Cheat Code Central: Star Fighter Strategy Guide

Cheat Code Central: Star Fighter Strategy Guide

Star Fighter Strategy Guide

Crystal combinations:
Crystals must be picked up in the indicated order to get the corresponding power-up.

Blue, Blue: ATG missiles
Blue, Green Square: 5 ECM flares
Blue, Yellow: Engine upgrade

Light Blue, Green Square, Light Blue, Blue: 50 ECM flares
Light Blue, Light Blue, Green Star: Group of random upgrades
Light Blue, Yellow: 3 Multi-missiles

Green Square, Yellow, Green Square: Pod (not permanent)

Green Star, Green Star, Green Star, Red: Megaship (not permanent)
Green Star, Green Star, Green Star, Green Star: Group of random upgrades

Purple, Blue, Purple, Blue: 10 Multi-missiles
Purple, Green, Blue: Control damage
Purple, Green Square, Purple, Green square: Beam laser
Purple, Orange, Purple, Orange: 10 Mines
Purple, Purple: 10 ATA missiles
Purple, Red, Blue: Engine damage
Purple, Red, Purple, Red: 10 Megabombs
Purple, Yellow, Blue: Shield damage

Red, Red: Laser upgrade
Red, Yellow: Control upgrade

Yellow, Yellow: Shield upgrade

It is better to upgrade the ship one step at a time with the crystals rather than getting a Megaship from a parachute. The Megaship lasts a short amount of time, but crystal-based upgrades are permanent.

Surface-to-air missiles
SAMs have a limited altitude range and will blow up if they fly too high. If a group of SAMs are heading in, climb at full speed, wait for them to blow up and return for another attack run. Deploying an ECM as a SAM is being launched will cause detonation and will damage or destroy the SAM site.

Loop and strafe
To destroy building without having to execute a strafing run, fly up to the target and begin looping. While looping, fire your lasers as the building becomes a target until it is destroyed.

Mission strategy:
Rookies Start Here
Take advantage of the lack of opponents to destroy everything on this level and collect crystals. The trees with square trunks will yield a blue crystal, making it easy to accumulate ATG missiles. Other crystals on this level will allow shields to be maximized and ATA missiles to be increased.

Aerial Strike Training
A simple training mission. Destroy the three ground objectives and avoid the SAMs. Eliminate other ground targets before the mission objectives to collect crystals.

First Wings
Another training mission, with aerial and ground targets.

Ground Combat
Another training mission, with stationary and moving ground targets.

Target either cargo vessel immediately after launch. Use full throttle to get to their location. Fire multiple ATA missiles at each target. Use lasers, if necessary, to complete their destruction.

Academy Exams!
Get friendly fighters to help attack the satellites. Find them on the map, starting in the upper left corner. The fighters will ask to join when approached. Press X (3DO version) and select “Formation Control”, then select “Regroup”. Approach the satellites and change the formation to attack or all attack. After all the satellites are destroyed, eliminate the ground objectives to complete the mission.

Aerial Combat Training
Set your formation to defensive and destroy each battleship. Eliminate any remaining fighters to complete the mission.

The Space Station
Set your formation to defensive and destroy the space station. Then, eliminate each satellite. The enemy fighters can be destroyed by flying through the asteroid field. Shoot asteroids to collect crystals before returning to the mothership to complete the mission.

Central Intelligence
Destroy the satellites, then concentrate on the ground targets. Ignore the fighters, as ground fire will eliminate them.

Rocket Pad
Eliminate the SAM threat by destroying each base near the rockets with ATG missiles. Also clear out the surrounding ground guns. Allow your ship’s shields to recharge between attacks on the bases. After the SAM bases have been neutralized, destroy any remaining ground guns and target the rockets. Remember that SAMs have a limited altitude. It may also help to set the number two camera to an external head-on view of the fighter to allow incoming SAMs to be visualized.

Chemical Delivery
Destroy the ground complex before the cargo ship lands.

The Wastelands
Target the radar dishes after launch. Then find and the destroy the remaining ground targets. Eliminate the aircraft hangers first to reduce the threat of enemy fighters.

Sneak Attack
Destroy the large building at map location E5 to destroy all of the smaller radar dishes. Then, eliminate the two large radar towers at either end of the line of targets to complete the mission.

