Mission 02 – Even The Odds

MISSION 02 – Even The Odds



Objective: Interrogate the driver of the military vehicle for information on Scarecrow.



Batmobile Controls:


  • RT – Accelerate
  • X / Square – Brake/Reverse
  • LT – Transform into Battlemode


Note: The batmobile is actually stronger than a tree trunk, and will not stop you when you plow into it at full speed. Unlike nearly every other video game in existence. I'm looking at you Grand Theft Auto.


Follow the streets (or not) to catch up to the vehicle marked on screen. If you are too far away, it will show you a line of arrows on the road to follow to catch up. Also, you will start to lose the enemy vehicle's signal when you are too far away. When you are close enough, it will appear on your mini-map radar.


After you close in on the police car and military vehicle, the thugs will fire RPGs at the trailing police car, which will obscure your vision with bits of car and police officer. Then they will start firing on you. Weave around the shots as best you can (it will show a firing line).


As long as you are not in the line when it fires a couple of seconds after appearing, you should be good. When you catch up to them, a prompt will appear (B)/(Circle) to end the chase. Press (Y)/(Triangle) when you approach the thug to interrogate him. Well, he walked right into that one.



Objective: Investigate Scarecrow's safe house


Head on over to the totally-not-a-trap safe-house. When you reach the penthouse rooftop, you will be looking down on Scarecrow's henchmen below. Use (Y)/(Triangle) while you are above one to instantly take him down, preferably one of the two in the room with a gun. The enemies will be bunched together, so focus on counters (Y) and charge interrupts (LT).


Then approach the containment cell with Poison Ivy inside. After leaving the penthouse, you will be confronted by militia with a very pointedly mentioned unmanned tank. So that Batman can freely destroy it without soiling his moral compass. Use the (D-Pad) to access the Batmobile Remote, to wreak vengeance on the enemy forces that have slightly inconvenienced and delayed you. Slightly. Go auto tank.



Objective: Destroy the incoming drone tanks


You are still in control of the Battank, so the controls are slightly different. You will automatically turn back into pursuit mode as soon as you release LT.


Batmobile Battle mode Controls (While Holding LT):


  • L-Stick – Strafe
  • RT – Fire cannon
  • RB – Fire dispersion rounds (does not work against enemy vehicles)


The six tanks will come at you thick and fast from all directions, so take note of the lines of fire and be sure to dodge them (red is bad, blue is safe until it turns red). Drone tanks will take more damage from headshots. Um, turret shots. Shoot them in the turrets (doesn't that sound kinda weird). Aim for the purple lights on top of them to make it easier.


Just like in normal Batman mode, the more drones you shoot or destroy without taking damage yourself, will charge a special attack which you can activate with (X)/(Square). Once the tanks are dismantled, park the Batmobile in front of the door where you are currently standing.



Objective: Run Battle Mode weapon energy system diagnostics


Head over to the marker. This is an introduction to optional challenges. If you do these, you get upgrade points which you can spend to improve all things Bat related. You will need to do this one for the story to progress. Information on other challenges can be found in the Challenge section.


Destroy targets to charge up Missile Barrage. Enemies will not fight back during the first two tasks in this challenge. Level one Missile Barrage is an instant kill on one target. In the second phase, destroy targets to charge up to level two. This is an instant kill on four targets. In the final stage, the enemy tanks will fire back, so avoid damage or else the charge will drain. Use strafe to avoid the missile lines. Once you destroy the targets with level two barrage, the challenge will be completed.



Objective: Destroy the squadron of drone tanks occupying Panessa Studios


Follow the trail towards the marker, but be careful when rounding the corner as you approach. There are a lot of tanks. Keep the strafe up, and take them out using the main gun and Missile Barrage. The secondary machine gun is ineffective here. Beware of getting pinned against a wall where you cannot move. Other tanks will spawn behind you to try to pincer you. Good luck. Hope the training against immobile non firing tanks was practice enough.



Objective: Take Ivy to the GCPD Lockup


Take Ivy for a nice scenic drive through the streets of Gotham. Preferably towards the police station. Once Ivy is locked up, head over to Jim Gordon, and he will show you how to use the mission select screen. Because Batman needs to be shown how to use an old computer console, obviously. Maybe he just can't work out dial-up or something.



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