Mission 11 – Return To The Chinatown Penthouse

MISSION 11 – Return To The Chinatown Penthouse



Now that you're finally free of the airships, start floating your way across Gotham towards Chinatown and the penthouse where you discovered Poison Ivy earlier in the story. Grapple up to the rooftop and drop down through the hole you made the first time you visited.


Main Objective: Rescue Oracle from Scarecrow's safe house


Stride over to the containment cell, and watch the scene play out…



Main Objective: Work with Ivy to develop countermeasures to the Cloudburst device

Objective: Meet with Ivy at the GCPD Lockup


Take to the air once more after the scene is over (or drive, the choice is yours) until you arrive at the lockup. Work your way to maximum security to speak to Ivy who is waiting ever so patiently for you. Ugh, again with the threatening every plant thing. Come up with something new, would you Dark Knight?


Objective: Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens


As you try to leave, you will be stopped by a new type of tank, the Cobra (nickname: tunnel vision).



Objective: Scan the Arkham Knight's Cobra drone to identify a weakness


Fly around between the buildings, and scan the tank to find a weakness. You will need to be reasonably close for the scan to work correctly. You will need to scan the tank three times, from the left, right and behind. Ah, it seems to have the Death Star weakness, myesss. A single exhaust port that will blow it to pieces with a well aimed shot. If it does spot you, grapple away and you should be fine.


Objective: Destroy the Arkham Knight's Cobra Drone


Once you have all the readings, all you need to do is strafe around behind it and destroy it with a well placed shot. Easy, right? When it is gone, you will be able to access your new upgraded weapon. Seriously, if the Cobra manages to blow you up with you actively trying to avoid it, your controller must be busted.



Objective: Equip a new secondary weapon for the Batmobile at the Clock Tower facility


Vroom your way to the base of the Clock Tower and park on the symbol to open a garage door next to you. Roll inside to attach your next upgrade.


Objective: Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens


When you emerge, continue on your merry way until you spot the sensor area of a trio of Cobra tanks. Despite their increased numbers, they are just as dumb as before, simply pick them off one by one until the job is done. After the scrap is all over the street, finish your joyride to the gardens with Ivy.



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