Cheat Code Central: Warhammer: Dark Omen Strategy Guide

Cheat Code Central: Warhammer: Dark Omen Strategy Guide

The Dark Omen Campaign

the Eye of Morsbleim

mission’s 1-13

Note: The following guide is courtesy of Lazy Dog ( [email protected] ). For an overview of the game, please visit Lazydog’s DARK OMEN site .

Updated: 4th May, 1998

These are battle highlights from the Dark Omen campaign, and what I did to win the scenarios w minimal casualties. The following comprises the fist Chapter in your long arduous campaign to rid the land of the Undead scourge (read: da Dread King and his minions).

I played the campaign selecting all the ‘honorable’ choices btw. I might play the next campaign different just to see what I’ve missed.

Mission #1: Defend Villager’s from Orcs

Mission #2: Border Princes

Mission #3: Tuefelbad

Mission #4: Bogenhafen

Mission #5: Bogenhafen II

Mission #6: Helmgard

Mission #7: Axebite Pass

Mission #8: The Great Forest

Mission #9: The Great Forest II

Mission #10: The Great Forest III

Mission #11: The Blighted Towers

Mission #12: Sylvania

Mission #13: Castle Drakenhof

Mission #1: Defend Village from Orcs

Magic items: None

Your first mission to prove your mettle. 2 waves of Goblins will come from the north of your start box. The Goblin archers will hold the hill so keep away from there and pound them relentlessly with long range cannon fire. You will eventually kill/drive off all of them then just move your Cavalry up the slope and you’ll see the 2nd wave of Goblins. Send cavalry back to your cannon and archers and waste the Goblins as they make it to your position. Any remaining enemy hit them with your Infantry and Cavalry. Remember to grab the gold chest across the stream in the village.

Mission #2: Border Princes

Magic items: None

Sven Carlsson’s Cavalry will join you to investigate the Border Princes region. You will encounter 2 waves of Orc warbands running South past your start box.

Station your Cavalry and Sven Carlsson’s behind the clump of trees to the NE (at the very top). And as the Orcs marches by, charge the slower moving Arrer Boyz from behind. Station your cannon and archers alll the way back where you can take your time hitting them w projectiles. Your infantry can assist in melee. Just remeber to stop your archers and cannon from firing before melee.

Another group of Orcs will arrive from the north. Again move everyone South and soften them w long range ordnance before enaging with your Cavalry. One of the Orcs carries a gold chest.

Mission #3: Tuefelbad

Magic items: None

Luther Flamestrike, wizard extraordinaire joins you. The town is attacked by the undead hordes. Not very hard to repel them. They will all come from the northeast, where the cemetery is. When deploying, waypoint your Archers and Wizard to move facing the approach of the dead. I sent them to the last House to the N facing the cemetery. Guard them w your cavalry and infantry units.

Position Carlsson’s Cavalry Southeast behind some homes. They will not see any action but sometimes (in one game i played) the dead will try and sneak from the south east.

About 3 waves of the dead comprising Zombies and Ghouls will attack u and it’s very possible to avoid melee, as the dead has a fair amount of ground to cover. And in that time your Wizard and Archers simply kicks ass with spells and arrows

Mission #4: Bogenhafen

Magic items: None

On ur way to Bogenhafen( I luv the German names!) several band of Brigands will attack aided by a Necromancer. Klaus will keep the Countess Isabel safe whilst you, her Imperial bodyguards and the rest hold off the brigands.

To the North of your starting box is a hill. When deploying, waypoint your Cavalry to charge up the hill cos that’s where the enemy Archers are(Leave them be and all your troops are meat!). Once you’ve secured the hill, you may want to move your Archers and Helmgart Bowmen up there to take advantage of the higher ground.

Waste the brigand from the NE quickly and prepare thyself for another wave of bad guys from the SE: about 2 unit brigands and 1 unit archers

There is a Necromancer up the hill to the East, but I’ve never managed to kill him. He’ll just disappear once all his troops are dead or you try and approach him. Don’t worry, you’ll get to kill lots of enemy wizards later

Mission #5: Bogenhafen II

Magic items: Book of Ashur

This is where the story branches. You have the option of 1. defending the town from more undead hostiles OR 2. leaving the Countess and her bodyguards in Bogenhafen to fend for themselves and head straight for Helmgard.

