies in front of you. Either finish them off or run away to escape the alert and end the mission.

2.15) Taking the Castle

Head to the “R” marker to start this mission. The first thing you need to do is find and consume a Blackwatch soldier and take his form. Head up to the base rooftop and enter in soldier form to inflitrate the meeting. After gathering this information, glide off the roof and head straight from here to the marker near the Gentek R&D Office.

From here, run up the roof and consume the scientists with DNA markers over their heads. Unfortunately, this team doesn’t have any information on Mercer, so you must continue to the second research site. First, however, you must deal with Riley’s forces. First, take out the Supersoldiers protecting one of the tanks, then jump on top of it with B/Circle and press B/Circle again to hijack it. Use your new tank to take out one of Riley’s other tanks to complete your bonus objective.

Continue destroying tanks and fighting Supersoldiers until Riley finally pops out of one of the tanks once it’s destroyed or hijacked. As soon as he does, grab and consume him to gain his form, then flee the battle and change into Riley as soon as you escape notice. You will now be impersonating Riley to get information from Rooks.

2.16) A Maze of Blood

Head to another “R” marker to continue this line of missions. Using your Riley form, you contact Rooks and gain information on the last known location of Dr. Gutierrez. Head to the marker, and you’ll spot a disguised Evolved. He uses a unique bio-bomb power to create a distaction while he escapes. Using Hunting Pulse to hunt him down again.

When you approach, the Bio-Bomber will become agressive and bust out his blade appendages. The fight is similar to previous Evolved fights: dodge his attacks and counterattack with your blades, and consume nearby soldiers or civilians if your health gets low. This particular enemy can jump on you and make you a bio-bomb for significant damage, so keep your distance.

When his health is low, your foe will try to run. Follow him up to the building roof and attack him there, where he will stand his ground. Take down his last hit points, then consume him to gain his information and his bio-bomb power. Now head to the marker near Base Adams to put this information to use and find Dr. Gutierrez. When you get there, use a Hunting Pulse to verify that he’s there.

You’ll want to draw out Gutierrez by using your new bio-bomb power. Change into a military disguise and approach the marked soldier. Grab him as usual, but instead of consuming him, press X/Square to turn him into a bio-bomb. This will instigate an Evolved to reveal himself, and he will attack you along with all the soldiers. Use your bio-bombs to wipe out the soldiers in droves, and fight the Evolved as usual, then consume him. Escape the alert to continue the mission.

Use Hunting Pulse to find Gutierrez, who has not fled far from the base. As you approach, he will notice you and transform into an Evolved. Two more Evolved will accompany him, and you’ll fight them all at once. The Evolved combat is the same as usual, but note that you can use your blade tornado attack to hit multiple targets at once.

Consume each of the Evolved as you whittle them down. When you consume Dr. Gutierrez, you will see his memory scene, but you still have to kill his guards if either of them remains. After all three are defeated, the battle is complete. This ends this mission and unlocks the next in this questline.

2.17) Alpha Wolf

When Rooks calls you and gives away Dr. Archer’s location, head to her research facility. Don a military guise to avoid detection and head to the marker on the roof of the facility. Afterward, descend to the ground level and stealth consume the marked scientist when he’s away from the soldiers. Take his form and approach the scanner, avoiding the detectors on either side.

Inside the building, stay in disguise as the scientist, as a form with a gas mask will protect you from the toxic fumes you’re about to unleash. First, find two unwatched people and stealthily bio-bomb them for your bonus objective. When that’s done, grab a rocket launcher from the wall cases and start shooting the four marked tanks. When all four are blown up, Dr. Archer will come out, albeit in evolved form.

Fight Archer as you’ve fought all previous Evolved: dodge their attacks and counterattack, consuming bystanders for health as needed. Once you take a third of her health, she will summon a pair of Brawlers. Kill them, then continue fighting Archer until she’s down to one-third health, at which point she will call out a pack of four Brawlers.

Now you must fight Archer and her Brawlers simultaneously. Focus on Archer, because finishing and consuming her will start a scene and end this fight. As you come out, soldiers and Supersoldiers will be waiting for you. Press X+A/Square+X to perform a new mass power, Pack Leader. When the helicopter arrives, hold LT and click RS (L2+R3 for PS3) to order your Brawlers to destroy it. Finally, hold LT/L2 and input the activation command again to dismiss the Brawlers. Leaving the base concludes this mission and questline.

2.18) A Stranger Among Us

Head to the “S” Marker at any point after completing “The White Light” to meet Galloway, who reveals the possible location of an Evolved named Roland. Head to the rooftop marker near the Blackwatch rally point. To get in, locate one of the three soldiers on this mission, sneak up on him, and stealth consume him when he’s out of sight. As soon as you consume him, a scene will play, and you’ll join the other soldiers on the extraction mission.

Follow the team leader until you encounter a wave of infected. Target the enemies with LT/L2 and fire with X/Square to wipe them out one by one. After the wave is complete, follow the leader again to a grenade launcher. Pick this weapon up, and you’ll receive a bonus objective to kill three enemies with one shot. Don’t worry if you can’t pull it off right now; just focus on the Brawler. When all the enemies are dead, pick up the rocket launcher.

As you proceed down the street, a Hydra will attack you. Fight it off with your rocket launcher while jumping to the side to dodge its attacks. When the Hydra is dead, continue with your squad down the street. When the Brawlers jump out, aim into the center of the crowd of enemies and fire a rocket to (hopefully) kill three at once, completing the bonus. Now take the Brawlers down, picking up a new weapon if your first runs out of ammo.

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Follow your squad again to a crashed helicopter with numerous rocket launchers and missile launchers scattered around. As you approach, Hydras and Brawlers will appear both ahead and behind you. Use the explosive weapons on the ground to take out the enemies surrounding you, then you can approach the extraction point in front of the building.