Supply Line
Target and destroy a single enemy transport before attacking the next one. Each transport carries fighters that will be launched when it is attacked. Try to destroy the transport before it gets a chance to launch its fighters. If your fighter is overwhelmed by enemy fighters and ATA missiles, dive down and skim along the ground to use the landscape to your advantage. The missiles seem to take a straight path towards their target and will explode when they hit the ground at higher elevations. The mountains will also take out enemy fighters, since their pilots navigate poorly at very low altitudes.

Transmission Towers
Ignore the enemy fighters and destroy the first tower. Use your lasers since the ATG missile will not lock on to the tower. Immediately after accomplishing this, fly to the second tower and destroy it in the same manner. Only thirty seconds is allowed between destroying the first and second towers. Dock with the mothership to complete the mission, taking out any attacking enemy fighters in the process.

Scanners Down
It is not necessary to engage the enemy fighters in air-to-air combat. As in Supply Line , skim the surface at full throttle and let the terrain take care of the enemy. As long as your fighter is at full throttle, the SAMs that are launched will not be able to hit your fighter. Although more enemy fighters are launched sporadically, only the ten fighters present at the beginning of the mission need to be destroyed. The jamming tower is located at coordinates B5 and does not need to be actually targeted. By skimming this area, the enemies own laser fire will create collateral damage and take out the tower while they are aiming for your fighter. Once the tower is destroyed, switch to map view, and view the details on each fighter that is still remaining. Make note of the fighters that are described as “must be destroyed” versus the replacement fighters that are described as “immaterial”. Destroy the indicated fighters to complete the mission.

This is a simple mission. Set the formation control to “attack” and allow the other friendly fighters and the asteroids take care of the attacking enemy fighters.

Down In The Valley
Destroy one excavation site before moving on to the next one. Each is shaped in a square, with defensive structures in each corner. Some sites are defended by enemy fighters. Destroy the large yellow hangar buildings to eliminate this threat. Then, destroy the SAM silos, followed by the laser batteries before eliminating the other structures at each site.

Blanket Bombing
The “incendiary device” referred to in the briefing is the beam laser. A total of forty beam laser upgrades can be obtained by destroying the purple warehouses grouped by themselves on the northern and western edges of the map. The warehouses are the buildings with smokestacks. Destroying the other purple buildings in these target areas will not yield any bonuses. Used carefully, this will allow two or three targets in the other areas to be destroyed. Make sure that the lasers are fully powered, or your attacks will be ineffective. Watch for a Megaship parachute upgrade to help finish the mission. This world is heavily defended. Ignore all the defenses except those that must be destroyed to complete the mission objectives.

Command And Control
Take several fighters in “Defensive” formation and destroy the satellites and stratoliners before attacking the rotating blue starbases. Draw fire from the starbase by making close passes at high speed while the fighters attack. Starbases can be destroyed by ramming into them at full throttle after they are damaged and if your fighter has full shields. An alternate method to destroy the starbases is to approach them until they just appear into view with a zero throttle. Shoot them until they fire back, then go to full throttle, avoid their laser fire, and position your ship for another pass.

This planet is heavily defended. Let the laser batteries take out the enemy fighters for you while targeting the mission objectives.

High altitude diving attacks should be used to complete this mission. The enemy fighters will be taken out by their own lasers and enemy SAMs as they try to reach your fighter’s ceiling limit. Ground-skimming attacks are not recommended due to the tall structures in the target zones and large amount of water present that can not shield your fighter from ground fire.

Sea Breeze
Immediately destroy the ships and runway to reduce the threat of enemy fighters and leave the laser batteries for last.

The Dark Training Camp
This world wraps around a single island. Start at one end and eliminate all targets, which appear on gray squares, from high altitude. Allow the laser and SAM batteries to survive in order for ground fire to take out any enemy fighters that may be launched.

Chemical Plant
Ignore the enemy fighters. Only one needs to be destroyed and it will be the only remaining fighter at the end of the mission due to heavy ground fire. The buildings in the mission objective all appear as blue or purple structures.

Remote Fuel Depot
This is a relatively easy mission. Your first objective should be to destroy the structure next to the short runway. This will remove the threat of the experimental fighter, leaving you free to destroy all the other targets on the island.

