Red Card: Das Crazy

Like Red Card's last mission, this one has some funny dialogue but is a little repetitive. Hit the marker to go.

Start by jumping in your car, a custom painted Mongoose.

The Mongoose is brawny but not quite so responsive as some other cars on your roster. Meet your objective by using it to take out the target car. Both cars explode on impact.

Call up a new car, and do the same again.

The third bomber is different. This one's a truck, it drops explosions behind itself every few dozen meters when you get close, and it's guarded by LEGION fastcars.

The key is to come up behind it from one lane over, then give it a hard swipe. If you're driving something too slow for such manuevers, note that the truck does drive in a loop. Ambushing it in the tunnel just before the warehouse district is another viable strategy.

Taking out the last bomber ends the mission.

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