Whiskey River (Sherri Woodhouse)

Whiskey River (Sherri Woodhouse)

A collection quest in Hope County. Speak to Sherri Woodhouse in the Can of Worms Fishing Store, south across the lake from the Baron Lumber Mill.

She'll tell you about some underwater barrels of whiskey she's aiming to reclaim.

She'll even give you a marker for one nearby.

Reclaim this barrel by diving in the large hole in the top of the sunken rail car, and swimming over the crates to reach the barrel.

In theory, the way you find other casks is to keep an eye for red metal crosses around the lake. Near each cross will be a spray painted N,S,E,or W. Go in that direction to find the barrel.

If you don't want to that, just check out the locations below.

By the bridge south of Dutch's Island

The cross on the shoreline indicates 'West.'

Search west for the red marker.

The marker is roped to an underwater cage. Shoot the cage from above water to unlock it.

Swim down and claim the barrel.

In the north of Clagett Bay, almost due NW from the bait shop

Dive down and reclaim the barrel from a wrecked helicopter.

At the north of the lake, south of the Oberlin Picnic Area, and east of a Kokanne Salmon fishing spot

This barrel is actually above water, on a rocky outcrop in the lake. You can parachute in, or there's a low spot on the south east side you can climb up from the water. Either way, climb up the rocky ledges, and watch for snakes.

The barrel is nestled in the rock at the end of the path.

In the north of the lake, near three stony islands at the mouth of the delta

Follow the marker rope down to a hole in the lake bed.

The barrel is on a ledge near the end of the rope.

In the north of the lake, southwest of Old Sun Outfitters

The barrel is just in a cleft in the rock.

Just west of the Tanami Residence, the same location as the Shipwreck Plugger stash

The barrel is in the bottom of a metal car, at the end of the wrecked trawler.

To reach it, you'll have to swim through the hole at the top.

Dive all the way down to snag the barrel.

Just north of Silver Lake Campgrounds

The barrel is out in the open, among some discarded Bliss tanks.

West and a little south of the tiny island where Ragnar the Terrible hangs out, well west of Drubman Marina

This cask is also out in the open, among some rocks and reeds.

East, and a little north of the Can of Worms Fishing Store, where your quest giver is

This one is just in the lee of a rock on the lake floor.

South of the Tanamis', and north of a thin island between a bridge support island and Joseph's island

You'll find a concrete pipe outlet beneath the water.

The pipe doesn't connect to anything, but you will find the barrel inside.

Just to the west of the bridge that lead to Joseph's island, dead north of the Vasquez Residence

There's some broken piping on the shore, here.

Swim down the pipe (either from the shore, or in through a gap between pipe sections), to reach the barrel at the bottom.

In the water northwest of Dutch's Bunker

Dive down to find this barrel in the ruins of a house.

Just off the shore from the Forest Research Station on Dutch's Island

This one's under some fallen logs.

West of Dutch's island, southwest of the Forest Research Station

The barrel in the shallow water here.

Return to Sherri for the usual $900 fee. She doesn't even offer you a sip.

Note that the area around the bait ship is a habitat for hare.

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