As in most games, enemy snipers are among the most lethal of your opponents. A single shot from one of these will shatter the full shield of almost any agent, and deal an unexpected deathblow to one already enmeshed in combat. Snipetroopers should always be at the top of your kill-list. As the agency's resident sniper, Rama is relatively good at this, and there's a LEGION tech boost that can make her even better. The key is to take cover when the sniper fires back- it's always tempting to see if you can nock, charge, and fire before the sniper does, but misjudging by a fraction of a second means one dead Rama. The ultimate counter sniper, though, is Scheherazade. Closing with her teleport sword allows her to make quick work of the trooper, and generally foils other enemies that might sneak up on her in the meantime (snipers are usually isolated from the main mob).

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