Cheat Code Central: Wing Commander III: Heart Of The Tiger Strategy Guide

Cheat Code Central: Wing Commander III: Heart Of The Tiger Strategy Guide

Wing Commander III: Heart Of The Tiger Strategy Guide

Mission table:
The missions in WC3 are divided into groups, usually of three or four missions each. One mission in each group is designated as a “deciding mission,” the success or failure of which determines whether the player will proceed among the winning path or the losing path in the mission tree. The names in the table below represent the solar systems in which a particular mission group takes place, with the corresponding number of the deciding mission in that series.

System Victory Loss
Orsini-4 Tamayo Tamayo-2
Tamayo Locanda-2 Locanda-2
Tamayo-2 Locanda-2 Proxima
Locanda-2 Blackmane-1 Blackmane-3
Blackmane-1 Blackmane-2 Ariel-1,2,3
Blackmane-2 Blackmane-3 Blackmane-3
Blackmane-3 Ariel-1,2,3 Proxima
Ariel-1,2,3 Caliban-1 Delius-1
Caliban-1 Caliban-2 Torgo
Caliban-2 Caliban-3 Torgo
Delius-1 Torgo Delius-2
Delius-2 Delius-3 Proxima
Delius-3 Torgo Proxima
Torgo Torgo-2 Torgo-2
Torgo-2 Loki-3 Loki-3
Loki-3 Alcor-4 (Stranded)
Alcor-4 Freya Proxima
Freya Freya-3 Freya-3
Freya-3 Hyperion Proxima
Hyperion Kilrah-1 Proxima
Kilrah-1 Kilrah-2 Proxima
Kilrah-2 Kilrah-3 (Lose 1)
Kilrah-3 Kilrah-4 (Lose 1)
Kilrah-4 (Win) (Lose 2)
Proxima Sol Sol
Sol (Lose 1) (Lose 1)

(Win): Kilrathi surrenders. Fly home to Earth in shuttle.
(Lose1): Ejection seat. Picked up by Thrakhath. Confederation defeated.
(Lose2): Ejection seat. No pick-up by Thrakhath. Confederation defeated.
Note: The numbers represent the deciding missions in that series.

Plot summary:
The year is 2669, and the Kilrathi have again gained the upper hand in the Galactic War. Your character’s old carrier, the TCS Concordia, has been recently destroyed, and he has been reassigned to the decrepit TCS Victory. It is here that his adventure begins. The Terrans have developed a weapon of terrifyingly destructive power called the Behemoth, which they are hoping can tip the scales back in their favor — but before they can use it, a traitor on the Victory hands the plans for the weapon over to the Kilrathi. Another weapon, the Temblor Bomb, is the Confederacy’s last hope, but its designer is now a Kilrathi prisoner, and before the bomb can be completed your character, of course, must rescue the scientist.

Although Blair did not know at the time of transfer, Admiral Tolwyn intends to use the Victory to escort a Confederation super weapon into Kilrathi space. Therefore, he wants to make sure he has the best personnel assigned to the Victory, including Blair. However, Tolwyn does not want to get the crew all worked up or have rumors floating around, so he keeps them in the dark about the whole ordeal until they need to know about it.

Mission summary:
Mission designation: Mission name
Wingman; Ship (* indicates default)
Mission content

ORSINI A001: Simple Patrol
Hobbes only; *Hellcat
2 Darket at Nav 12
Darket at Nav 3

ORSINI A002: Simple Patrol 2
No Flash/Flint; Arrow/*Hellcat/Thunderbolt
2 Darket at Nav 2
1 Transport, 2 Darket at Nav 3

ORSINI A003: Escort Medical Cargo Transport
No Flash/Flint; *Arrow/Hellcat/Thunderbolt
2 Darket, 1 Dralthi en route to Nav 2
1 Corvette, 2 Darket at Nav 2
2 Darket + 2 Darket at Nav 3

ORSINI A004: Escort Civilian Transport, Skipper Missile
No Flash; *Arrow/Hellcat/Thunderbolt
4 Darket + 2 Dralthi at Nav 1
2 Dralthi, 1 Corvette + (1 Skipper) en route to Nav 22
Darket + 2 Darket at Nav 3
(2 Corvette, 2 Dralthi en route to Victory, if your ship failed to protect the transport.)

