How do I get cash?

       Almost everything you do in Agents of Mayhem will give you some amount of the cash monies. Killed enemies drop it as loot, you get a cash prize for every mission, lair, task and contract you complete, plus it's often just lying around in lootboxes scattered throughout the city.

How do I get more cash?

       If you need a few hundred in a hurry, the Wreckroom can be a quick source of quid, though keep in mind that replaying the same sim gives drastically lowered returns.

       The second best way to amass lucre is through searching lootboxes. These little treasure chests are surprisingly generous in Agents of Mayhem- just the ones you find going from point A to point B can yield more treasure than any single mission- cash, crystals, blueprints, and more.

       But the best way to build up your nest egg is by liberating Relic's Trading Companies. Once your Agency Level reaches 8, you'll be able to wrest these businesses from LEGION control, and turn them into cash flow centers. The process here is (1) takeover the nearby LEGION outpost to gain access to the Trading Company objective. (2) Go to and activate the Trading Company. You'll have to defend the area from LEGION troops for a set time, then defeat the force commander. Note that it is extremely probable outside LEGION forces will become entangled in this fight, so don't lose focus- take out the commander as quickly as possible. The commander is almost always a variety of shocktrooper, and all the deadlier for having you cornered in the small space of the Trading Company. Use Joule, Scherezade, or someone with strong debuffs (eg Oni) to take them down.

Once you've liberated the Trading Company, it adds to your net worth *every second* it is under your control. Liberate more Trading Companies and they stack. You can also purchase the Agency Upgrade 'Madigan Bank Investment Portfolio' to increase the cash flow. The best thing about this method is that you can pair it with anything else. Set up a few Trading Companies, then go search some loot boxes and knock over a lair- everything you do just adds to your total.

The only drawback is that, like all assets taken from the enemy, these will occasionaly be reclaimed by LEGION, and you'll have to liberate them all over again. Still. Cash *by the second.*

What can I spend money on?

       Not as much as you'd think. There's only three things you buy with cash in Agents of Mayhem, but two of them are very important. The first is Agency Upgrades. These can be true game changers, upgrading all Agents significantly, and making other parts of the game vastly more efficient. The second is Legion Tech. While you have the capture the blueprints first, once you've bought the actual Legion Tech upgrades from Gremlin, they powerfully upgrade your agents, and work on top of their normal gadgets, rather than replacing them. The last thing you can buy is Gremlin Tech- consumable weapons and power-ups that are usually less powerful that your regular weapons and specials, and rarely worth the price. One of the few exceptions is Mulligan- the only way to revive downed teammates short of a lucky Fleur drop or a trip back to the Ark. If equipped, Mulligan will also auto-res your entire team in case of a total party kill.

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