Hollywood: No Escape

Tag the marker to start the mission. Note the crystal shard in the lobby behind it.

So begins Hollywood's first solo mission (not counting the intro. You aren't counting the intro, are you?)

Get into Hollywood's car and drive to the navpoint, ostensibly the spa. As you drive, voice-over will reveal a new objective, chasing down a crazed fan, in one of Hollywood's old movie props.

Use standard tactics to take it out- sideswiping and opportune ramming when it takes a curve. The vans are more solid than most civilian cars, so don't expect to knock it flying with your first hit. When you you've taken out one, you'll have to do the exact same thing twice more.

When the third van has been destroyed, a bit of extra dialogue plays and the mission ends, unlocking a device and a weapon skin for Hollywood.

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