Attack and kill all of the civilians your team came to extract. When Roland is revealed, approach him and grab him to try to consume him. However, he will fight you off in Evolved form and run away. You’ll lose track of him and get a communication from him at the end of the mission, leading into the next one in this questline.

2.19) A Nest of Vipers

Head to the “S” on your map after completing the last mission. You’ll see Roland right outside the lair, but once he notices you, he dives into it and summons a Hydra to fight you. Drop down to the street level and start throwing cars at the Hydra to damage it, though it will occasionally catch them and throw them back. Dodge the Hydra’s attacks when the indicator is shown on the screen. If Blackwatch shows up, you can take their weapons and use them to kill the Hydra.

After the fight, approach the lair and rapidly press B/O to enter. Head forward and jump up to reach the hall on the left, fighting through or running past the local infected population. Approach the biomass in the center of the room to begin a mini-boss fight with a Juggernaut and a group of infected. Focus on damaging the Juggernaut with tendrils, then when it becomes vulnerable, sever its limbs. When it is defeated and consumed, you will gain the hammerfists power.

The huge crowd of infected here is an ideal opportunity to try out your new Hammerfist dive attack: jump up into the air, then charge up a hammerfist attack. If you kill 20 or more with a single dive, you get the Achievement/Trophy, “Cannonball!” Now fight your way back to the entrance and use the escape point to reach the surface again.

A group of enemies is waiting for you up here. You automatically jump in the air, so just press and hold X/Square (by default) to perform the cannonball attack again. Now use your hammerfists to destroy both tanks to complete your bonus objective. Roland pops out of the last tank you destroy, and he changes into Evolved mode to fight you head-on.

Roland has the usual Evolved fighting style: quick attacks that you can counter by dodging. He also throws debris at you from time to time. Your new fists can damage him effectively, especially if you hold the button down to send a ranged shockwave through the ground in Roland’s direction. Falling attacks can damage him heavily as well, if you lock on to him first. When his health is almost gone, consume him to gain a new shield upgrade, causing your shield bash (block counter) to deal damage. Escape the alert to end the mission.

2.20) Fall From Grace

Head to the “G” marker once both mission lines are complete, and the mission will begin automatically. When the Whitelight is released, it will turn the three soldiers here into Evolved. When your mass is full, press X+A/Square+X to summon your Brawler pack for a bonus objective. Alongside your Brawlers, kill these Evolved in accordance with the usual methods of combat, and don’t forget to use your new hammerfist moves.

Once the Evolved are defeated, head to the next Whitelight stockpile, this time with the objective of preventing it from being released. When you arrive at the marker on the nearby rooftop, you’ll encounter Mercer. After a brief scene, a Goliath appears, headed for the Whitelight tanks. You have to kill it before it unleashed the Whitelight.

Run toward the Goliath and use hammerfist attacks to knock it off balance, then use blade attacks on its legs. Repeat this attack pattern until the Goliath’s right leg is severed. It will now change into a crawling form, and it will use its small blade arm to swing down and pierce you. Dodge this, and the arm will get stuck in the ground, making it vulnerable to blade attacks. Repeat this until the arm is severed as well.

Now for the final stretch of the battle. The Goliath will leap high up in the air, then home in on you like a missile as it comes down. Dodge this, and it will become vulnerable. Attack its head repeatedly to weaken it. After it leaps and falls several times, you should be able to damage the head enough to consume the Goliath, which will improve your tendril attack. Now escape the fighting area to receive a call from Father Guerra. Run to Guerra’s hideout to end the mission. This completes the Green Zone story missions and unlocks the Achievement/Trophy, “Something to Live For.”

2.21) The Descent

Your next objective is at the “M” marker. After intercepting the communication there, head to the rooftop marker near the Blackwatch base. From here, head over to the rooftop heliport in military disguise. Either eliminate the soldiers watching the pilot or wait for them to look away, then stealth consume him and assume his guise. You’ll get a call from Blackwatch command immediately afterward.

Approach the marker and use the Airbridge. On the map, select the destination point in the northeastern Red Zone area. Upon arrival, follow the team leader in the helicopter, using the triggers to ascend and descend. After following for a while, you’ll receive a distress call. Fly to Site Alpha, where the telemetry truck is under attack by infected.

Hover low over the base and shoot the Juggernauts and Brawlers attacking the truck to protect it from damage. Use LB/L1 to shoot your chaingun and RB/R1 to fire missiles. The reason to fly low is that there is a bonus objective for deflecting objects that are thrown at you. Simply press Y/Triangle when the icon shows up at the screen to automatically shoot down the incoming projectile. Do this twice, and the bonus is yours.

After the first wave of enemies is dealt with, Hydras sprouting from the ground will join the enemy forces. These will constantly throw debris at you, so if you don’t have the bonus objective yet, you can easily complete it here. Finish off the enemies, and a Goliath will appear. Land at the marker and pick up the soldiers before the Goliath kills them.

Ascend again and fly to Hotel Two Seven, landing at the helipad with a marker. Once you do, the soldiers will go in and decrypt Dana’s location. Immediately take off again and fly to the newly marked building, landing on the rooftop marker. Hold B/O to get out of the helicopter, and you will call Dana. She asks you to meet with her.

2.22) Burned From Memory

Head to the “M” to meet with Dana. After talking with her, head to the Blackwatch hot zone. When you arrive, jump down and grab a barrel of Whitelight, then throw it in the incinerator. Do the same with the other one, then help Blackwatch finish off the attacking Brawlers and Juggernauts. Once the fight is over, an incoming Blackwatch truck will be attacked by the Evolved, and you’ll have to go save the day.