I picked (1) and this has got to be one of the toughest missions ever. The enemy will overwhelm u from ALL directions so make judicious use of the MAP during battle. It helps to see where the next wave of hostiles are coming from and respond accordingly.

Keep your Archers and Cannon guys together…to the South. There are some Skeleton Archers coming from the SW. Nail them as soon as u see them else they’ll happily rack up kills while you’re busy elsewhere.

The Necromancer when he appears isnt that powerful and in fact, I teleported my Wizard next to him and toast im dead w a fire bolt. The South and South West are approaches you shud watch as more of the undead comes from there.

Once you’re done, go over to the ‘library’, indicated by a small wooden plaque and hit it with your Grudgebringer bolts. This shud give you the Book of Ashur , and carried by a Wizard it adds an extra spell in his arsenal.

If however, you chose (2), you will end up in Helmgard and have to defend the Castle against the Orcs. I haven’t played this part, just loaded it to check. But it shud be *much* easier than option (1) as you will be on higher ground w lots of defensive terrain. And the enemy is meat as they charge up the slope towards u.

Mission #6 Helmgard

Magic items: Potion of strength

Since I chose (1), I lost time and Helgard was taken by the enemy.

Use your cannon to knock out the 2 Skeleton Archer units up the cliffside. Next, teleport your wizard to the foot of the hill and a Necromancer appears and calls forth 2-3 units of undead from the dirt. Knock them out w cannon and archer fire. It’s not too difficult.

but watch out for the next wave of hostiles who are tougher. To get them to move towards your position, again teleport your wizard close to the seemingly deserted castle and back. This pisses off the enemy and they’ll move towards you. Melee is unavoidable, but make sure you’ve soften the enemy enough to engage them hand-to-hand.

After the battle Klaus will hand you a Potion of Strength which consumed will temporarily boost unit strength.

Mission #7 Axebite Pass

Magic items: Enchanted Shield

The Dwarves impressed by your performance will implore your goodself for help to cross the Axebite Pass. Again the story branches here. As usual, I agreed to help and thus cement an alliance with the dwarven nation(or something to that effect)

Anyway, a seemingly deserted pass is really chock full of 3 waves of the undead. The first wave are Skeleton Archers, so when deploying, move your men to the back of the box, else, their arrows will nail u. Hit them w cannon fire, kill some of em and they will move back. Move your Cavalry to the bend around the pass to trigger a Necromancer who in turn calls up 3-4 regiments of undead.

Overwhelm with healthy dose of arrows and cannonballs and even use your Grudgebringer Sword to cast fire bolts their way.

I’ve a feeling that if u kill the Necromancer early, you get less enemies to kill. My second try at this mission was much easier cos I had a lucky cannon shot to the enemy Wizard.

The third wave is over by the Waterfall. Use your wizard to cast fire on them. Oh and in this scenario, your wizard gets to play w a Burning Head spell. You’ll *luv* it. It gave me nightmares.

Later, Asgus Bloodfist gives you an Enchanted Shield for your trouble. The shield adds a bit of armor to the bearer (Wizards cant carry them though)

Mission #8 : The Great Forest

Magic items: Banner of Defiance

As you make your way across the Great Forest you’ll spot an Undead regiment trying to run away. Charge after them and you die. Notice those mounds? Homes to the enemy. You move close enough, out jumps the Undead ready to eat your brains.

So as usual, position you archers and cannon units way back and bait the enemy into firing range. Guard your Cannons w Infantry. And get the Wizard and Cavalry to cast fire bolts.

There are 3 waves of undead comprising Mummies, Wights, and Skeletons. The first wave is right to the front of your box. Cast a flamestorm in front of the entrance and bait the suckers out. About 2 units will make their way towards you and shud be no problem taking them out.

The next wave made of 1 unit Mummies and 1 unit Skeletons is midway up the map and the last wave, the Wights w the shimmering blue light took me ages to kill hand-to-hand. So remember to soften them up w your artillery before engaging. No use trying to cast Dispel Magic on them, only works on your own troops.

And yes they carry a Banner of Defiance . It increases courage and troops carrying this item will *never* retreat from melee no matter how hopeless the odds.

Mission #9 : The Great Forest II

Magic items: None

Eusebio the Bleak and men and a regiment of Imperial Greatswords will join you along the way to Sylvania. And yet another ambush! Hmmmm… I suspect this the work of the Witch Hunter General who’s not that ‘kam-cheng’ with yours truly. But then again, he could be just a red herring.