TAMAYO B001: Defend Victory
Maniac; *Arrow
2 Darket, 1 Paktahn + 2 Darket, 1 Paktahn + 2 Darket, 2 Paktahn + 2 Dralthi, 2 Paktahn at Victory (vs. Weasel, Mitchel)
Note: Weasel dies very quickly.

TAMAYO B002: Destroy Enemy Transports
Hobbes and Flint; Arrow/Hellcat/*Thunderbolt/Longbow/*Excalibur
1 Corvette, 4 Vaktoth + 4 Darket + 4 Dralthi at Nav 1
4 Transport at Nav 2

SIMULATOR B003: Duel Flash
None; *Arrow
Note: +1 under Ace in killscore.

Same as TAMAYO B001
4 Dralthi at Nav 3.

Same as TAMAYO B002
Transport, 4 Vaktoth at Nav 4.

Same as TAMAYO B003 .

LOCANDA D001: Eliminate All Enemy Presence
All; Arrow/*Hellcat/Thunderbolt
2 Vaktoth + 4 Dralthi en route to Nav 2
3 Darket + 4 Strakha at Nav 2
1 Destroyer, 4 Dralthi + 2 Dralthi + 2 Dralthi + 2 Dralthi at Nav 3
Fireclaw, 5 Darket at Nav 4

LOCANDA D002: Destroy Biomissiles
No Cobra/Flint; Arrow/Hellcat/*Thunderbolt
8 Strakha (2 at all times), 1 Destroyer, 1 Biomissile +(2 Biomissile) at Nav 1

LOCANDA D003: Go After Flint? (optional)
None; Ship flown in LOCANDA D002
1 Scout, 2 Vaktoth (random)
1 Corvette, 3 Dralthi + 4 Darket + 4 Dralthi (random)
4 Darket + 3 Dralthi (random)
1 Cruiser, 4 Darket + 4 Darket + 2 Vaktoth (Flint is here) (random)
Note: The encounters are random and can appear at any Nav point and are not restricted to the order listed above.

BLACKMANE E001: Defend Blackmane Base
All; Arrow/*Hellcat/Thunderbolt
4 Dralthi + 4 Darket + 4 Darket + Bloodmist, 3 Paktahn at Base

BLACKMANE E002: Escort Supply Transports
All; Arrow/Hellcat/*Thunderbolt
4 Dralthi at Nav 1
4 Strakha + 4 Strakha at Nav 2 (captured Terran transports)
Note: Beware of the captured transports. If your ship get too close to them, their detonations will severely damage your fighters.

BLACKMANE E003: Escort Weapons Transports
All; Arrow/Hellcat/*Thunderbolt
2 Sorthak + 2 Sorthak at Nav 1
4 Strakha + 4 Strakha en route to Nav 2
2 Vaktoth + 2 Vaktoth at Nav 2 (Asteroids)

BLACKMANE F001: Assist Evacuation, Escort Convoy
All; Arrow/*Hellcat/Thunderbolt
1 Carrier, 8 Dralthi (2 at all times) at Nav 1

BLACKMANE F002: Assist Evacuation 2, Escort Convoy (Pulsar)
All; Arrow/Hellcat/*Thunderbolt
4 Strakha at Nav 23 Dralthi (x3) at Nav 3

BLACKMANE F003: Final Evacuation Assistance?
All; Arrow/Hellcat/*Thunderbolt
3 Strakha en route to Nav 1
4 Strakha + 4 Strakha at Nav 1 (Asteroids, captured Terran transports)
Note: Beware of the captured transports. If your ship get too close to them, their detonations will severely damage your fighters.

