Mint Condition (Dave Fowler)

Mint Condition (Dave Fowler)

This is the official quest for collecting the Cheeseburger Bobbleheads scattered across Hope County. Start it by talking to Dave Fowler, at Fowler's retreat in Jacob's region.

Track down bobbles at the locations below. Note that the sample bobblehead he refers you to is not one of the collectibles.

Baron Lumber Mill

This one's in the east of Mill, on the upper floor cafeteria, next to an actual cheeseburger.

Lansdowne Airstrip

Complete the Hangar Pains Prepper Stash to gain access to the hangar interior.

A Cheeseburger bobblehead is inside on some metal shelves.

8-Bit Pizza Bar

This is where most of NPC companions like to hang out when you're not around.

The bobblehead is on a high shelf in the kitchen.


South Park Entrance

This is in Jacob's Region, south of Widow Creek.

St Isidore School

The school is northeast of Fall's End, in John's region. The bobble is in a locked shed outside

The key is in the main house. Gain access by going around to the back door (with the guitar leaning against it), and use the climb bar to jump up to the awning.

Follow the walkway up to the chimney, where you'll find the key.

Zipline down to the shed.

Loot the interior for the bobblehead, and a skill mag.

Whitetail Park Ranger Station

West and slightly south of FANG.

There is a Cheeseburger bobble head in the main building here, toward the east of the complex.

Whitetail Park Visitor Center

You'll visit this Jacob location during the Missing in Action mission. The bobble head is on some shelves in the westmost building.

Bradbury Tractor Shed

Break through the boarded windows on the east side of the shed.

The bobble head is in the ruined fridge.

The Feeney Residence

You'll pass through here during the Sins of the Father mission. The bobblehead is not in the bunker, but inside the house, off the kitchen.

Island north of the Grandview Hotel

In the north of Jacob's terrritory.

It's on a bloodied mattress inside the well-Reaped cabin.

Return with all the bobbleheads to complete the mission.

You'll get the standard $900 fee, and unlock a Cheeseburger shirt.

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