There are three Whitelight barrels you need to recover and bring back to the incinerator for disposal. However, the area is crawling with infected, including the Evolved, due to a Whitelight gas leak. To help deal with this problem and fulfill a bonus objective, summon Brawlers to aid you by using Pack Leader. Find each barrel of Whitelight marked on your map, then run back to the base with it and throw it into the incinerator.

While carrying barrels, you cannot glide. However, you can still jump and run up walls, so you can still avoid the enemy Brawlers and Evolved soldiers littering the streets. With each barrel you remove, the threat of the gas spreading becomes greater. Once the last barrel is taken care of, you’ll get a communication from Sabrina Galloway again, cutting off Dana Mercer.

2.23) Last Resort

Go to meet Sabrina at the “S” marker. After getting intel from her about Operation Firehawk, head to the marker near Cantrell’s base. To end the lockdown, you must blow up the fuel tanks to start a fire. For your bonus objective, destroy the tanks with explosive weapons. Luckily, there are cases of rocket launchers and grenade launchers on the opposite building, in the middle of the compound. When you begin your attack, you will most likely have to stop and fight some Supersoldiers before you can finish destroying the fuel tanks.

After destroying the tanks, kill all of the Blackwatch forces in the base, forcing Cantrell to evacuate. His helicopter will be taken down by flying infected. Now you must head to the crash site and protect the helicopter from infected Brawlers and Juggernauts. Once you’ve fought them off, an Evolved woman with a new whip power will attack you.

Fighting this Evolved is a little more difficult than previous iterations. She can hit you with her whip attack from a significant distance, and when you jump up in the air, she can pierce you and pull you down. Block frequently to avoid taking damage from her whips. A useful technique is to grab nearby infected, use bio-bomb on them, and then throw them at her. Defeating the Evolved will unlock the new whipfist power.

Immediately, you get a chance to try whipfist out. Target the helicopter and hold the attack button to perform a long-range attack, pulling the helicopter out of the air. Before destroying the other two helicopters, kill 20 infected with your new whipfist attacks to complete the bonus objective. Now take out the helicopters with ranged attacks, or by deflecting their missiles back at them.

When Cantrell starts running, target him and hold the grab button down to grab him with your whipfist, then consume him. This will give you the information you need and complete the mission. This will branch the zone missions into two questlines again: one for Galloway, and one for Rooks.

2.24) Fly in the Ointment

Head to the “S” marker to begin this line of missions.First, use Hunting Pulse to locate the pilot. Tempting as it may be, do not hijack the helicopter circling the base. That’s Ellis’s helicopter, and he’s important to the mission. Simply consume the pilot and take on his form, preferably from stealth. If you trigger an alert, consume him anyway, and just get to hiding before transforming.

In the pilot’s disguise, climb up to the helicopter and jump in, then escort Ellis to the Firehawk base. On the way, you’ll be attacked by flying infected. Be sure to kill at least two with your chaingun and two with your missiles to complete this mission’s bonus objective. You’ll have a couple of waves before you reach the base, so you should have no trouble with this bonus objective.

Upon reaching the base, Ellis helicopter will stop, and you’ll proceed to the base yourself to protect it from attacking infected. Kill the Hydras surrounding the base, responding to the “defend” quick-time event to deflect the incoming debris. After this fight, Ellis’s helicopter will go down. Head back to his location for a scene.

Now you must defend Ellis from more Hydras. Kill them and shoot down their projectiles, then take out the Juggernauts attacking the downed helicopter in melee. After both waves are down, an APC arrives to pick up Ellis. Continue to protect his vehicle on the way to the meeting. Along the path, the vehicle will be attacked by Hydras and Brawlers, so shoot these attackers to allow the APC to proceed safely. Focus mainly on the Hydras; Ellis can usually handle the Brawlers.

When you arrive at the base, touch down at the marker and get out of the vehicle. As soon as you approach the entrance, Hydras and Brawlers will attack the base from all sides. This is the perfect distraction to allow you to get at the four identical-looking commanders and consume them. Once you consume Ellis, who will somehow always be the last one, you will get the intel on Operation Firehawk. Get out of the base and escape the alert to end the mission.

2.25) Operation Firehawk

After beginning the mission at the “S” marker, Galloway will fill you in on the plans for Operation Firehawk. Head to the marker on the building near the staging area, where you will see the thermobaric helicopters ready to go. Fly over and hijack one of the helicopters, then use its thermobaric missiles to destroy the rest.

When you’re nearly done, Galloway will reveal that other Firehawk helicopters have already been deployed and are bombing the city. Fly to the marked locations with your thermobaric helicopter and destroy the enemy helicopters. If your vehicle’s health gets low, you can fly over one of the enemy helicopters and jump out of yours, then land on the next one and hijack it.

After taking out numerous helicopters, Galloway will call in and add that you should destroy a thermobaric weapons depot. This is added as one of your targets. Head to this location, either before or after finishing off the helicopters, and start shooting it with missiles to destroy it fairly quickly. When all of the Firehawk equipment is destroyed, escape the alert, then head to Galloway’s location to meet with her. This mission ends the questline for Galloway.

2.26) Divine Intervention

Any time after completing “Last Resort,” head to the “R” marker to begin this line of quests. It turns out that a government agent named Griffin is your target. Use Hunting Pulse to find his helicopter. As you approach the vehicle, it will head toward a landing zone, and you won’t be able to hijack the helicopter until it finally lands.

Follow the helicopter to its landing zone, and you’ll see a scene in which Griffin is kidnapped by Evolved working for Mercer. Chase the leader while staying ahead of the other Evolved chasing you. When you finally catch up with the Evolved and Griffin on a rooftop, you’ll have to fight them to get Griffin back.

To accomplish this particular bonus objective, you must use six different attacks on the Evolved. In other words, you must open your power menu and switch between them, using each power once. The final attack is a simple punch, which you can equip by transforming, which unequips your Evolved powers automatically. Use each of these once for the bonus, then fight the Evolved normally.