ARIEL G001: Clear All Nav Points
All; Arrow/Hellcat/Thunderbolt/*Longbow
1 Corvette, 2 Transport, 2 Strakha + 2 Strakha at Nav 1
4 Strakha at Nav 2
1 Carrier, 4 Darket + 4 Dralthi + 4 Darket + 1 Vaktoth at Nav 3

ARIEL G002: Ambush Enemy Convoy (Nebula)
All; *Thunderbolt/Longbow
1 Destroyer, 1 Transport, 4 Vaktoth + 4 Vaktoth + 4 Darket at Nav 1
1 Corvette, 1 Transport, 4 Darket at Nav 2
1 Destroyer, 1 Transport, 4 Vaktoth + 4 Vaktoth + 4 Darket at Nav 3

ARIEL G003: Escort Victory to Jump Point
All; Arrow/Hellcat/*Thunderbolt/Longbow
2 Paktahn, 2 Darket Nav 1
1 Carrier, 2 Strakha + 2 Darket + 2 Darket + 2 Darket at Nav 1
1 Corvette, 4 Strakha + (1 Skipper) at Nav 2

CALIBAN H001: Defend Destroyers
All; Arrow/*Hellcat/Thunderbolt/Longbow
2 Vaktoth, (vs. 1 Destroyer, Sheffield never loses the battle) at Nav 1
1 Destroyer, 2 Vaktoth + 2 Vaktoth at Nav 2

CALIBAN H002: Destroy Enemy Convoy (Nebula)
All; Arrow/Hellcat/*Thunderbolt/Longbow
4 Darket at Nav 1
6 Dralthi + 4 Vaktoth at Nav 2
2 Corvette, 1 Destroyer, 1 Scout at Nav 3

CALIBAN H003: Escort Victory 2 (Nebula)
All; Arrow/*Hellcat
1 Corvette, 4 Darket en route to Nav 1
1 Corvette, 4 Darket en route to Nav 1
4 Dralthi + 1 Corvette, 2 Dralthi + 4 Vaktoth + 2 Vaktoth, 2 Darket + 4 Darket at Nav 1

DELIUS I001: Search & Destroy, Eliminate Enemy Base (Asteroids)
All; *Arrow/Hellcat/Thunderbolt/Longbow
4 Vaktoth, 1 Asteroid Base + 2 Vaktoth (joins battle after 3rd Vaktoth is dispatched) at Nav 1
3 Dralthi + 3 Dralthi at Nav 2
2 Dralthi + 2 Darket at Nav 3
4 Vaktoth at Nav 4

DELIUS I002: Destroy Inbound Enemy Ships (Asteroids)
All; Thunderbolt/*Longbow
1 Corvette, 4 Dralthi at Nav 1
4 Darket at Nav 2
1 Destroyer, 2 Dralthi + 1 Corvette, 2 Vaktoth + 2 Vaktoth, 1 Sorthak + 4 Dralthi at Nav 3
Note: Ejection leads to end credits.

DELIUS I003: Victory vs. Enemy Base (Asteroids)
All; *Arrow/Hellcat
2 Darket en route to Nav 1
2 Darket en route to Nav 1
2 Dralthi, (1 Asteroid Base, if your ship can beat Victory’s CS Missiles to it)

TORGO J001: Clear System for Behemoth
Flint; *Arrow
2 Strakha, 2 Paktahn at Nav 1
2 Vaktoth, 2 Paktahn (x5) at Nav 2 (vs. Flash, Primate)
2 Strakha, 2 Paktahn at Nav 3 (vs. Vagabond, Styg)

TORGO J002: Mine Jump Points
All; Thunderbolt/*Longbow
2 Vaktoth, 2 Paktahn at Nav 1 (Asteroids)
2 Vaktoth, 2 Paktahn at Nav 2
2 Vaktoth, 2 Paktahn at Nav 3
2 Vaktoth, 2 Paktahn at Nav 4

