Stellar Blade Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Stellar Blade Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Stellar Blade Summary

Developed by Shift Up Studios, Stellar Blade is a third-person action-adventure, hack-and-slash game taking place in the far future. While it is not out just yet, it is to be released on the PlayStation 5, featuring high-octane action in a sci-fi setting. Formerly known as Project Eve, this Korean-made game has been described as Bayonetta meets Dark Souls. Its combat is like the latter, featuring a single lock on camera where the player has to dodge and parry blows from remarkably varied monsters. Such as one that appears to have a chainsaw tire for a head.

But like Dark Souls, expect to die, a lot. Many of the creatures that you’ll face have painful grab moves that take off large chunks of your health, but like Bayonetta, skillful play means amazing results. Dodge an attack at just the right time, and you’ll be able to slow down time long enough for you to introduce your blade to their gut. Outside of combat, expect to sprint through various ruined and collapsed tunnels in the city of Xion, plazas, city hall’s front steps, and so much more. There also appears to be a minor platforming function as well. Navigating the ruins of Xion will require Eve to balance on beams, jump from bar to bar, and so on.

What else?

In some trailers, expect to take this battle to space itself. Not like space as in a space station, but the vacuum. How that is going to work, I have no idea! But it’s something to look forward to regardless.

Your sword isn’t your only tool though. Going by the trailers, you can equip arm guns on Eve’s left arm, which appear to have a variety of different modes, versions, and effects depending on which you equip. One such arm gun sprouts two barrels below and above Eve’s arm, another appears to be the mother of all shock batons.

As for any other modes, we’ll have to wait and see! There are many, many secrets left in Stellar Blade, and we’ll only learn more as the game comes out!

Stellar Blade Premise

You play as the mysterious Eve, a woman who fights against alien creatures in a post-collapse world. Her only companion (that we know about) is a small, drone-like object that floats next to her. If you’re thinking of the drones from Nier Automata, then that’s a fair comparison.

You explore the city of Xion, or, at least, one of the stages lets you roam around in the abandoned city. Your goal, at this time, is unknown, but we can tell from the gameplay footage that Eve aims to return power to various generators that are located in domes. One such generator turns on a massive complex that wouldn’t look out of place in a computer mainframe.

The enemies you fight are called NA:tives. Yes, like natives. They are an alien race that defies normal biological expectations. Like above, one of them has a chainsaw tire for a head, and another, as shown in a gameplay trailer, has twin red orbs for hands that it uses to try to beat the player into paste. What they want is unknown, but their appearance wouldn’t be out of place in some dark, gothic fantasy setting.

But why though?

But what is strange is that, in the trailers, they explicitly say that they have ‘failed to defend earth,’ presumably from the NA:tives. The end result is that humanity has scattered and is left fending for resources. What we do know is that an ‘Angel of the Colony’ has appeared at one point in the past, and has done so again. Who the Angel in question is, we have no idea. The second one may be Eve, but as for any others? No idea.

Stellar Blade Main Characters

  • Eve – the main and player character. A Korean woman who appears to be under the same organization as Lily and Adam. Eve appears to be their go to fighter, as she’s the one most equipped to handle the NA:tive threat. As for Eve herself, not too much is known about her, save that she is unfamiliar with the Old Earth’s customs and infrastructure. As in one of the earliest game trailers, she has no idea what a subway is (no, not the sandwich store).
  •  Lily: A cute girl who appears to be working with Eve and Adam.
  •  Adam: His relation to Eve is unknown at this time, but he’s likely Eve’s handler when she’s on missions.

Stellar Blade Series

Just the singular Stellar Blade so far! It is unknown if it will have a sequel or any connections to other games!

Stellar Blade Cheat Codes

None yet!

But we can give you some tips based on gameplay!

Watch your stamina gauge. Like any good soulslike game, you have a stamina gauge that determines if you can dodge or attack, and both are vital to progressing in Stellar Blade. 

Don’t be distracted. As I’m sure many viewers are aware, Eve is a good-looking woman. But, there’s not time to stare, focus on the enemy!

Study thy enemy. Like most Soulslike games, every enemy in Stellar Blade likely has some sort of gimmick you can exploit. Be on the lookout for the way they move, attack, and dodge to find an opening!

Stellar Blade FAQs

Is Stellar Blade kid-friendly?

Unknown, but considering the content shown so far, a T rating is a safe bet!

What consoles is Stellar Blade on?

PlayStation for certain, with a PC release very likely!

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