After the fight, approach the downed Agent Griffin and consume him. Don’t feel too bad about killing him; you’ll probably change your mind after seeing his memories. However, he does provide you with the information on Maya’s location. This leads into the next mission in the same questline.

2.27) Lost in the System

Head to the “M” marker to begin the mission. At long last, it’s time to go after Colonel Rooks. Head to the Blackwatch command post that appears on your map after the initial conversation. Upon arrival, you will automatically enter a scene in which you encounter Rooks. After the scene, head to Base India Niner Six to go after Carson next.

Take on a military disguise and land on the street near the base. Quickly approach and use the hand scanner to enter before the detector outside gives you away. Inside, you’ll have to avoid triggering an alert to complete the bonus objective, so if you give yourself away, you might want to load your last checkpoint. Wait for the earthquake to send everyone running, then follow the marked scientist and consume him when no one is looking.

In disguise as the scientist, head up to the hand scanner and use it to enter Dr. Carson’s room. Pick up the injured doctor and consume him. His memory will reveal where Maya is being taken. Now in disguise as Carson, head back out and use the hand scanner to exit. Outside, you’ll be delayed by the appearance of a Goliath, preventing the helicopter from landing.

For another bonus objective, you must defeat the Goliath without taking any damage from him: quite a tall order. If you really want that bonus, you can restart from the last checkpoint if you fail. Repeat the same process from the previous Goliath battle: throw it off balance and sever its leg, then sever its blade when it gets stuck on the ground, and finally attack its head after it performs a diving attack. Consume the Goliath once it’s down, then approach the marker for extraction.

As your helicopter takes off, the Evolved will attack your helicopter and bring it down. Fight the three Evolved and consume them, and the mission will automatically conclude with a couple of cutscenes. After the scenes, you will end up back in the same place, oddly enough.

2.28) A Labor of Love

Head to the “M” marker to start this mission. Rooks will taunt you into coming after him, so your objective is the Gentek Headquarters he’s broadcasting from. Head there and attempt to hit the door with hammerfist attacks, to no avail. However, after you try this for a while, an Alpha Juggernaut will appear in a scene, and after killing it (in the scene), you gain control of a Juggernaut Pack. Use the same command as with a Brawler Pack to order the Juggernauts to target the door.

Fight off the Blackwatch forces to prolong the Juggernauts’ lifespan. Go after any helicopters and armored vehicles to hijack and disable them. If and when your Juggernauts die, seek out another Alpha Juggernaut and consume him to regain control of a Juggernaut Pack and redirect them to attack the door. When the door finally comes open, head inside for a scene. The Achievement/Trophy you unlock is “What a Bitch.” No joke.

2.29) Murder Your Maker

Head to the “M” again, and you’ll encounter a group of Evolved, along with Mercer himself. After a scene in which Mercer consumes all of his followers, you’ll have to fight him face-to-face. At first, he will be using the blade power. Mercer can switch weapon forms just like you; don’t try to use the same one he’s using, or he’ll counter your attacks. Instead, switch to a different power and fight him with that.

Mercer’s attacks come fast and are very difficult to avoid. When he moves in to attack, block his moves, or jump up in the air to move out of his range. After he attacks, counterattack as you would when fighting a normal Evolved. Not only is Mercer strong, but he’s also evasive; you will be able to get a few hits in at best before he dodges away or attempts to counterattack.

When Mercer is down to about half health, press Y/Triangle as indicated above his head to perform a contextual attack against him. At this point, he will start to change powers around more frequently. Each time he does so, he will perform a power attack, which you can easily dodge by responding to the on-screen button commands. When he does this, switch to a different power and continue whittling him down.

When his health apparently empties, press B/O for a finishing move. He isn’t dead yet, however; he grabs a helicopter out of the air to throw at you, so dodge it. He’ll start favoring the whipfist form, using long-ranged attacks to grab and throw you. Block to stop these attacks, then counter with a different power. Bring him down and perform a finishing move, and he will enter his third state.

Now he will be using mainly hammerfist attacks, and he will be accompanied by flying infected. Use Devastator to knock the infected out of the air all at once. His hammerfist attacks usually involve flying up into the air and rolling straight at you to perform a ground pound attack. Avoid this by dodging when the indicator shows up. You’ll also need to jump over the waves he sends through the ground in the same manner. After he is reduced to 0 HP once again and you dodge his attack, perform another finisher as indicated on screen.

Mercer now reverts to blade form for a cinematic battle. Block his attack when he jumps up in the air, then press the default attack button (X/Square) to sever his blade arm. Block his whipfist attack, then sever his whip arm too. When he grows new hammerfists, block the flying punch attack and tap Y/Triangle to pull his hammer arms off. Finally, tap X/Square to consume Mercer. After several final scenes, you will get the Achievement/Trophy, “Murder Your Maker?”

3) Blacknet Walkthrough

3.1) Operation: Orion’s Belt

Stronghold 4-D

This mission set must be completed to advance the game’s main story after the Operation Flytrap missions. Head to the star on your map, where you’ll find a Blacknet terminal. Consume a soldier or scientist to be able to use Blacknet, then activate the terminal. You’ll now be able to use Hunting Pulse to find your target. Head in the direction of the return wave until you find your target, then consume him for a memory scene.

The Gentek facility will now be marked on your map. Head to the location, and as you approach, you’ll see a scene. To enter, consume a nearby soldier, then use the hand scanner to get through the gate. Find the leader, marked on your HUD, then grab and consume him to perform a stealth consume. In disguise as him, you should be able to use the hand scanner to enter the building. Inside, head into the next room, where the commander is.

Click the left stick to check the target’s visibility. Stealth consume the guard watching him when he’s facing away, then stealth consume the commander himself. Now head out of this room and ascend the stairs to the second floor catwalk. Use the hand scanner to enter, then hold LT/L2 and click the left stick to check the target’s visibility. Consume the two targets watching him, then consume the doctor.

