Eco-Warriors (Side Mission)


After liberating the Drubman Marina and completing Friendly Skies, speak to Xander in the Marina to begin this mission.

He sends you to Misty River Gas, to the southwest.

You can sneak in from the back (south) to reach the laptop undetected. If you want to play it stealthy, consider ordering your companions to some place a ways back- this site is crawling with patrols, and they're easily riled up.

Whether you alert enemies to your presence before or after the hacking starts, waves will start pouring in from the north, some on foot, others in trucks and even turret trucks. Fend them off until the hack is complete.

Once Xander has the data, clear any remaining hostiles, and add Adelaide to your crew.

The laptop data will send you far to the south- by a riverbend west of the jailhouse.

Follow the convoy either from the air, or with the boat at the marker point (ie The Nelson Residence). If you lose the convoy, Xander will have you search random nearby houses, but the end of the line in either event is the Ghost Cat Mine.

Your goal is to clear the site of Bliss containers, and there are tons of them. You can clear the area of hostiles first or not, but there is a heavy in the initial complement of guards you may want to account for.

When ready, start blowing up the Bliss. It's not as explosive as, say, gasoline, so bombs, remotes, and even molotovs are a good way to destroy it efficiently.

Once you've destroyed the first five or so, enemy reinforcements will start pouring in. The same explosives you're using against the Bliss can used to good effect against them as well.

The bliss containers are scattered all over the ground level at the mine (but none are hidden up any stairs, or below ground). If you are having trouble tracking down new crates, be sure to check the rail cars toward the south of the complex.

When you destroy seventeen containers, the last three will get plot markers, making them easy to track down. Destroy all twenty to complete the mission, and unlock Tulip (the helicopter) for use.

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