Throne of Want


To reach the Throne of Want, teleport to the first bonfire of Drangleic Castle. From here, head out into the hallway and turn left to see a King's Door. Equip the King's Ring to open it and enter the Throne of Want. To the left when you enter is the emerald herald who will tell you about herself and her past. She will warn you that the final boss, Queen Nashandra lies ahead who will try to stop you if you advance. Well, I'm sure you've come too far to stop now. Take the linear path to the mist door and enter when you are ready to confront the final bosses (yes bosses).




Boss: Throne Watcher and Throne Defender




Personal Death Count: 0


Attacks –



Throne Defender (Larger amoured man with Greatshield):


Double Slash: When the defender is close to you, he will slash twice towards you horizontally. Roll backwards to avoid this basic attack.


Charge Weapon (Lightning): The boss will charge their weapon adding additional damage to their attacks until it runs out. They will do this more often the lower thier health is.


Overhead Slam: The defender will raise his sword overhead before slamming it down towards the player. Roll sideways to avoid this attack.


Shield Bash: Typical shield bash towards the player, just move back or roll backwards to avoid it.



Throne Watcher (Smaller figure in white with small shield):


Charge Weapon: The boss will charge their weapon adding additional damage to their attacks until it runs out. They will do this more often the lower thier health is.


Jump Slam: The watcher will bend her knees slightly and then leap into the air before attempting to land a downward slash with her sword on top of your position. Moving to the side or rolling will allow you to dodge this attack, it is only really a threat if you don't see it coming.


Running Slashes: The watcher will close the gap between you by sprinting and will slash in a wide arc horizontally. Roll backwards or time your roll carefully to the side to avoid this attack. She will sometimes follow this up with another two swirling slashes. If she does, roll away again to avoid it.


Thrust: The watcher will swing her sword and shield arms behind her and then thrust towards the player (it is quite long). Roll to the side to avoid the attack.



The main catch of this battle is that these two have to be killed off nearly simultaneously to avoid having one revive the other. Just letting you know early. After one of the bosses falls, you will have around twenty seconds to kill the other before the first one is revived with full HP. Watch those health bars and get them both low before going in for the kill, so you can finish off the second boss in that time. Anyway, back to strategy. You can bring the NPC Benhart into this battle by summoning him in front of the mist door. Use flame weapons or spells to damage both bosses significantly as they are both weak to it. Aside from that, just be aware of the location of both bosses at all times and stick to the regular strategies of kiting attacks and counterattacking until both bite the dust. If you have the Giant's Kinship item, the final boss battle will be triggered about twenty seconds after defeating both bosses. So take the time to heal and get ready.




A few seconds later, the Queen herself will appear and attack




Boss: Nashandra




Personal Death Count: 0


Attacks –



Dark Beam (Horizontal): She will hold a dark light in her hand up for a couple of seconds and then direct a beam of light ahead. She will then move this towards the player's location. To avoid it, sprint away from the beam until she stops or be far enough away.


Dark Beam (Vertical): Similar to the above attack, except she will target it vertically instead of following the player. This is a great opportunity to get in some attacks or healing. Move to the side when she initiates the beam (or roll if you are very close).


Dark Force: When Nashandra reaches half health, she will perform an explosive blast of dark magic that travels outward. This deals damage and knocks back the player if they are too close. Back up when you see the dark surrounding her.


Scythe Attack: She will raise her scythe overhead and swing it down towards the player. Move or roll to the side to avoid this attack.


Scythe Combo: Nashandra will swing her scythe horizontally towards the player twice. Roll backwards to avoid the attack.


Summon Curse Spirit: These are stationary spirits that inflict the curse status rapidly if you approach them. They can be destroyed with a single attack though. Melee players will want to get rid of these quickly.



At the start of the battle Nashandra will summon four curse spirits in a square pattern around her. Melee characters may want to equip some curse resistance to prevent the curse spirits affecting you quickly. If you intend to do close range battle against her have either curse status removal items or a steady supply of life gems to counter the effects of curse as you will likely be hit by it. Ranged characters will be able to lure her away from her curse spirits easily and kite her scythe and beam attacks while dealing damage (see the video). Flame Swathe with a levelled up pyromancy glove works extremely well in damaging her too. Melee characters will need to either kill off the spirits to get in close or try and lure her out. Stick close, watch for her tells (beams are easy to predict, watch her scythe arm for melee attacks). If you have upgraded gear and avoid being cursed, you should be able to take her out quite easily. A bit of a dissapointment for a final boss, but the optional endgame bosses make up for that and then some.




After defeating the bosses, give yourself a round of applause and approach the giants in the pit nearby. As you near them the ending cinematic will play and the credits will roll. Things aren't quite over yet though. You will arrive back in Majula with the option to enter New Game Plus mode available at the bonfire. You will keep all your items (except for key items such as Soul of a Giant and keys) and restart the game with more difficult and numerous enemies. There are also some endgame bosses you may want to take care of first. To find out about those, read the Endgame Content section of the guide. Your choices are open before you. Good luck with the rest of your journey in Drangleic hero.


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