As the doctor, approach the terminal and use it. Head back outside using the hand scanner. There will be rotating devices outside that can detect you and give you away if you approach them, so avoid them. You should be able to get out of the facility without drawing attention, provided that you don’t get too close to the devices. Completing this set rewards you with the Offensive mutation.

To unlock more Blacknet missions, go into disguise and attempt to use the Blacknet terminals scattered around the city. This will reveal consumable targets to locate and consume with Hunting Pulse, allowing you to use the terminal. Alternatively, you can simply find these individuals while in Free Roam and consume them before ever using the terminal. The menu that appears will give you the option of marking a Blacknet terminal on your map so you can use it in soldier form, thus starting the mission. Completing all the missions in a set will grant you a new mutation.

3.2) Operation: Black Tulip

Infected Salvage 1-D

This mission set is obtained from Terminal 2, which you can find as a gold star on your map. Hunt down the target if you haven’t already done so to begin. Once you get this mission, head to the location of the infected specimen, which is in a truck guarded by Blackwatch. There are two ways you can get the truck open: either enter a Blackwatch disguise and use the hand scanner to open it, or chose the more agressive route and destroy the truck to free the Brawler inside. If you choose the latter path, you’ll blow your cover and be forced to fight Blackwatch while you attack the truck gate.

Once the Brawler is free, it will attack a couple of Blackwatch troops and then run off. Freeing the Brawler compromises your disguise, even if you just used the hand scanner. Ignore Blackwatch and run after the Brawler to stop its rampage. Attack the Brawler to get its attention and make it stop running, then fight it. Dodge over its head by pressing the onscreen button when it appears, then counterattack mercilessly. When the Brawler’s health is low, consume it.

Infected Salvage 1-E

Return to Terminal 2 and use it to identify your second target and hunt him down. Alternatively, if you’ve already consumed the target for this mission in Free Roam, locate Terminal 2 and use it to begin the mission. Head to the rooftop near the lair to sabotage the experiment being conducted by Blackwatch. Approach the lair in disguise or after clearing everyone out, then enter it.

Repeat the process from the previous mission of heading to the Brawler’s cage and releasing it. Chase the escaped brawler into a room with explosive weapons. To complete your bonus objective, grab a grenade launcher and open fire on the brawler. You only have to damage it with an explosion to receive the bonus; you can ultimately kill it however you like. After defeating the Brawler, you can exit the lair and escape the alert to complete the mission. Finishing the set, unlocks a Predator mutation.

3.3) Operation: Clean Sweep

Cargo Delivery 12-B

Attempting to use the associated terminal, in the middle of the Yellow Zone, sends you after a target to consume in order to access this mission. Get up to a tall building’s rooftop and use Hunting Pulse to look for the target. After you locate him, consume him by stealth or otherwise to gain access to his memories and receive his mission automatically.

Head to the Overlook, marked on your map, to survey the crash site. There, you will find a trail of dropped cargo crates leading across the rooftops of the city. You have a limited amount of time to collect them before the helicopter arrives to dispose with them. You have about 10 seconds to get between crates, with each one adding a small bonus to your remaining time. The crates should not be difficult to find, as they are marked with flares and shown on your map.

As for how to maximize your crate-collecting speed, this is where the speed character upgrades can come in handy, but the mission is entirely possible without them. Focus on jumping and gliding from building to building; time spend climbing walls is wasted time. Don’t try to jump further than you can make it, but rather stop on rooftops in between to jump from building to building. Collecting the last crate completes the mission set and unlocks a defensive mutation of your choice.

3.4) Operation: Manticore

Gentek Support 2-C

This mission is accessed from Terminal 4, requiring that you hunt down or find Dr. Castleman to unlock it. Once the mission starts, stay in disguise and be sure to stealth consume the first two marked scientists to get your bonus objective. If your cover is blown and you trigger an alert, you fail the bonus objective, and you may want to restart it if you’re truly determined to get the bonus.

Head to the first marked location and stealth consume the scientists whenever no one is looking their way. Two scientists will be enough to finish out the bonus, after which you can either go loud or stick to stealth. Either way, once theses scientists are down, leave this site and head to the other marked site on your map. If you have trouble consuming the scientists at either site, stealth consume those at the other location first, then head to the problem site and grab the scientists to consume them. This will trigger an alert, but you already have your bonus anyway.

Suppression 1-F

After getting this mission from the terminal or being led to find the target with information on this mission, go to the marker at Spawning Hive J-10. Either use a military disguise to avoid drawing attention, or kill the enemies outside the hive. Once you reach the hive, head inside to find the scientists and troopers being overrun by infected.

Once you’re inside, sneak up on the scientists and begin stealth consuming them. Should you get yourself noticed, switch to full offense and start atttacking the scientists. If you have it, use bio-bomb to turn one scientist into an exploding thrown weapon. Once the scientists are dead, take out the Blackwatch troopers that were guarding him too. Head back up to the marker to exit the lair.

When you emerge, you are surrounded by enemy troops and vehicles. Jump on the tanks and weaponize them by ripping off their TOWs, then destroy them with their own missile launchers. When you destroy the last marked tank, the commander will fly out of the hatch in a comically unrealistic fashion. Approach his prone form and consume him, then run away to escape the alert and transform into your disguise. Completing this mission gets you a locomotion mutation.

3.5) Operation: Keyhole

Cargo Delivery 15-G

Hunt down the ambiguously named Dr. Marcella Walsh for this Blacknet mission. Once the mission begins, head to the marked location to intercept the helicopter. In a familiar situation, the helicopter crashes and scatters its contents in a linear path around the city. Also as before, you have a limited amount of time to collect these items before you fail the mission.

