Clinical Study (Charles Lindsey)

Clinical Study (Story Mission)

Speak to the Doc after completing Doctor's Orders to begin this follow-up story mission

He'll send you to the Pepper Residence for some field testing of his Angel solution.

Come in from the west and takedown the sentinel.

Scan the grounds. You have to take out the cultists without spooking the angels.

A good strategy to to start with the guard dead ahead of you, then loop clockwise around the cabin, stealth-killing each guard in turn..

When you've killed them all, place the bait on the indicated table, then climb up to the roof of the shack (there's a ladder on the near corner).

The formula misfires, agitating the Angels, a new wave of cultists, and some skunks. Kill them all.

You don't technically have to kill the skunks, but it's pretty hard to avoid, plus you'll need some skunk skin for the next step. When all hostiles are down, you'll get a new objective for Bliss Oil, 2 skunk skins, and 3 grizzly skins. The first two you can scavenge from the battlefield- Angels carry the former and of course skunks carry the latter.

Before leaving this area, you might also snag the birding magazine from the shack here, with its Ruffed Grouse locations.

There's a good grizzly hunting spot almost directly between the FANG center and Fort Drubman.

Return to Doc with the components, for mission completion, and to upgrade your bait to attract Angels.

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