Agency XP

How do I get Agency XP?

       Agency XP (different from the XP your individual agents earn) represents the overall strength of MAYHEM in Seoul, and as such grows only when you gain new assets or power up old ones. Agency XP can be acquired in the ways detailed below, but note you only need to gain a fraction of that XP to reach the maximum Agency Level of 20- it's likely you'll hit the cap well before the game's halfway mark

  • Recruit Agents: Each Agent in MAYHEM grants 5XP, for 65XP possible. You do get points for the starting trio of Hollywood, Fortune, and Hardtack.
  • Activate Warp Points: There are five activatable warp points around the city. The first you'll activate as part of the prologue mission, the others you'll have to hunt down on your own. Each grants 5XP for 25XP total. Note that a sixth warp point activates after you complete the main campaign, but it doesn't grant XP.
  • Level Up Agents: You get 2XP every time an Agent levels up, for 520 potential XP, though this alone is far more than is required for the level cap.
  • Complete Agent Operations: Finishing both of an Agent's special quests grants 2XP, for a potential 26XP
  • Purchase Core Upgrades: Each Core Upgrade bought for an Agent gives 1XP, for 39XP possible.
  • Acquire Vehicles: Each Vehicle you add to your garage adds 7XP to your Agency. Three vehicles (the Hammerhead, Scorpion, and Mongoose) will be added by story missions, the rest can be acquired by discovering blueprints, for 70 total XP.


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