Mission 20 – Showdown With The Arkham Knight

MISSION 20 – Showdown With The Arkham Knight



After escaping from the Arkham Knight's excavator, look at the ceiling overhead to spot a hallway you can grapple up to. Follow it around the corner and climb up the ledge at the end to enter a duct underneath a group of around ten enemies guarding Gordon. As usual your initial priority is the two medics in the group, followed by the four ninjas and then the four regular militia enemies. After a brief introduction to your fists and feet, the enemy group should all be lying on the ground moaning/ unconscious.


Walk over to the commissioner when you're done and interact with him to free him from his bonds. Or not. A fairly long scene will play out here with the Arkham Knight where his identity is finally revealed (although by this point you've probably already guessed who it is, I certainly had). Once your little chat with him is over, your next boss battle against the Arkham Knight begins.







Phase 1:


Huh, this time the Arkham Knight's engaging you without a protective metal shell. The knight will take up a sniping position at the back of the room on a gargoyle as the fight begins. His position will prevent you from using some of the gargoyles in the room as platforms (as he would just blast you if you swung onto them). The idea here is to sneak past the knight's circle of sight until you are almost directly underneath him and then grapple up to the gargoyle he is sitting on from below. Each time you do so, you will damage his health bar.


In the first phase, there is only one main method of approach. You need to reach the middle level underneath the Arkham Knight and then grapple up where the railings are to the top level when his spotting circle is not looking in your direction. This will allow you to quickly clamber over the railing and then to the back of the upper level to initiate your attack on the Knight. After your brief struggle the Knight will be gone once again, but a metal shutter will open, expanding the room and showing him on a gargoyle on the far end once again.



Phase 2:


This time, the Arkham Knight will be supported by a patrolling drone (which can be temporarily disabled with the REC gun or the Remote Hacking device, alongside that are six militia who will fan out and begin moving through the area. A good strategy for dealing with them is entering the duct system (via one of the wall vents) and taking them out from under their feet. Be careful of the detective vision detector amongst the group as well.


You will likely want to take out all the militia at least before beginning your approach on the Knight. Just remember to disable/ avoid that drone before you grapple up to the upper level to iniiate your attack on the Knight. Overall, this is essentially a repeat of last round, with goons to deal with.



Phase 3:


Immediately after the Knight vanishes again, get ready to move as the room is about to fill with toxic gas. Swing across to the hole in the opposite wall from your position to safely escape into the next area where the Knight is waiting. Once again he will have a squad of troops (seven of them) patrolling the area. This time however, they will be wearing optical camouflage which makes them difficult to see using detective vision. Oh, and the drone will also be flying overhead, so don't forget about it.


As before, a good approach is to use the ducts under the floor and essentially act like an alligator launching itself out of a river. Don't forget about your Fear takedowns if you get the chance to use them. Watch as your pile of goons slowly increases until the room is clear apart from the drone and the Knight.



When the drone is blinded/ looking the other way you'll need to grapple or sneak (using the escalator) your way up to the top level and attack the Knight again. Noticing a pattern yet? Swing across the room to the hole on the far wall to avoid the incoming killer gas and you'll begin the final phase of the fight.


Phase 4:


The good news is that you won't have to deal with any militia this time. The bad news is that the place is now swarming with drones, making approaching the Knight rather difficult. Enter the duct system to get down to the bottom level and then quickly grapple up to the railing above the stairs on the side, hanging there until the sentry gun's cone of vision passes by.


You will need to act very fast here, hopping over the railing and disabling the sentry gun with your Remote Hacking device. Immediately after disabling it, move underneath the Knight and grapple up for your final attack and a long scene.





Once the scene and the battle are over, walk over to Gordon and release him to end the mission.



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