TORGO J003: Disable Tankers (Asteroids)
All; Arrow/*Hellcat
3 Tanker (disable), 2 Asteroid + 2 Asteroid + 2 Asteroid at Nav 1

LOKI K001: Sweep Loki VI Environ
All; Arrow/*Hellcat
1 Corvette, 4 Darket + 1 Corvette, 4 Vaktoth at Nav 1
6 Dralthi + 4 Dralthi (joins battle after a certain period of time) at Nav 2
6 Vaktoth + 4 Darket + 4 Strakha at Nav 3

LOKI K002, KA02: Cover Behemoth
All; Arrow/*Hellcat
4 Paktahn at Victory
2 Corvettes + 4 Strakha + 2 Paktahn at Victory

LOKI K003 (Kilrah): Defend Behemoth (unwinnable)
All; Arrow/*Hellcat
Unlimited Paktahn at Behemoth
Note: Killscore depends on how many Paktahns your ship can destroy in approximately 1 min 20 sec.

LOKI K03A (Kilrah): Intermission (plot advancement)
None; Ship flown in KILRAH K003
1 Destroyer, 1 Thrakhath at Victory

LOKI K004 (Kilrah): Accept Thrakhath’s Challenge?
None; Ship flown in KILRAH K004
1 Destroyer, 1 Thrakhath at Victory
Note: Fight Thrakhath, return to Victory leads to end credits. Fight Thrakhath, unable to return to Victory leads to stranded ending. Ignore Thrakhath, return to Victory leads to ALCOR L001 . Cannot eject.

ALCOR L001: Defend Victory, Clear All Nav Points
Hobbes; *Arrow
3 Corvette + 1 Corvette, 4 Vaktoth + 8 Darket at Nav 1 (vs. Sheffield)
2 Vaktoth, 4 Paktahn + 6 Dralthi + 6 Dralthi + 4 Paktahn at Nav 2
4 Strakha at Nav 34 Vaktoth at Nav 4
2 Sorthak + 2 Sorthak at Victory (vs. Primate, Ragtop, Coventry)
Note: Drinking excessively before flying will hinder game control.

ALCOR L002: Clear Asteroid Field of Enemy Presence (Asteroids)
All; *Arrow/Thunderbolt/Longbow
3 Corvette, 1 Destroyer + 1 Corvette, 6 Darket at Nav 1
4 Asteroid + 4 Strakha + 4 Strakha at Nav 2
1 Destroyer, 4 Paktahn + 6 Darket + 4 Dralthi at Nav 3

ALCOR L003: Go After Hobbes? (optional)
None; *Hellcat
Hobbes at Nav 1
Stalker, 2 Strakha + 3 Paktahn ( vs. Vaquero, Primate)
Note: Vaquero dies.

ALCOR L004, LG04: Extract Scientist from Prison
None; *Excalibur
6 Darket at Nav 1

FREYA M001: Suppress Freya Space Defenses
Vaquero/Maniac/Flash/Flint; All/*Longbow
1 Destroyer, 2 Darket + 4 Darket at Nav 1
2 Corvette, 4 Dralthi at Nav 2
1 Carrier, 4 Dralthi + 4 Darket + 4 Dralthi at Nav 3

FREYA M002, MG02: Destroy Shield Generator
None; *Excalibur
4 Dralthi Nav 12 Dralthi at Exit Point
2 Dralthi en route to Victory

FREYA M003 (Loviatar): Destroy Inbounds at Jump Point
No Hobbes/Cobra; All/*Thunderbolt
3 Dralthi + 1 Corvette, 2 Darket + 3 Darket + 3 Darket + 3 Vaktoth + 2 Vaktoth, 1 Darket + 3 Darket at Nav 1