You get almost 40 seconds to start with, and you regain a couple of seconds every time you collect a box. The most important thing is not to miss any boxes, or you’ll have to turn around and give up a lot of precious time. The other issue is that you mustn’t overshoot the boxes when gliding; when you’ve almost reached the necessary horizontal distance, go into free fall to hit the box with your landing. Once you pick up the last box, the mission ends.

Stronghold 7-H

Once you have this mission, head to Base India Two One to intercept some tanks that need fixing up. Head to the outer wall of the base and find the commander who keeps saying “brah,” then consume him to gain access. If necessary, grab him, carry him away to consume him, and come back in disguise as him, and people will be none the wiser that a switch has taken place.

Use the hand scanner near where the commander was standing to enter the base. When you enter, hijack a tank and use it to blow up another tank for a bonus objective. At this point, a soldier will hop in one of the tanks. Destroy your second tank, and a Supersoldier emerges from within the base. This guy can seriously damage your tank, so quickly eliminate the third tank, then get out and destroy your own tank.

Once the tanks are done, you must kill all the Supersoldiers and regular soldiers in the base. Whittle down the Supers while blocking their attacks, then consume them. Eliminating the soldiers should be no trouble at all. Once everyone else is dead, transform into your disguise and exit the base via the hand scanner near the door where you came in. Leave the area to finish the mission. If this completes the mission set for you, you’ll earn a predator mutation.

3.6) Operation: Jack-of-All-Trades

Suppression 5-E

This mission is the first Blacknet operation in the Green Zone. Lt. Pollock is your hunting target to initiate this mission from Terminal 6. Once the mission unlocks, start it and three enemy helicopters will be marked on the map. Head to the first helicopter in disguise to avoid premature hostilities, then locate a nearby soldier with a rocket launcher to shoot it down. Obviously, this will cause an alert. You can jump on the helicopter and weaponize its rocket launcher, but you can’t hijack it even if you have that ability already.

Once you destroy the third and final helicopter, the enemy commander will come flying out of the exploding, crashing chasis of the annihiliated helicopter. Approach him as he lays on the ground and consume him. After the fight, escape the alert by either eliminating all enemies or running and shapeshifting to go into disguise once you’re out of sight.

Cargo Delivery 18-A

Once the mission begins, head to the rooftop marker to intercept the helicopter. The copter, however, crashes of its own accord, spilling the boxes of classified documents across the rooftops of the city. You should be familiar with this mission type from the Yellow Zone version of it: run across the rooftops collecting the intel before time runs out.

You have almost a 30 second lead, but that lead can deteriorate quickly, as the packages are far apart, and a single fall could result in a lot of missed time. Follow the line of packages to the final intel box, which is intercepted by one of the Evolved. Run after the Evolved and follow him until he stops behind a warehouse to fight you. Dodge his attacks and counterattack until his health gets low, then finally consume him.

Stronghold 7-I

After acquiring and starting the mission, head to Base Juliet Seven One (marked on your map) in disguise. Blackwatch is busy fighting off an attack, so just slip by and use a hand scanner to enter the building undetected. The first room will be deserted, so proceed forward to the next hand scanner, which takes you into the main room, where Dr. Fischer and his men are being attacked by infected.

Fischer has run into the next room. Until he comes out, fight and kill the Brawlers to make sure they don’t escape out into the city. There are some rocket launchers to grab in the far corner, by the stairs, and they can make this fight significantly quicker. Once the Brawlers are down, the base will go on alert and Fischer will come out of his cage.

Grab Dr. Fischer and consume him. Once that’s taken care of, wipe out the remaining Blackwatch troops, who are joined by Orion Supersoldiers. After the fight, head back to the entrance, go into disguise, and use the hand scanner to exit. Leave the base area to finish this mission. Completing the whole mission set grants you a power specialist mutation.

3.7) Operation: Red Glacier

Infected Salvage 4-B

After unlocking this mission by hunting the target (Dr. Langham), begin it from the Blacknet menu. When the map marker appears, head to the location of Base Stronghold Three to stop Blackwatch from releasing Brawlers into the city to terrorize the citizens. Be sure to arrive in a military or scientist disguise, as there will be hand scanners to use before the fighting starts.

In your disguise, approach one of the hand scanners and use it to free both of the Brawlers. They will immediately start running through the city at a fast pace, so ignore the Blackwatch forces and give chase. Pursue them until you finally catch up, then start attacking them to keep their attention. Kill or consume both Brawlers to finish out the mission.

Suppression 6-D

Once the mission starts, go after the APCs marked on your map that are carrying biomass scanners and destroy them. You can use several means to bring them down: appropriate an enemy rocket launcher, weaponize or hijack the APCs, and so forth. However, to get a bonus objective requirement, be sure to destroy one APC with your finishing move, the Devastator. Should you run out of biomass, consume civilians or soldiers to refill it so you can perform the Devastator.

Once the APCs are destroyed, you’ll face a wave of helicopters. Jump up on one of the helicopters and detach its rocket launcher to weaponize it. Now use this weapon to shoot down all of the helicopters from a nearby rooftop. Once the last helicopter goes down, the engineer will come flying out of it. Approach the engineer and consume him to finish the mission. Completing both missions in this set will unlock an offensive mutation.

3.8) Operation: Vivid Future

Cargo Delivery 16-D

The terminal for this mission sends you after a target named Dennis Wayne, head of the Orion Revival project. Find him with Hunting Pulse as usual, but you’re in for a surprise when you try to consume him. Turns out he’s an Evolved working for Mercer. Fight Wayne as you would any other evolved (dodge and counter repeatedly), then consume him to discover the real mission.