The MAP rules in this one. Cos again, the enemy will approach u from all points of the cardinal. And it helps to see what is coming from where and which unit best to Um..negate the threat 🙂

At Deployment phase, waypoint your Infantry towards the East, to engage some rather irritating Orcs. Put your Imperial Greatswords and Cavalry upfront -some giant spiders and scorpions will come scurrying out of the trees, NW and NE. They’re not too tough so don’t worry.

Aim your cannon towrds the West, from whence will come a Shaman of great power. Yep, if u dont deal with him pretty damn quick he toasts your entire regiment w that god awful spell of his. Also, this allows you to hit some Orc Arrer Boyz coming out of the woods. Position archers next to your cannon for that extra punch.

The Flagellant regiment, you can get them to assist the archers. Since the Cavalry and Imperial Greatswords will not take too much time to cut down the pesky arachnids, get them to assist the Flagellants if needs be.

Keep toggling the map and have a look see how your men fares against the odds. My Cavalry, Greatswords and Infantry moved around a lot.

I had my wizard hiding behind some trees to the South. I used him to take pot shots at the enemy just for the experience.

Mission #10 Great Forest III

Magic items: Banner of Wrath

More memorable characters along the road to fame and glory. You meet Ludwig, a Steam Tank driver who’s doing repairs to his tank. And whilst discussing all matters steam driven, ORC ATTACK!

Your most dangerous threat lies to the North up the hill, where you’ll find a regiment of Orc Arrer Boyz and 2 regiments regular Orcs.

When deploying, waypoint your Cavalry and other assault units up the hill behind you. And quckly smash the threat. One of the Arrer Boys carries a Banner of Wrath . Good for calling down lightning strikes upon thine foe! Don’t let them escape or you can kiss your Banner of Wrath sayonara.

Leave your Cannon and Wizard to guard the Steam Tank, facing South, from where 2 units Orcs, 1 unit Orc Arrer Boyz and an Orc Wizard will approach. Waste them out with your cannon and the Steam Tank (yes the cannon works altho the engine is kaput). Hit the enemy Wizard first else, he starts casting. Likewise use your wizard to cast his Lightning Bolt, which of all his offensive spells is the *best* cos everytime you hit an enemy unit w it, it toasts at least 2 bad guys. Muahahaha!!!

Once you’re done ‘negating’ the threat from the North, send down your troops to guard the Steam Tank in case some hostiles decides to get up close and personal.

Mission #11 The Blighted Towers

Magic items: Shield of Ptolos, Potion of Strength

Impressed by your impeccable handling of the last mission(hehe), Ludwig implores your help to lay siege to an Orc Stronghold aptly named, Blighted Towers.

You find yourself facing the blighted towers with 3 really worrisome threats. (1). the dreaded Orc Rock Lobber, I hate this. It’s like mortar and u never know where the next hit will land. I have lost an imperial unit no thanks to this damned contraption (2) Orc Bolt launchers. you’d be insane sending your troops any further North than the Start Box. (3) Orc Wizard. He’s got a butt searing spell and 2 direct hits on your Steam Tank turns it into a lot of junk.

Position your cannons and Steam Tank to the right of the box but a bit to the South. This way, they can’t get hit by the Orc Rock Lobber and it also gives them a clear shot at some Orc archers to the NW later. Place the rest of the crew a bit to the west guarding the archers

There are 2 waves of Orcs. First wave comprising Orc Boar boyz comes w the Orc Wizard. You have 4 long range weapons; The Mortar, Your Cannon, The Imperial Cannon and the Steam Tank. And to top that you have Archers for medium range attacks. First wave attack’s a no brainer. Just remember to waste the Orc Wizard the moment he’s in range(cos he’s bad news, man). * You will also get the Ptolos Shield from one of the dead units; a magical shield that when carried by a regiment, deflects enemy arrows. Arm your Cavalry with this immediately.

Next target the 2 unit Orc Archers up the cliff side. Your cannon and the newfangled Imperial model will wipe them out easy.

Teleport yo Wizard to the Orc Lobber up north. Right next to the crew in fact. That way they can’t hit you for shit. Flame them. Teleport back.