HYPERION N001: Deliver Prototype T-Bomb
None; Excalibur
4 Dralthi en route to Entry Point (space)
4 Dralthi en route to Victory

HYPERION N002: Escort Cap Ships, Destroy Enemy Fleet
No Hobbes/Cobra; Arrow/*Hellcat/Excalibur
1 Destroyer, 2 Darket + 2 Darket + 2 Dralthi + 2 Dralthi at Nav 1 (vs. Sheffield)
1 Carrier, 2 Dralthi + 2 Dralthi + 2 Paktahn + 2 Vaktoth at Nav 2 (vs. Conventry)
1 Cruiser, 2 Paktahn at Nav 3 (vs. Ajax)

HYPERION N003 (Freya): Defend Jump Point to Kilrah
No Hobbes/Cobra; All/*Excalibur
1 Destroyer, 4 Darket + 4 Darket + 2 Dralthi at Nav 1
4 Darket at Nav 21 Cruiser, 4 Darket at Nav 3 (Asteroids)

KILRAH P001: Jump Into Kilrah Home System
No Hobbes/Cobra; *Excalibur
2 Sorthak at Jump Point
2 Corvette, 4 Darket + 4 Dralthi at Nav 1
2 Corvette, 4 Dralthi + 6 Strakha at Nav 2
1 Destroyer, 4 Darket + 6 Darket at Nav 3
Note: At least one wingman dies.

KILRAH P002: T-Bomb Base
Survivors from KILRAH P001 ; *Excalibur
2 Corvette, 4 Darket + 4 Dralthi at Nav 1
2 Corvette, 4 Vaktoth + 6 Strakha at Nav 2
1 Destroyer, 4 Sorthak + 6 Darket at Nav 3
Note: At least one wingman dies.

KILRAH P003, PG03: T-Bomb Kilrah
Survivor from KILRAH P002 ; *Excalibur
1 Destroyer, 4 Paktahn + 4 Dralthi at Nav 1
1 Destroyer, 4 Dralthi + 6 Strakha at Nav 2
At Nav 3: 1 Destroyer, 3 Darket + 6 Darket (no wingman) or Unlimited Stalker, 3 Darket + 6 Darket (wingman)
At Entry: Prince Thrakhath, (+ Hobbes), 2 Paktahn + 4 Darket (cloaked at Nav 3) or (1 Hobbes), 4 Paktahn, 4 Sorthak (not cloaked at Nav 3)
Note: When out of Trench, cloak for your own safety.

PROXIMA R001: Defend Jump Point (unwinnable)
Flint; Arrow/Hellcat/Thunderbolt/Longbow/*Excalibur
4 Darket + 4 Dralthi + 4 Vaktoth + 1 Corvette, 3 Strakha +1 Corvette, 3 Strakha + 1 Carrier, 4 Dralthi at Victory
Note: Victory jumps out approximately five minutes into the battle, stay close to it. Ejection brings you back on Victory.

SOL-EARTH ORBIT R002: Defend Earth (unwinnable)
None; Arrow/Hellcat/Thunderbolt/Longbow/*Excalibur
4 Paktahn + 4 Paktahn + 4 Vaktoth + 1 Corvette, 3 Strakha + 1 Corvette, 3 Strakha + 1 Dreadnought, 4 Dralthi, (Infinity) at Nav 1 (vs. Sheffield, Coventry)
Note: Infinity = combinations of 4 Paktahn/1 Corvette, 3 Strakha/4 Vaktoth. The Sheffield and Coventry explode quickly.

The following are not included in killscore: missiles (Bio/Skipper), ejected pilots, disabled tankers, shield generators.

The presence of the Sheffield, Coventry, and Ajax depends upon success in the earlier missions. If they were destroyed in the early stages of the game, they will be absent in the later actions.

The number of waves of enemy fighters covering the capital ships may depend upon how fast the mother ships are destroyed.