Enemy Attack Platform
The two friendly pilots in enemy fighters will automatically join your formation when your fighter launches from the mothership. Set your formation pattern to defensive and attack both starbases. Since this mission is in space, there is no point of reference for “above” and “below” on the display. Refer to the asteroid field as the “ground” and skim right above it. Both starbases are located just above this point using this frame of reference. Try to destroy the starbase surrounded by satellites first. Several high speed passes at full throttle are necessary to avoid missiles and enemy fighters.

Remote Mining Station
Since this mission is timed, the targets must be destroyed very quickly. A low level attack works best, with zero throttle while flying over the actual mining station.

Enemy Arms Meeting
The transport that is the mission objective is heavily shielded.. A combination of a large number of ATA missiles and sustained laser fire will eventually destroy it. Keep firing away and use ECMs to throw off any missiles while keeping the transport targeted.

Damn Rookie Pilots
Get the friendly fighters into a defensive formation. Flying at full throttle to avoid missiles, use ATA missiles and lasers to destroy the enemy fighters.

Strategic Bomber Test
A fairly difficult mission due to the limited number of megabombs available, decreased shields, and a time limit. Get to your targets quickly by always using full throttle. Since your bomber does not have any ECMs, SAMs must be avoided by climbing into orbit. Aim carefully, and conserve your ammunition. One megabomb may destroy more than one target, especially when aiming for the taller buildings. This occurs in low level attacks, which cause portions to destroyed buildings to crash into surrounding buildings. Memorize where the mission objectives are located (usually adjacent to large letters spelling TEST), and what they look like. With speed and precise firepower, this mission can be completed successfully.

Tractor Beam Matrix
Stay on the mothership until it approaches the satellites. Prepare to fire ATA missiles at the satellites after launch. Set your thrust to medium high, and keep flying around the center of the satellites while shooting them. The laser fire from the other satellites will help destroy some of your targets. If a satellite has been hit once or twice, it can be rammed. Return to the mothership after all the satellites have been destroyed.

Enemy Bomber Attack
Attack the bombers with ATA missiles and sustained laser fire. Target one bomber until it is destroyed to prevent the other bombers from launching their fighters. The sooner each bomber is destroyed, the fewer fighters it will be able to launch. Destroy the fighters by skimming the ground or flying near the mothership. Then, use the lack of ground fire to collect all crystals, especially multi-missiles from ground targets. Do not destroy to many large buildings, as these are the strategic targets that were to be defended.

Death Valley
This is a straightforward mission, with only SAM sites and laser batteries defending the mission objectives. All the targets are concentrated in a single map area.

Lost In Space
Eliminate the enemy fighter threat by making several medium speed passes through the asteroid field. ATA missiles can be avoided by going to full throttle in clear space. Shoot the asteroids to obtain more crystals. The mothership is located below the asteroid belt, but without working radar, there is no “up” or “down” display on screen. To find your orientation, shoot the asteroids until non-symmetric crystals such as yellow or light blue appear. Orient your ship until the crystals appear rightside up. Then, keeping the asteroid field in view as a reference, fly your ship below the field and begin searching for the mothership.

Set your formation to defensive and avoid flying through the asteroid field. Destroy each enemy battle cruiser individually. Fly at full throttle to avoid the SAMs. Use the asteroid field as the “ground” for radar reference.

Enemy Test Fighter
Target the enemy fighter while still on the mothership. Launch and approach the target at zero throttle. Launch multiple ATA missiles when in range. If necessary, complete the task with laser fire. Destroy the hangar building to complete the mission.

Launch Site
Immediately launch from the mothership at zero throttle. Destroy all the hangers first to reduce the threat of enemy fighters. Allow ground fire to destroy any fighters that launch. Destroy the satellites and target buildings to complete the mission.

Darkworld Shootout
This is a difficult mission because of the number of enemy aircraft and the limited amount of time that the mothership can survive. Launch and immediately use the beam laser to destroy the two stratoliners. Then, use multi-missiles to destroy the fighters.

Enemy Gathering
This is a very challenging mission. The three enemy transports are difficult to destroy. Set your formation to defensive. Fire generous amounts of ATA missiles during full throttle passes at the transports. Avoid using ECMs since they will also destroy your missiles. The ground targets are heavily defended, but can be destroyed using high level diving techniques.