3 regiments of Orcs will then pour out the Castle. Target yo artillery at these folks. You hit them hard enough, they’ll surrender. And while they’re making their way towards you u, teleport your wizard to the Orc Lobber site and flame another crew. There’s a total of 3 orcs manning it. Repeat till Orc Lobber is out of commission.

Then send your Cavalry North towards the remaining Orc Bolt Throwers. Don’t wory, they wont hit you cos of the magick shield! Flame them w your sword.

I’ve also got a Potion of strength from one of the Orc Boyz in this mission.

Mission #12 Sylvania

Magic items: Wand of Jet, Hellfire Sword

The Witch Hunter General will demand you leave the Imperial hardware w him. But you’ll get to keep one of 2 items: cannon or mortar? I took mortar cos, Ive already got a cannon and besides mortar can fire over obstacles

Along the way you spot a Vampire Lord and his party. He’ll be to the North across the river with 2 units Skeleton Archers.

Position your mortar to the North almost behind the trees by the river. Try not to place any units close to the mortar crew or the Skeleton Archers will nail them.

Position your wizard and archers to the South. Guarded as usual by infantry, greatswords and flagellants. Place your cannon in such a way as to have a clear shot at the Vampire and Skeletons across the river as well as clear LOS to the West.

Fire your cannon at the next house and start it burning. Somone will come out covered in flames but dont worry you wont get penalized for killing him.

Now u will bait the enemy using the Cavalry. Ride West and 1 unit Ghoul and 1 unit Wraith will start chasin u. Get back to safety and assign your artillery and archers to lay barrage on the incoming hostiles. Use your Wizard to cast Flamestorms to slow em down or just to burn them to crisp. In case melee ensues, remember that wraiths arent easy to kill w normal weapons so use you Cavalry Grudgebringer on them.

And some ghouls or wraiths will actually catch flames as they round the burning homes!

next bait another group of ghouls and wraiths and do the same thang 🙂

Then rain cannon fire on the Vampire and his pals. Once u wipe them out, the Vampire will leave a Wand of Jet . Arm your wizard w this and he’ll use less mana to cast spells. Next, target the Tower and when you’ve destroyed it, you’ll get a Hellfire Sword! This sword is only good for melee where it selectively flames just the bad guys 😮

On your way to pick up the cool items, 2-3 units of wraiths and ghouls will attack u from the NW. Use your cavalry to attack the wraiths and leave the ghouls for your other troops.

Mission #13 Castle Drakenhof

Magic items: Heart of Woe

Your buddy theWith Hunter General rescues the Countess Isabel who in gratitude hands you her Heart of Woe . I can’t see any use for this. It releases a huge blast upon the death of its bearer. Um..that means you 😮

Ok. Time to meet the Vampyre Lord, who’s unearthed the Eye of Morsleib; instrumental to realise the plans of the Dread King. Too bad this level you have to leave your mortar and cannons behind, or rather above ground as you have to confront Mannfred Von Carstein in the mines.

In the absence of cannons, use your Archers and Wizard wisely. Arm the archers w the shield of Ptolos and your Wizard shud kick ass w his Lightning Bolt spell.

I position Cavalry and Archers in front, followed by Wizard. The rest of the team can follow from the back. One of your assault units(I use my Infantry) can carry the Hellfire Sword, which essentially throws out a devastating ring of fire during melee.

Your first wave of enemies can be easily killed/routed. Just watch out for Carstein as he keeps teleporting close to your troops and zapping them w his spell. Zap him in return, use your lightning bolt. Also, use your Dispel magic on your troops, especially your Cavalry so they dont succumb to the Vampire Lord’s spell.

Bait the second wave and they attack w Skeleton archers. Engage them with your “Shielded” archers. Or fry them w your Lightning bolt. Watchout for Carstein!

A third wave of undead comes your way at the top so be prepared. Most of them are wights(use magic to waste this guys), skeletons(no problem for regular troops), and skeleton archers(stay back unless ure carrying the Shield of Ptolos). Here you can use your infantry to engage them, but make sure *no* other units are in the fray. Then try out your Hellfire Sword 🙂

Keep a cool head. Use the map and make sure you waste Carstein early. He’s pretty tough and only went down after I hit him w lightning bolt 5-6 times(no sweat w your Wand of Jet which reduces mana cost to cast spells) followed by severe beating from my Flagellants and Cavalry.


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