Before starting a mission
Turn off the cockpit to increase the frame rate. Activate full guns. Look at the navmap.

Basic dogfighting pointers
Remember that a target that is constantly swerving is much harder to hit than a target that moves in a straight line. When the enemy starts to pound on the shields, hit the afterburners and start moving the fighter in every possible direction except straight ahead.

Try not to become caught up trying to chase down an evading Kilrathi fighter. One of the Kilrathi’s favorite tricks is to have one fighter try to draw firepower away while the others fly around to the rear and fire away. To turn the tables and make their trick work in your favor, select an enemy fighter and start pursuing it with guns. After a few seconds, the selected target will start swerving around while the other enemy fighters move to the rear of your fighter. At this time, quickly switch targets to any of those fighters, then spin around to face the new target. Most likely, the new target will be flying straight at you with guns blazing. Open fire and punch right through his shields. Do not worry about the enemy’s firepower; in a head-to- head engagement, the enemy will not be able to aim as well as in other angles of engagement.

Beware of fighters with rear turrets, like the Vaktoth or Paktahn. The Paktahn’s rear mass driver is especially dangerous since it does not look like much until you notice your front armor wearing away. Ideally, you will want to engage these fighters from the sides, but a head-to-head pass can also work.

Avoiding Kilrathi missiles
Keep an eye on the lock warning light, since the sound the alarm makes is not attention grabbing. When you see the warning, immediately release decoys. If the missile is not fooled by them, start evasive maneuvers while a few more are released. If the scanner shows too many yellow dots (missiles), turn on the afterburners, and keep twisting the fighter around until the missiles give up. Do not drop too many decoys on one missile. Since the Kilrathi possess strength in numbers, they will not hesitate to launch more missiles. There are never given enough decoys available.

Defeating the asteroid fighters
The Kilrathi asteroid fighters are tough to hit on a head-to-head approach since they tend to veer away from your fighter earlier than usual. They are slow, but pursuing their tails is often difficult, since they release a large amount of mines as they evade. Patience is the key. Do not try to follow one on its tail because of the mines. Whittle away at its front shields during every head-on pass. If your shields get too low, just retreat and let them recharge.

Destroying a capital ship
Use a torpedo. The torpedo should lock on the target well before your ship enters the range of the capital ship’s turrets. Make sure any fighter escort in the area has been destroyed first.

If a torpedo is not available, engage the capital ship with guns. Focus on just one side of the capital ship.

It should also be noted that the sooner a capital ship is destroyed, the better; sometimes, after a wing of fighters is destroyed, a nearby capital ship will launch more. A good approach is to attack the capital ship after killing all fighters in the area except one, making your attack runs much easier. Once the capital ship is destroyed, pick off the remaining fighter, and forget about the enemy reinforcements.

Escort missions
On an escort mission, after a wave of fighters is destroyed, the autopilot light may not activate. Fly close to the escorted ship. An acknowledgment message will be transmitted and the autopilot indicator will light.

Destroying a Skipper missile
The Skipper missile is a Kilrathi cruise missile that “skips” in and out of cloak. It is usually launched from a Corvette. When a Corvette appears in a wave of ships, two strategies may be taken:

“The Goalie”: Let the wingman take on the fighters while you remain close to the capital ship that is to be defended. Try not to let the enemy fighters draw attention away from the escortee. When the Skipper missile (yellow dot) is launched from the Corvette (orange dot) on the scanner, quickly target it and head towards it. If you remained close to the escortee, you should be close to the Skipper missile’s trajectory. If (and when) the Skipper disappears, turn the fighter around and start heading back to the escortee. This way, you will be able to stay along the trajectory that the Skipper missile will take. Keep cycling through your available targets until the Skipper missile reappears and it will be targeted again. Head towards the missile and when in range, fire away. Use the guns; it is impossible to get a missile lock on a Skipper. With luck, it will be destroyed.

