Far: Changing Tides, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Far: Changing Tides, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Far: Changing Tides Summary

Far: Changing Tides, crafted by Okomotive and presented by Frontier Foundry, was released in March 2022. This side-scrolling adventure puzzle title acts as a successor to the 2018 game, Far: Lone Sails. Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world, it contrasts its predecessor’s dried-up oceans with a landscape now submerged under floodwaters. Available across multiple platforms, the game has garnered generally favorable reviews, with specific praise for its enchanting environments, captivating soundtrack, and unique gameplay mechanics.

Far: Changing Tides screenshot

Far: Changing Tides Premise

Far: Changing Tides is a side-scrolling adventure that plunges players into a post-apocalyptic realm where they navigate a vast boat. The backdrop is one of submerged civilizations, where cities are deep underwater, a stark contrast to the predecessor game’s dried-up oceans. Players are tasked with steering the boat, harnessing its sail, gathering vital resources, and piecing together environmental riddles. As one delves deeper, the boat evolves, introducing complexities such as managing a steam engine and later, maneuvering it as a submarine. In lieu of combat, there are other challenges to face. Players must deal with fuel shortages, overheating engines, and periodic ship repairs. They must occasionally disembark to clear path obstructions, relying on clues from the world around them. The game offers minimal guidance, urging players to lean into its atmospheric storytelling and rich environmental cues.

Far: Changing Tides Main Characters

The lead character of Far: Changing Tides is an unnamed diver. They control a large boat through a drowned world. The driver’s quiet determination shines as they maneuver challenges and uncover the game’s mysteries.

Other Titles in the Far Series

  • Far: Lone Sails (2017)
  • Far: Changing Tides (2022)

Far: Changing Tides Cheat Codes

While there are no traditional cheat codes to help you make your way through Far: Changing Tides, there are a series of achievements to unlock.

AchievementHow to Unlock
20,000 LeaguesInstall the Diving Module.
A Familiar Sound?Sound the lighthouse horn.
AeronautInflate the balloon and float over the waterfall.
All Patched UpAttach the new Stern Module.
Ancient EnergyInstall the Energy Boost Module.
Are You Qualified For That?Use the crane to clear the way.
ArrivalMeet Lone.
Beauty in DisasterGrow the flower to its full potential.
Cast OffRelease the vessel.
Changed TidesAttain all other Trophies (Platinum Trophy – PlayStation only).
CultivatingPlant the flower in the vessel.
Discover the AncientsView the Ancient’s murals.
Fire WardenDouse the engine to keep it cooled.
FiremanLoad the firebox and light the train engine.
Fixed It!Repair the lever at the sawmill.
Full Steam AheadTravel 1,000m using the Boost Module.
Fuel-GuzzlerBurn 100 fuel.
Going GreenBurn the flower.
Heart CoreInstall the Engine Module.
I’m Rooting For You!Water the flower.
King of the World!Stand at the prow of the vessel while traveling at full speed.
Northwest PassageResurface between the ice.
Oh BuoyPush all the buoys out of the way.
ReunitedFree the vessel from the ice.
Risen From the DepthsComplete the ascent of the floating city.
Running a Tight ShipSuccessfully repair key parts of the vessel 10 times.
Running on FumesBurned the last item onboard.
Salvage HunterSalvage the contents of 6 containers in a single journey.
SeafarerPass through the sea gate.
So It BeginsLeave home.
Steady as you GoNavigate the underwater caves near the waterfall without bumping into them.
SubmarinerTravel 10,000m aboard the vessel while submerged.
Turn on the LightsActivate the underwater gate.
What Now?Leave the floating city.
At a Rate of KnotsComplete the journey in less than 210 minutes.

Far: Changing Tides FAQs

Is Far: Changing Tides a prequel?

Far: Changing Tides is more of a successor or companion piece to Far: Lone Sails. It’s neither a tradition prequel or sequel in terms of storyline. The universe is the same, the narrative focus shifted from a dried-out seabed to a world that has been flooded.

How long does it take to complete Far: Changing Tides?

To finish the main campaign of Far: Changing Tides it will take an average of 5 1/2 hours. Players intent on reaching 100% completion would do well to add an extra 3 hours or so to their total playtime.

Should you play Far: Lone Sails first?

Playing Far: Lone Sails before jumping into Far: Changing Tides will acquaint players with the core game mechanics and style. Being that there is no shared story between the two titles, players will no be missing out on anything other than familiarity by starting with Far: Changing Tides.

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