Head to the rooftop marker to intercept the helicopter. As usual, the helicopter crashes when you arrive, thanks to Mercer. Packages are dropped in a linear path around the city, and you have a good 30 seconds to start with. Your time is replenished with each package you collect, but unlike previous missions of this nature, you must weather a Blackwatch attack while simultaneously collecting these disparate boxes.

The key to minimizing your time is to ignore Blackwatch and move past them as quickly as possible. Jump to evade rockets rather than blocking. Glide only as much as you need, and then air dash the rest of the distance to make yourself fall faster. The last package is the most difficult, as you will need to climb a building face to reach it as your time dwindles. Perform a charged jump as you ascend to fly up to the top much quicker. Once you have the last package, leave the area and go into disguise.

Cargo Delivery 12-C

You shouldn’t have any trouble with consuming the target to unlock this mission; Dr. Mitchell is just a normal human. Head to the testing site where the enemy Gentek scientists are gathered. First, head up to the roof and stealthily eliminate the guards watching from above. This will make consuming the scientists themselves much easier, if you don’t plan to trigger an alert.

Now jump down into the alley where the scientists are. There are more guards watching them, so the best way to resolve this situation is to create a nearby distraction. In other words, find some unsuspecting bystander out in the street and turn him into a bio-bomb. The explosion will attract the guards, leaving the scientists for you to consume without being detected.

Once you’ve eaten those poor scientists, there’s still one more for dessert. Head over to the new marker on your mini-map, where the last consumption target is located. He’s relatively easy to sneak up on, but when you try to consume him, he turns out to be another Evolved… and so do his guards! To get the bonus objective, you not only must defeat these foes, but you must do so in just a minute and a half. This becomes a lot easier if you use Devastator on them. After the fight, escape the alert to finish out the mission. If this is your last mission in the set, you get a defensive mutation.

3.9) Operation: Spotted Cat

Gentek Support 14-A

This mission and all following Blacknet missions are located in the Red Zone. Once you have this mission, you must sneak up on and consume the Blackwatch soldier without triggering an alert, or you fail the mission. Once you’ve stealthily consumed his guise, you can join the rest of the Blackwatch squad on their patrol and follow them to the Research and Development site.

On the way, you will be attacked by Brawlers and flying infected. You still can’t blow your cover, so you’ll have to fight like a regular soldier: with weapons. Collect the weapons at the corner and use the tools of your choice to bring down the infected targets. You can use your starting rifle, but it will take longer to bring down a Brute than, say, a rocket launcher. The rifle is better for tanking down the fliers, however.

Follow the team again until you’re attacked by a welcoming party of infected and fliers. Kill five targets quickly before you take damage to earn a bonus objective. Now finish off the rest of the marked enemies and continue with the group a little ways to reach the scientists working on the antigen to sabotage you. Consume the scientists to complete the mission.

Stronghold 9-B

Once you have this mission, Dana will reveal that Blackwatch still has its hands on some Whitelight, despite the fact that it has been tainted by Mercer. As you approach the Whitelight facility, you will note the infected being mowed down by automatic gun turrets. Pick up a car and throw it at a turret to destroy it, earning you a bonus objective. Now destroy the second turret however you wish.

With the infected now roaming free into the compound, don a disguise while you’re out of sight, then approach and use the hand scanner within the compound walls to gain access to the facility. Ignore the scientists inside and use the next scanner to reach the main room, where the Whitelight is being held. Conveniently, there is also an incinerator in here. Approach it and use the hand scanner to activate it.

When the guards realize what you’re doing, you’ll discover that they’re actually Evolved working for Mercer, which explains the Whitelight. Kill the Evolved first, then concentrate on picking up the Whitelight barrels one by one and throwing them into the incinerator. Make sure you don’t miss with your throws and bust open the containers, or they will infect others and turn them into Evolved too. Once all of the barrels are incinerated and all the Evolved dead, exit the facility and leave the area to end the mission.

Suppression 12-F

Once you get the intercepted recording from Rottweiler, head to Base India Six Niner to teach him a lesson. As you approach, your mission will change to killing the Blackwatch forces at the base in order to lure Rottweiler out. No stealth option this time, folks; run in there and tear the place apart. Feel free to throw around bio-bombs, but hold onto your mass bar for the bonus objective coming up next.

Once the marked guards are all dead, Rottweiler sends a tank and more men to challenge you. To get your bonus objective, you have to destroy the enemy vehicles using Pack Leader. After killing the soldiers and taking out the base’s turrets, summon your Brawler Pack and mark the tank as the target. Make sure to let them finish the tank themselves.

Another tank shows up, this time with Orion Supersoldiers in tow. Keep your pack around and have them target the tank while you take care of the Supers. The tanks will be backed up by a helicopter carrying a wave of soldiers. Again, sic the Brawlers on the chopper while you eviscerate the poor foot soldiers one by one. Wait for the Brawlers to finish the chopper off, and Rottweiler will finally appear.

Reactivate your Pack Leader if your Brawlers didn’t make it, then send them after the marked tank while you destroy the unmarked tanks, as these will not affect the bonus objective completion. Now grab and consume the soldiers firing rockets to take the heat off the Brawlers. That way, if the Brawlers die, you’ll have mass to spawn a new team again. When the tank is destroyed, grab Rottweiler and consume him. If this is your last mission in this set, you will earn an offensive mutation.

3.10) Operation: Long Horizon

Cargo Delivery 24-K

Your target to acquire this mission, Lindsay Benhurst, is an Evolved, so be ready to fight him when you approach. Only after defeating him in battle can you consume him and acquire this mission. This is another mission where you must intercept helicopter deliveries, but it’s not exactly the same old routine that you may be used to from previous missions of this type.

Instead of running across the city and racing against time to get these packages, you have to hunt down the helicopters one by one, knocking them out of the air with your attacks and then picking up the packages they drop within a brief time limit. Afterward, the timer goes away, and it’s time to move on to the next helicopter. The helicopters can easily be destroyed with their own guns if you weaponize them, and the crates give a generous time bonus when collected.