“The Striker”: When the Corvette appears, quickly afterburn towards it. When in range, fire the guns or launch a torpedo at the Corvette. (You might be lucky enough to destroy the Corvette before it launches the missile!) Watch the Corvette and the scanner so that if the Corvette launches the Skipper missile, it will not be missed. Once this happens, target the missile and pursue it. You should be right on the missile’s rear. If it disappears, simply keep flying straight until the missile reappears. Once it is within range, fire away.

Stopping the bio-missiles
The best ship to use for this mission is an Arrow because of its speed. When at the nav point where the capital ship launches the bio-missiles, ignore the other ships for now. Quickly target a missile and afterburn straight towards it. Once the missile is within range of the guns, fire away, then target the next bio-missile. There should be a total of three missiles; once destroyed, you will get the “Mission objectives completed” message. However, the fighters and capital ship must be destroyed before the autopilot can be used to go home.

Victory and the Skipper nebula mission
In mission ARIEL G003 , the Victory may be destroyed as it heads for an alternate jump point. One of the Corvettes launches a Skipper missile at the Victory. Use the same techniques used for the first Skipper missile to avoid this outcome.

Defeating Flash
Flash tends to “joust” — attacking head-on and immediately turning around for another direct pass. His aim is excellent, so if you see him coming head-on, fire off one or two volleys, then immediately turn away. Other than that, try to attack from the sides or rear. If you wait long enough, he will run out of afterburner fuel, greatly decreasing his maneuverability and making him much easier to hit. Another option is to fire all the missiles at him, especially when he is heading straight at you.

Losing to Flash
If the duel to Flash is lost he, and the Excalibur he brought, will be gone from the game.

Going after Flint.
It does not matter whether Flint is rescued. If the rescue mission is accepted, you will have to fight more Kilrathi. If not accepted, Cobra will have successfully retrieved her in time for the next mission.

Preventing the Behemoth from getting destroyed
The destruction of the Behemoth is part of the story. As the Behemoth prepares for its attack run on Kilrah, it is ambushed by a fleet of Paktahns. There is nothing that can be done except destroy Paktahns for the kill tally before the Behemoth destruction scene plays.

Thrakhath’s challenge
The choices are to return to the Victory or (prematurely) take on Prince Thrakhath. If you do not return to the Victory in time, you will be stranded in Kilrathi space and the mission will have to be replayed. If Thrakhath is defeated and you make it back, he will still be alive later in the game.

Defending Earth
This mission is part of the losing path of the story, and thus is made to be unwinnable.

The traitor
Do not go after the traitor, you will be able to face him later in the game. If you chase the traitor, the Victory will not be able to jump out until you return, leaving it wide open for a Kilrathi attack, an engagement in which Vaquero is killed.

Keeping the wingmen from getting killed during the last missions
The wingmen must be killed off in the course of the last mission before the surface of Kilrah can be approached. If you do not like the thought of your wingmen dying, start the mission without selecting any wingmen. You can also prevent their deaths by ordering them back to the Victory after launch. The wingmen will not obey the command if it is issued at the beginning of a mission leg. Wait until combat, and then issue the order.

How to kill all of the Sorthaks at the last nav point of the final mission
You must enter the final nav point cloaked. Throughout the mission, keep checking your nav map and when you see the message, “Activate cloak before approaching Kilrah, laddie,” activate the device before you enter autopilot. If the last nav point is entered while cloaked, you should see only Thrakhath, the traitor, and a few other fighters. It is safe to de-cloak and finish off the Kilrathi.

Romance with Flint and Rachel
Choosing one will cause the other to hold a grudge against you. If Flint is picked, Rachel will not help on fighter load-outs. If Rachel is chosen, Flint will refuse to fly with you. The choice has an effect on which video you will see at the end of the winning track, as well as on wingman availability for the remaining missions, but not on your ability to win the game. The third option — picking neither — has the least impact on the game.

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