5 Incredible Facts About Pokémon Platinum Everyone Forgets

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5 Incredible Facts About Pokémon Platinum Everyone Forgets

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, are the fourth generation of Pokemon games and released on the DS, and took the world by storm in 2007. Pokemon Platinum took players through the Sinnoh, where they encountered a variety of Pokemon. Trainers uncovered a hidden plot by the evil team Galatic, where they attempted to steal legendary Pokemon, and quite literally restart the world.

Ash, Pikachu, and Aipom prepare to take Sinnoh by storm.

But, Pokemon Platinum has its fair share of hidden secrets and facts that the player may not have uncovered in their first playthrough or even their second. It’s that deep of a game!

We’re taking a look at seven hidden facts that Pokemon fans may not have seen in Pokemon Platinum. This list primarily focuses on features, bugs, and hidden trivia within Platinum, but it will also include events from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl if it is relevant, or are just too cool to pass up.

5. Azure Flute Fluke

To catch the legendary Pokemon, Acerus (who is also Pokemon God), players must use the Azure Flute. The Azure Flute is a special item that could only be acquired during a special event. As a result, it was impossible to catch this legendary of legendaries once the events expired. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. The God Pokemon can be caught through other in-game events, such as getting the national Pokedexm and encountering 150 Pokemon. And just so it’s clear, it’s encounter, not catch.

4. Bike Rack

In many Pokemon games, the bike is available, allowing for faster movement and skipping over battle tiles to avoid Pokemon battles. In Pokemon Platinum, or to be more specific, in Eterna City of the Sinnoh Region, there are bike racks everywhere. This makes sense, as Rad’s Rickshaw Bike Shop is set up there. But, these aren’t just visual elements.

Indeed, they have a functional purpose as well. Interacting with one while on a bike will allow you to hop off said bike without using your item bag! While these racks are most common in Eterna City, you can still find them elsewhere, such as in Jubilife City in the GT plaza.

It is not a game changer, but it is still an interesting part of the game, and adds a nice sense of realism to it.

3. Customized PC screens

Did you know that you can change the wallpaper on the PC? And no, we don’t mean your personal PC’s desktop image. We mean the literal wallpaper in the Pokemon Center. In Platinum, in particular, there are 8 additional ones for the players to find.

So, while this is local to the Pearl version of the fourth generation, it is included here because it is just too cool to pass up. One of the most powerful Dragon-Type moves, Draco Meteor, comes from a fan contest. Back when Corocomics held a contest, the winning entry got to submit the name.

2. Diamond Dust

Not just a Final Fantasy move and nor just a Jojo stand (probably). In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, certain events only trigger at certain times. In Snowfall City, should you visit on January 12th (going by your system clock), a special weather pattern called Diamond Dust will happen. Weather events, for those not in the know, are in-game events that affect the Pokemon’s battlefield. But there’s another reason this happens at this time. On January 12th, Game Freak Director Junichi Masuda was born.

But there are other dates when this can happen, such as other Pokemon anniversary events. It is just the first known event of Diamond Dust that happened on this day.

1. Gambling, in my Pokemon game?

It’s true! The Gen 4 games were the last ones to have any known form of gambling in the series. In a certain corner in a certain location, there is a slot where Pokemon Trainers can play slots. At these slots, the game can win cash and other valuable prizes. And just to be clear, this is in-game cash, not real money.

But, as said before, gambling was removed after this generation. This was mostly due to growing laws, and it didn’t fit with the nature of Pokemon games.

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