Mission 06 – On The Arkham Knight’s Trail

MISSION 06 – On The Arkham Knight's Trail



Objective: Track the Arkham Knight's vehicle using the Batmobile Forensics Scanner to locate Oracle


After re-entering the Batmobile, activate the forensic scanners by pressing up on the d-pad, and start following the track that it reveals. Keep in mind that swapping between Batmobile modes will turn off the scanner, so you will need to turn it back on again if you do.


You will need to keep scanning as you follow the tracks to reveal more of the Arkham Knight's trail. Eventually as you follow the tracks across town a helicopter will drop a mine from the skies into the middle of the intersection in front of you.



Objective: Investigate the militia device


Pop out of the car like it was full of compressed air and walk over to the mine buried in the street to look it over.


Objective: Defend the virus upload


Batman will attempt to upload a virus into the mine to allow him access to it's core. Unfortunately the bad guys have mobilized a platoon of tanks and they are heading your way. The other downside is that Batman's tinkerings have linked the bomb to his proximity (somehow?), which means you have a limited area of about 50 meters from the bomb to fight the waves of sixteen incoming drone tanks.


If you move too far away, you will get a warning before exploding. However, you can drive over the mine just fine. Huh, isn't that weird? When they begin to arrive, start taking out the tanks until the streets are clear once again.



Objective: Defuse the bomb with a controlled explosion


Move the Batmobile close to the bomb once again and in battle mode, use the Power Winch to attach to the grab point on top of it. When you do, the rev display with the orange rectangle will appear once again (remember powering the generators for the antennas earlier in the story?). Rev the engine while keeping the needle inside the orange area, then floor it when the orange area is at the top of the counter to blow the mine sky high.


Objective: Track the Arkham Knight's vehicle using the Batmobile Forensics Scanner to locate Oracle


Now that the path is clear of at least one mine, vault back into the Batmobile and resume scanning for the Arkham Knight's trail. Eventually you will find it leads to the raised Mercy Bridge. Looks like we're gonna have to hoof it from here to resume the hunt.



Objective: Proceed on foot to the militia access point at Grand Avenue Station and restore control of Mercy Bridge


Haha, on foot. Funny game. Fly and glide your way over the bridge to the marked location. From your high vantage point, examine the enemy forces (eight armed enemies) in small groups below. The idea here is to work your way downwards, taking advantage of silent takedowns (inverted takedowns are quite handy here due to the plentiful gargoyle statues overlooking the walkways), as well as the usual Fear takedowns when they are close together. You'll note one of the militia is controlling a recon drone, so make sure to target him first. 


Once the area is empty of threats, drop down to the ground floor and interact with the terminal to begin breaking through the security protocols. After a few seconds, you'll have restored power back to the bridge, turning back towards the Batmobile when a huge TV screen nearby turns on and a familiar face begins to make an announcement. After the announcement ends, it seems you have no choice but to head for the orphanage.


Note: You'll likely run into something on the way which will trigger a new set of Most Wanted events.



Objective: Take out all the thugs except the informant


When you flutter down onto the orphanage's roof, observe the chattering thugs below. You'll notice one is highlighted in green, showing that he's a Riddler informant. These guys are useful as they reveal Riddler trophies on the map if you interrogate them. In this case, you'll also find out a little about the Riddler's plans for the orphanage. Carefully take out the surrounding thugs (a Fear takedown is very useful for this as it allows you to choose which enemies to target). At the end, you should have only the informant still standing to interrogate.


Objective: Rescue Catwoman from inside the orphanage


Make your way inside to the Riddler's devious puzzle, by simply walking over to Catwoman and releasing her? Huh, thought there'd be a bit more to it. After unlocking Catwoman, the room will suddenly be filled with Riddler-bots, essentially the same as unarmed thugs just with a bit more health. Note that you will be able to swap between Batman and Catwoman during this fight, as well as being able to initiate dual takedowns if you chain enough attacks together without taking damage. Riddler is good at his rhymes though.



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