The third and final helicopter will already be hijacked by the Evolved, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Head to the final helicopter and bring it down like you did the rest. Instead of dropping crates, the Evolved piloting it will deploy as it crashes and attack you. Avoid his attacks and counter them until his health is reduced to a sliver, then consume him to finish the mission.

Stronghold 9-D

Your target to acquire this mission, Dr. Foster, is an Evolved. In my experience, you’ll find him standing on a rooftop surrounded by Brawlers. When you attempt to consume him, he reveals himself and calls in fliers to attack you too. Focus on the doctor and whittle him down until you can consume him. Once you have the mission, you can just outrun Foster’s cronies.

Now for the mission itself. Head to Base Hotel Two Seven, where Gentek is working on a variant of the old Blacklight that will target unborn children. Sounds pretty evil, so you’ll have to put a stop to it. When you reach the marker, you’ll see that the base is under attack by infected. In the midst of the chaos, don your disguise and use the hand scanner to gain entry.

Once inside, don’t cause an alert until you reach the commander, or you fail the bonus objective. Head down to the lower level to consume the doctor. To do so without causing an alert, deploy a stealth bio-bomb in the corner to draw the guards’ attention, then consume him while no one is paying attention. With his identity, head to the hand scanner to access Commander Chapin’s room.

Try to consume Chapin, and of course he turns out to be Evolved. Fight him and consume him (with the help of some Supers, surprisingly) then exit the base. Kill eight of the guards here for another bonus objective, then flee the area and go into disguise to complete the mission. If this is your last mission in the set, you get a power specialist mutation.

3.11) Operation: Stun Circuit

Cargo Delivery 25-D

Track down the poor schmuck whose information you need to use the terminal, and the mission will begin. Hurry to the crashed helicopter on the roof, and you’ll get a scene when you arrive. As in many a previous Blackwatch mission, your job is to collect the crates scattered across the city in an oddly linear path within the defined time limit.

While you run across the rooftops gathering the packages shown on your mini-map, you will be accosted by Blackwatch forces, including soldiers with rocket launchers and helicopters with the same. Stay on the run and avoid gliding more than necessary, as this will both minimize your time and keep you a moving target for those missiles. Follow the crate path to the end, then escape the alert and go into disguise to end this mission.

Suppression 13-C

Once you’ve activated the terminal and consumed the correct user, you’ll get a call from a Commander Collins who wants you to double-cross Dana Mercer and split the bounty with him. Of course, Dana sends you after him, revealing that he is commanding one of the tanks in Mako company. Head to the location with the marked tanks to hunt down Collins.

Leap down upon the lead tank from above and hijack it, then turn it against its allies. After the tanks are destroyed, Collins will come flying out of one of them. Attempt to consume him, and he will turn out to be Evolved and start running. You’ll run past some soldiers and tanks attacking the both of you, but eventually it becomes a rooftop chase. Even if you catch up with him, you can’t hurt him or stop him until he reaches his destination.

At the end of the chase, Collins will jump into a nearby helicopter and take control of it. Jump on the helicopter and weaponize it, then take it down with its own rocket launcher. Collins will emerge from the crashed helicopter, and if you want the bonus, be sure to equip claws and hammerfist, then fight him with only those powers. When his health is low, consume him to finish this. If this is the last mission in this set, you will receive a predator mutation of your choice at this time.

3.12) Operation: Clockwork

Gentek Support 15-G

Don your disguise and head to the base where the rescue helicopter is waiting. Hop in and take off to assume the guise of Crossbow Three-One and hijack his mission to rescue some scientist VIPs. Approach the first marker, and your bonus objective pops up: kill five of the flying infected without taking damage. Once all of the infected are dead, you can land and pick up the first scientist.

Head to the second site and eliminate the fliers, then bomb the Hydra from above. With that done, land and pick up the second scientist, who is just as insufferable as his colleague. Head to the third site, and you’ll get a second bonus objective opportunity, if you can kill the Hydra without taking damage. I recommend you take out the fliers first, or they will likely make things much more difficult.

Eliminate all targets, fliers and Hydras, then land to collect the final scientist. Listen for a while to discover just what Project New Templar is all about. Heller is so disgusted by the scientists’ excitement about this wicked scheme, he refuses to consume them. So here’s a better plan: fly the helicopter up to maximum altitude, then bail out and let the scientists fall to their death.

Infected Salvage 8-D

This mission hooks you in with an interesting premise: a group of Blackwatch troops have supposedly captured a Goliath, and they intend to bring it in for study. It sounds like they have things under control, but head to their location, and you’ll find that this is very much not the case. In fact, you must now kill the raging Goliath before it destroys the city.

The method for fighting a Goliath is the same as always. First, attack it ineffectually until it is knocked of balance, then attack its leg with claws or your blade to sever it. The Goliath will now fall prone and start using its small claw to try to impale you. When it misses and gets stuck, slice at the claw until it is severed. With no other recourse, the Goliath will resort to flying up in the air to try to body slam you. When it does, attack its vulnerable head afterwards and consume it to finish it off.

Infected Salvage 8-A

Elwood Pine precludes you from starting the mission when he turns out to be an Evolved, so fight him and consume him to get back to the task at hand. Head to the Gentek base and consume the commander there, then use his guise to use the hand scanner and enter the base. This is where the scientists Gentek have been conducting their experiments on the infected, and Mercer will gain access to these infected unless you kill them first.

Use the console ahead to release the infected into the room below, causing an alert. Use the second console nearby to finish releasing the infected, then use the door to head down to the lower level and fight them. Consume at least five of the marked Brawlers or Juggernauts for your bonus objective. When the infected are dealt with, exit the facility. If this was your last mission for this set, you’ll get an offensive mutation now.

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