Trouble Brewing
Simple strafing runs with lasers in defensive formation will take care of both enemy stratoliners.

Trial And Error
Do not engage the enemy fighters. Instead, set your formation to defensive and weave through the asteroid field at the edge of the map. The poor navigation skill of the enemy pilots will take care of the mission objective.

Another difficult mission due to the number and variety of enemy aircraft. Launch at zero throttle and immediately turn left. Destroy the stratoliner that is flying parallel to the mothership with laser fire. Then, switch to multi-missiles to destroy the multiple targets in front of and behind the mothership. If the number of targets drops to a manageable number, use multiple ATA missiles to destroy the mission objectives. Switch to multi-missiles when necessary.

Taken Over
This mission may be completed using standard techniques. Use the relative lack of enemy presence to collect crystals in order to replace any depleted weapons.

Bomber Training
Immediately after launch, find the trainee bombers and use ATA missiles to destroy the fighters that are attacking them. Then, target any mission objectives that the bombers missed. Lead any enemy fighters that launch away from the bombers.

Enemy Fleet
Destroy the enemy missile boats first. Their explosions will help destroy the aircraft carriers that are next to them. Take out any remaining fighters and collect crystals from ground targets.

Capital Investment
Set your formation to defensive and destroy the enemy stratoliner. Use standard techniques to take out the enemy satellites and fighters. Use high altitude ATG missile attacks to destroy the laser batteries.

Nerve Gas
Destroy each satellite in one pass. They may be rammed safely if weakened by laser fire. Choose your targets methodically in order to save time moving from one target to the next. Set your formation to Attack.

Follow The Leader
Use standard techniques to destroy the less protected ground targets. The central area of the map is saturated with SAM sites and laser batteries. High altitude attacks with ATG missiles provide good results. Lead the enemy fighters over the center of the map. Ground fire should destroy them.

Enemy Hangers
Set your formation to defensive. Use standard high altitude attacks to destroy the enemy hangers.

Broadcast Towers
Use multi-missiles to immediately destroy the enemy fighters that will attack the mothership after launch. Target the satellites with ATA missiles. If the mothership destroys one of the broadcast towers while over an island, take out any other broadcast tower before the twenty second time limit. Destroy the remaining objectives to complete the mission.

The first objectives to be destroyed should be the two space stations. Set your formation to defensive and make a few high speed passes to weaken their shields. Turn in tight circles at a distance from the space stations to recharge your shields. Use the beam laser to finish the job. The mothership will destroy some of the satellites. Destroy the remaining satellites before focusing on the ground objectives.

Lab Attack
Set your formation to aggressive. Climb and hover over the space stations and use multi-missiles to destroy any enemy fighters that approach.

The enemy fighters attacking the mothership can easily be destroyed with multiple ATA missiles. Take out the oil rigs to complete the mission.

Military Central
Use high speed passes in defensive formation to destroy all targets. Ignore the enemy fighters, they will be destroyed when flying near the asteroid field.

Potential Hazard
Destroy the stratoliners to eliminate the fighter threat. Destroy the remaining satellites and ground targets using standard techniques.

Cloak And Dagger
Set your formation to defensive. Orient your ship to the asteroid field. The stratoliners must be attacked with lasers. The best approach is head-on in order to reduce laser fire. Pull out of the way of the stratoliners at the last moment. To regain shields, fly to the opposite side of the asteroid field. The enemy fighters can be eliminated by flying through the asteroids.

Super Fighters
Destroy the SAM sites with ATG missiles on high speed, high altitude runs. Target the aircraft hangers next using the same technique. Destroy any launched fighters with ATA missiles, then finish off any remaining ground targets to complete the mission.

Enemy Cruiser Fleet
Set your formation to defensive. Dive and keep level with the cruisers, making high speed attack runs from the side. Use multi-missiles and ATA missiles. Take advantage of every parachute drop to use Megaship ammunition instead of your own stock. Destroy the ground objectives to complete the mission.

Darkworld Meeting
Use multi-missiles and the beam laser to destroy the two cruisers. Eliminate ground targets to replenish your ship’s ammunition before docking with the mothership to complete the mission.

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